tag namev1.7.8 (ef0d615c6f7a01aed845c0325d6a9a8279379307)
tag date2013-08-02 14:54:31 -0300
tagged byEduardo Lima (Etrunko) <>
tagged objectcommit 4114222562...
ecore release 1.7.8
Boris Faure (1): Backport: d9e05b1 :: ecore_x: randr: don't crash when launching e without second screen Carsten Haitzler (1): Backport: afd8a71 :: devilhorns: ummmm lets not segv and run allover the stack shall we? memset the size of memory we ALLOCATED! Carsten Haitzler (Rasterman) (1): Backport: c5ade50 :: Fix ecore-x edid fetch to ftech 128, not 100 bytes. Chris Michael (8): Backport: f5a1889 :: Add missing randr_crtc_info_get function to xcb. Backport: b619f84 :: Add missing ecore_x_randr_crtc_clone_set function for xcb. Backport: 559b1b3 :: Add missing ecore_x_randr_crtc_info_free function to xcb. Backport: bc31a55 :: Add ecore_x_randr_config_timestamp_get to return config timestamp that XRandr has currently. Backport: afff55e :: Fix memleak in ecore_x_randr_crtc_settings_set. Backport: 1d58f5f :: Don't allocate space for a mode name unless the nameLength is greater than 0. Backport: d263e31 :: When getting crtc info, fill in missing "rotations" field so that the value is initialized. Backport: aa75297 : Add #ifdef ECORE_XRANDR around the edid functions. Christopher Michael (21): Backport: 8e62eb9 :: Implement & fix ecore_x_randr code. Backport: 390c54e :: Add missing UNUSED to some function parameters. Backport: 7fbaead :: Deprecate old ecore_x_randr_crtc_gamma functions. Create new (proper) Ecore_X_Randr_Crtc_Gamma_Info structure. Add new ecore_x_randr_crtc_gamma functions that use the proper structure. Backport: 1330412 :: Deprecate old ecore_x_randr_crtc_gamma functions. Add new ecore_x_randr_crtc_gamma functions that use the proper structure. Add some missing UNUSED for function params. Backport: 4739b50 :: Add the missing RandR 1.4 functions to Ecore_X header. Backport: cdeedfb :: Fix parameters for new RandR 1.4 functions. Backport: 469aeba :: Fix gamma functions (unsure how this all got messed up from previous commit). Backport: d2a5654 :: Fix randr 1.4 function declarations to be sane (match rest of efl): There is no point in returning a rectangle if we are filling in the x, y, w, h params also. That's just stupidness. Backport: afcc2c6 :: Actually Implement RandR 1.4 functions (with code) ;) Backport: 8075dbc :: Remove blank line. Backport: ea30a66 :: Since we actually support RandR 1.4 now, lets increment the minor version number. Backport: e6be429 :: Length is optional here when getting edid from output. Backport: cdb82dc :: Tell X to create the edid atom if it is missing so we can return valid edid information. Backport: f317906 :: Set number of returned modes early in the process. Let's be a bit pedantic here, if the number of returned modes is Zero, then just free resources and get out. Backport: 0c76117 :: Be a bit more pedantic when getting outputs for a crtc, in that if xrandr returns 0 outputs, then free resources and return null quickly. Backport: 562b278 :: Be a lot more pedantic and add some more safety checks about xrandr return values (ie: if xrandr returns 0 crtcs, then we don't need to allocate anything, etc, etc, etc). Backport: 913f506 :: Add new Ecore_X_Randr_Crtc_Info structure. Add header function for ecore_x_randr_crtc_info_get. Backport: 20d1df8 :: Add ecore_x_randr_crtc_info_get function. Backport: 2fe1fa0 :: Fix crtc_info_get function (memcpy fails here in some cases, so manually allocate and copy things over). Backport: 736d81e :: Add ecore_x_randr_crtc_info_free function. Backport: 37749b3 :: Add ecore_x_randr_crtc_info_free function. Daniel Willmann (1): Backport 6d54f4: fix 64bit ecore-x selection overrun bug. Deon Thomas (5): Backport: 3888089 :: Remove old randr code. Backport: ed1de4e :: Fix makefile for new randr code. Backport: 139ca23 :: Remove ecore_x_randr.h file from Make. Not needed anymore. updated NEWS to reflect devilhorns changes updated changelog fixed building with --disable-ecore-xrandr Eduardo Lima (Etrunko) (2): ecore_wl: Handle ECORE_WL_WINDOW_TYPE_NONE correctly 1.7.8 release Guillaume Friloux (8): Fix a bug introduced on 2011-12-10 05:42:32 (GMT) and nobody ever noticed because there isnt enough people that cares about ecore_con (and the lower level libs in general). Big thanks to Cravix (IRC) for finding this issue! Fixes another bug found by Cravix (IRC) where even if data is going over the socket, we still timeout the connection if ecore_con_client_timeout_set and ecore_con_server_timeout_set are used! This is even a worst bug than the previous one. This patch should also be applied and tested on 1.8. Thx Cravix! Update ChangeLog according to the 2 last fixes i made. I missed a timer_reset for the case we did set a server timeout and no client timeout. Thanks again Cravix for the awesome reports. cl->start_time isnt initialized, so ecore_con_client_uptime_get() just doesnt work. This patch fixes it. Bug found by asdfuser. Update NEWS and ChangeLog according to last fixes in ecore_con Update NEWS and ChangeLog according to last fixes in ecore_con This patch fixes ecore_con_server_timeout(). This function was correctly updating the value of the timeout, but left the timer intact. Rafael Antognolli (1): ecore_evas/wayland_egl: Call ecore_wl_window_transparent_set.