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1Version 1.4.6 1
2- TGA loader: Fix for corrupt RLE format. 2***
3- Fix drawing of closed polygons in certain situations (ticket 2309). 3*** Version 1.4.7 ***
4- Set warning options when using gcc. 4***
5- Silence compiler warnings. 5
6- Don't set -std=gnu99. 6Fabian Keil (14):
7- XPM loader: Simplify and fix certain case of cpp > 2. 7 Prevent division-by-zero crashes
8 imlib_conv: Use proper buffer size to prevent invalid write of size one
9 loader_gif: Don't read uninitilized memory in case of invalid input
10 loader_gif(): Abort gif parsing if DGifGetLine() fails
11 Fix segfault when opening input/queue/id:000007,src:000000,op:flip1,pos:51 with feh
12 Make IMAGE_DIMENSIONS_OK() more restrictive
13 load_pnm: Deal with fread() errors consistently
14 __imlib_LoadImage(): Additionally check loader_ret to detect loader failures
15 loader_tga: Abort file loading if the file obviously isn't large enough
16 imlib_save_image(): Check loader return code for errors
17 loader_tga.c: Properly signal if decoding uncompressed BGRA data failed
18 loader_tga.c: Properly signal if decoding RLE compressed data failed
19 imlib_save_image_with_error_return(): Check loader return code to prevent use of unitialized memor
20 load_gif: Make sure rows isn't used partly unitialized
22Heiko Becker (1):
23 GIF loader: Fix for libgif version 5.1
25Kim Woelders (20):
26 GIF loader: Fix for libgif version 5.
27 Remove OS/2 support.
28 Remove empty format.c/h.
29 Header file cleanups.
30 GIF loader: Simplify error handling.
31 GIF loader: Fix segv on images without colormap.
32 Revert "__imlib_LoadImage(): Additionally check loader_ret to detect loader failures"
33 Revert "loader_gif(): Abort gif parsing if DGifGetLine() fails"
34 JPEG loader: Fix load() return code when only reading header.
35 BMP loader: Simplify pixel fetch.
36 Autofoo update (AC_PROG_LIBTOOL -> LT_INIT).
37 Autofoo macro cleanups (ac_->ec_).
38 Change a number of internal function names.
39 Indent.
40 Don't include Imlib2.h indirectly via image.h.
41 Remove __hidden.
42 Enable visibility hiding by default.
43 Indent the remaining unindented files.
44 Generate a ChangeLog using git shortlog between existing tags.
46Michał Górny (1):
47 fix -I flags to support building out-of-source
49Mike Frysinger (5):
50 simplify --enable-visibility-hiding handling
51 imlib2-config: delete old reference to @my_libs@
52 check return value of fread/write funcs
53 fix X_DISPLAY_MISSING redefined warnings when X is disabled
54 do not link with X libs when X is disabled
58*** Version 1.4.6 ***
61Cedric BAIL (2):
62 autotools: move to AC_CONFIG_HEADERS.
63 trunk: remove use of AM_PROG_CC_STDC as AC_PROG_CC does it.
65Kim Woelders (20):
66 TGA loader: Fix for corrupt RLE format.
68 Fix drawing of closed polygons in certain situations (ticket 2309).
69 Cosmetics for readability.
70 Minor optimisation (avoid bogus valgrind complaint).
71 Update (mostly suggestions by autoupdate).
72 Update .gitignore.
73 Set warning options when using gcc.
74 Silence compiler warnings (lib).
75 Silence compiler warnings (loaders).
76 Silence compiler warnings (filters).
77 More warning fixes (64 bit).
78 Don't set -std=gnu99.
79 Autofoo updates.
80 Indent.
81 Deuglification.
82 Cosmetics (reduce deep indentation level).
83 Simplify some more and fix certain case of cpp > 2.
84 Remove ChangeLog and obsolete rule to generate it.
85 1.4.6.
89*** Version 1.4.5 ***
92Carsten Haitzler (1):
93 no more debian dir in our svn - debian now handles this tehmselves.
95Kim Woelders (13):
96 imlib2_view stuff.
97 Avoid some duplicated code.
98 Fix reading tiff images with orientation other than ORIENTATION_TOPLEFT (ticket 563).
99 Fix imlib_render_image_part_on_drawable_at_size() ...
100 Fix pnm image loading in certain situations (ticket 721).
101 Better image cache time stamp test.
102 Indent (most) .c files.
103 Fix loading of .pbm's (P4) when width is not a multiple of 8.
104 PNM loader: Refactor around progress and exits.
105 Fix program linking (ticket 725).
106 Avoid referencing /usr/X11R6 when x_dir is not set.
107 1.4.5.
