14 Commits (3ff5dc33e2d41e5d338ec1b604a1ecb41d82b2db)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Hosang Kim 2b3bee1301 scrollable_interface: fixed logic for calcualting position to scroll. 7 years ago
Jean-Philippe Andre a07877bd57 elm: Add a test case for evas masking 7 years ago
Jean-Philippe Andre c4bceb796d test.edc: Fix indentation of a group 7 years ago
Davide Andreoli 71efc8ee9d Better icon names in elm external tests 7 years ago
Michaël Bouchaud (yoz) a9a9240421 elementary: Introduce a new edje_external param to the progressbar widget. 7 years ago
Stefan Schmidt 961a1ada0f Manual revert of: commit 07404215a9 7 years ago
Youngbok Shin 8e93b88175 edje: update a style when a style is added as class's member 7 years ago
Jean Guyomarc'h 9622146c3d elementary: add test for edje external combobox 7 years ago
Jee-Yong Um 8a988717e1 elementary/layout: attach edje object API with eo compositing 7 years ago
Jiwon Kim 7a17f6fb47 elm_entry: restrict focus region to inside of entry object area 7 years ago
Jean Guyomarc'h e8dc7fb6fd elementary: add test for external icons 7 years ago
Jiwon Kim f20f4c6e50 Elm entry: fix returning wrong focus region 7 years ago
Cedric Bail 6ffdc07f76 elementary: and now compile all left over data. 8 years ago
Cedric BAIL c2a1c49ab2 elementary: move all legacy files to their expected new location. 8 years ago