10 Commits (a8d7816782a1f48c12f2387a85168175f5baf7e2)

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Wonki Kim a8d7816782 docs: fix to make docs contain proper images 3 years ago
Xavi Artigas 36c70ee932 docs: Copy all images to output folder 3 years ago
Xavi Artigas 070cde61b5 docs: Typos in ninja doc screen output 3 years ago
Marcel Hollerbach 914135a6db meson: pass correct PACKAGE_DATA_DIR 3 years ago
Stefan Schmidt 8d37815a73 docs: enable compression for tar file and avoid file name clash 3 years ago
Ross Vandegrift af5f37bd46 Use EFL version for doc tarball, not meson version 3 years ago
Mike Blumenkrantz 2bca31b4f4 docs: remove nstate preview 3 years ago
Daniel Kolesa 4ec5760771 evas_filter_parser: add a workaround for in-tree runs 3 years ago
Carsten Haitzler 1064bd09c7 meson - docs - convert - we aren't using it so don't require it 4 years ago
Marcel Hollerbach 4f5b3b95fb meson: add docs 4 years ago