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#include <eina_js_compatibility.hh>
namespace efl { namespace eina { namespace js {
* Converts the error value set through Eina's error tool to a JavaScript
* exception.
* The exception object will have a `code` string field with the `"Eina_Error"`
* string value and a `value` string field with the value extracted from
* `eina_error_msg_get`.
* It won't reset the error to NULL, so you can still access the error object,
* but if you keep calling this function without clearing the error, a new
* exception will be generated for each call after some error is reached. We,
* therefore, suggest you to call `eina_error_set(0)` afterwards.
js::compatibility_return_type convert_error_to_javascript_exception(v8::Isolate *isolate);
} } } // namespace efl::eina::js
#endif /* EINA_JS_ERROR_HH */