33 lines
1000 B

- eo_composite_attach
maybe check that the class of comp_obj is part of parent extensions
- Eo2_Call_Stack
stack push and pop functions
per thread stack
- Remove the memset in do_end? Waste of cpu...
- cleanup EO2_VERSION specific code in eo.c and eo_private.c
- Move the Op_Descs to be set using a function inside the class_constructor
check if it works ASIS on windows
if it does, do nothing
- Rediscuss the whole attribute cleanup thing. I'm not sure we want that as everything breaks if that isn't there. Embedded old gcc?
- function name from pointer
dladdr backtrace ??
- Get rid of some of the EO2_VOID_FUNC_BODY?
- Add line number to errors (like in eo1...)
- A bit annoying that we don't get type checks on the callbacks, fix that? That's really dangerous!
- Get all the optimisations cedric has been doing to Eo1? I think that's where the children thing got lost...
- Make sure all the improvements have been migrated...
- Fix all the FIXME