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EFL comes with several licences. Listed are the library/project
name and the license file covering it.
evil: licenses/COPYING.BSD
escape: licenses/COPYING.GPL (used in PlayStation native)
eina: licenses/COPYING.LGPL
eet: licenses/COPYING.BSD
eo: licenses/COPYING.BSD
evas: licenses/COPYING.BSD
embryo: licenses/COPYING.SMALL
ecore: licenses/COPYING.BSD
eio: licenses/COPYING.LGPL
edbus: licenses/COPYING.LGPL
efreet: licenses/COPYING.BSD
eeze: licenses/COPYING.BSD
ephysics: licenses/COPYING.BSD
edje: licenses/COPYING.BSD
edje/epp: licenses/COPYING.GPL (separate binary/executable)
emotion: licenses/COPYING.BSD
ethumb: licenses/COPYING.LGPL
NOTE: If linked together, the result will be LGPL (or GPL is Escape is
used) due that license characteristics.