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thierry1970 97f95e7362 Added the heif loader 2 years ago
benchmarks benchmark: Remove unnecessary import and export macros from benchmark executables 2 years ago
bin elm - test - genlist - add more callback event printfs for testing 2 years ago
bindings efl_mono: Use architecture independent ECANCELED 2 years ago
edje_external emotion: remove all left overs from removed backends 3 years ago
examples Evil : move mkstemp(s) and mkdtemp in eina_file directly 2 years ago
generic evas generic pdf - handle cleanupp on crashes in poppler and other errors 2 years ago
lib Added the heif loader 2 years ago
modules Added the heif loader 2 years ago
scripts build: disable elua by default, plus nicer detection 3 years ago
static_libs vg_load_svg: Implement ClipPath feature 2 years ago
tests Added the heif loader 2 years ago
wayland_protocol refactor build 3 years ago