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#include <type_traits>
#include <eina_js_value.hh>
namespace efl { namespace eina { namespace js {
/* Exports the \p iterator to be manipulated by the JS code. The iterator should
remain alive as long as there is JS code referencing it. The JS code is able
to destroy the iterator by itself if you register the appropriate function
through `register_destroy_iterator`.
The exported JS object models part the [iterator concept from ECMAScript
The iterator will have the `next` function, but the returned object won't
have a `done` attribute, because the eina_iterator itself doesn't expose this
template <typename T>
inline v8::Local<v8::Object> export_iterator(Eina_Iterator *i,
v8::Isolate *isolate,
const char *class_name)
using no_tag_type = typename remove_tag<T>::type;
typedef void (*deleter_t)(void*);
auto obj_tpl = compatibility_new<v8::ObjectTemplate>(isolate);
auto ret = obj_tpl->NewInstance();
auto next = [](js::compatibility_callback_info_type info) -> compatibility_return_type
if (info.Length() != 0)
return compatibility_return();
void *ptr = compatibility_get_pointer_internal_field(info.This(), 0);
auto it = static_cast<Eina_Iterator*>(ptr);
void *value = nullptr;
auto done = !::eina_iterator_next(it, &value);
v8::Local<v8::Object> o = compatibility_new<v8::Object>(info.GetIsolate());
o->Set(compatibility_new<v8::String>(info.GetIsolate(), "done"),
compatibility_new<v8::Boolean>(info.GetIsolate(), done));
if (!done)
std::string obj_class_name;
if (info.Data()->IsString())
v8::String::Utf8Value str(info.Data());
obj_class_name = *str;
o->Set(compatibility_new<v8::String>(info.GetIsolate(), "value"),
get_value_from_c(js::wrap_value<T>(get_c_container_data<no_tag_type>(value), js::value_tag<T>{}),
info.GetIsolate(), obj_class_name.c_str()));
return compatibility_return(o, info);
ret->Set(compatibility_new<v8::String>(isolate, "next"),
compatibility_new<v8::FunctionTemplate>(isolate, next, js::compatibility_new<v8::String>(isolate, class_name))->GetFunction());
deleter_t deleter = [](void *i) {
compatibility_set_pointer_internal_field(ret, 0, i);
// compatibility_set_pointer_internal_field
// (ret, 1, reinterpret_cast<void*>(deleter));
return ret;
/* Extracts and returns a copy from the internal iterator object from the JS
object. */
Eina_Iterator* import_iterator(v8::Handle<v8::Object> o)
void* ptr = compatibility_get_pointer_internal_field(o, 0);
return static_cast<Eina_Iterator*>(ptr);
void register_destroy_iterator(v8::Isolate *isolate,
v8::Handle<v8::Object> global,
v8::Handle<v8::String> name);
} } } // namespace efl::js
#endif /* EINA_JS_ITERATOR_HH */