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Vincent Torri cfbdcdc9c8 Use extern after EAPI 3 years ago
benchmarks benchmarks: use EFL_BUILD=1 in c_args 3 years ago
bin efl_ui_textpath: add the efl_ui_textpath_text_user_style_set API for applying the user text style 3 years ago
bindings cxx: Fix uses of intrinsic eolian binbuf type 3 years ago
edje_external emotion: remove all left overs from removed backends 3 years ago
examples evas examples - build box example again - missing header 3 years ago
generic remove vlc, gst-0.10, xine deps, modules as they are broken 3 years ago
lib Use extern after EAPI 3 years ago
modules Use extern after EAPI 3 years ago
scripts build: disable elua by default, plus nicer detection 3 years ago
static_libs canvas svg: fix missing break. 3 years ago
tests mono: update window construction 3 years ago
wayland_protocol refactor build 3 years ago