11 Commits (27920d31c19bfa2b1f2fe9a30f713db709657941)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Bogdan Devichev 043055fc8e evas: preparation of places for model_saver_loader separated from image_saver_loader. 8 years ago
Eduardo Lima (Etrunko) d3292a7ae9 Split .gitignore into multiple files 10 years ago
Michael Jennings f1bc91e76f The OBS stuff is an utter catastrophe, so I'm trying to make this 10 years ago
Rui Seabra 42f3769bca Add eo's datadir to efl and make edje's build depend on ephysics (so one gets the eventual goodies). 10 years ago
Rui Seabra 7fc10b1d8d Move the modules to the proper lib package. 10 years ago
Rui Seabra ca50c1646b Added ecore files to the rpm spec. 10 years ago
Rui Seabra c5305ad019 Adjust spec to require efl rather than many of the previously independent dependencies. 10 years ago
Rui Seabra a1e2140adf Some transitional backwards compatibility. 10 years ago
Rui Seabra 6df9227584 * Make sure install is done with only one make thread since vtorri says it breaks things 10 years ago
Carsten Haitzler 1049bac905 and make a single efl.spec file. 11 years ago
Carsten Haitzler 05ddd5fe2d cleaning up the base of efl tree moving files to subdirs 11 years ago