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The EFL Enlightenment-X Icon theme. Orig. Based on Rave-X, Mint-X, Elementary
and Faenza icon Themes.


To install this FDO theme just copy this folder in /usr/share/icons, maybe
renaming it to something more usefull than "fdo"

You can than configure your system to use the Enlightenment-X icon theme in
non-efl apps.

Copyrights & Credits

This icons set (as the ones it is base on) is licensed under
the GNU General Public License v3.

(C) 2016 Davide Andreoli <>
"The EFL Enlightenment-X Icon theme"

(C) 2014 New Colors And Theme Built By RAVEfinity, Jared sot <>
"RAVE X Colors" Was Designed By RAVEfinity In California.

Faenza Icons.
(C) Tiheum

Elementary Icons, Folders & Theme.
Daniel Foré <Daniel.p.ForeATgmailDoTcom> ,

(C) Johnathan Linux Mint Theme Devloper & Clem.