108 Update ChangeLog.
110Lucas De Marchi (7):
111 Remove unneeded code with notnull.cocci script
113 Apply memset-calloc.cocci
114 Convert (hopefully) all comparisons to NULL
115 Revert and re-apply badnull patch
116 Fix common misspellings
117 Fix typos
119Mike Frysinger (2):
120 png loader: use png_jmpbuf() macro rather than hitting jmpbuf directly
121 png loader: do not hit "interlaced" member of the png ptr struct
125*** Version 1.4.4 ***
128Carsten Haitzler (1):
129 minor buglet - w * w - duh!
131Kim Woelders (6):
132 No need for libtoolize twice?
133 Remove unused __imlib_FileField functions.
134 Add rule to generate ChangeLog.
135 New ChangeLog.
136 1.4.4.
137 Update ChangeLog.
141*** Version 1.4.3 ***
144Carsten Haitzler (4):
145 crash fix.
146 fix the copying license to
147 fix bufferoverflow in id3 loader.
148 handle modified dir date of 0
150Christopher Michael (3):
151 Fix blank line after trailing space warning.
152 Add m4 macro dir as suggested by autoconf.
153 Enable silent rules in building imlib2
155Daniel Kolesa (11):
156 Removed debian things like rasterman did in some others from and modifed AUTHORS, and README in E-MODULES-EXTRA) in
157 Removed debian subfolders - prepared for a new set of debian subdirs.
158 Added new set of debian subdirs.
159 prepare debian rules files for new chmod permissions.
160 Added debian/rules files with a new permissions set(755).
161 Updated debian stuff everywhere.
162 forgot to add --prefix=/usr
163 i found it is useless and cdbs is setting up prefix automatically.
164 Updated debian stuff(grew Standards-Version, updated python-ecore rules file)
165 Updated Standards-Version
166 Fixed debian stuff everywhere.
168Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri (1):
169 there is no m4 dir anymore.
171Kim Woelders (29):
172 Remove obsolete libltdl dir.
173 No need for empty NEWS.
174 No need for empty NEWS ... and remove it!.
175 Remove imlib2-config (use pkgconfig).
176 Revert imlib2-config removal. There still may be systems without pkgconfig out there.
177 Remove redundant BUILD_X11 tests, indent.
178 Don't build static libs for modules.
179 Refactor shm stuff.
180 Fix alignment error on amd64 (patch from Erik Boettcher).
181 Fix big endian bug in bmp loader (jogness, ticket 195).
182 Fix imlib_font_query_size width calculation when there are undefined codepoints (ticket 230).
183 Relax 8192 pixel dimension limit (ticket 361).
184 Relax 8192 pixel dimension limit (ticket 361).
185 Remove unimplemented imlib_clip_line prototype and documentation (ticket 379).
186 Fix build for x86 on x86_64.
187 Correct image dimension check (pixels are four bytes).
188 Use PNG_CFLAGS when compiling png loader (ticket 449).
189 Fix compiling .S files when using older automake (ticket 449).
190 Remove incorrect test for X11/X.h.
191 Fix for libpng-1.4 (png_check_sig->png_sig_cmp).
192 Add .gitignore.
193 Fix excessive checking for shm extension in __imlib_GrabDrawableToRGBA().
194 Only check XShmAttach once in __imlib_ShmGetXImage().
195 Avoid cast.
196 Oops - forgot extern.
197 No need to touch README.
198 Remove ancient ChangeLog.
199 Remove .cvsignores.
200 1.4.3.
202Michael Jennings (1):
203 Fix build.
205Mike Frysinger (1):
206 imlib2: bumpmap: link against -lm since we use sin()/cos() functions
208Vincent Torri (1):
209 aclocal flag could be needed. I prefer being polite and saying nothing about libtool...
213*** Version 1.4.2 ***
216Carsten Haitzler (1):
217 ok. i think most binary files are now fixed.
219Kim Woelders (12):
220 Various loader fixes (Marcus Meissner, bug 494).
221 Oops - correction.
222 Loader fixes based on patch from Hans de Goede/Fedora. Fix off by one error in check (tga loader).
223 Introduce imlib_context_disconnect_display().
224 Return value is not a pointer.
225 Ignore+-.
226 pnm loader fix (Marcus Meissner, ticket 25).
227 xpm loader fix (Marcus Meissner, ticket 28).
228 Fix incorrect event loop causing 100% load until an X event is received.
229 Indent.
230 Lets make it at least 1.4.2 next time.
231 Fix loading of jpeg files with 4 color components (kntriant, ticket 84).
233Michael Jennings (1):
234 Tue Oct 21 21:28:27 2008 Michael Jennings (mej)
236Mike Frysinger (1):
237 fix from Hans de Goede to look for /usr/share/X11/rgb.txt as most modern systems are using now
239Peter Wehrfritz (1):
240 ->
244*** Version 1.4.1 ***
247Carsten Haitzler (12):
248 fontset patch from winfred
249 patches for imlib2 and e.
251 1. fix a lot of things so they pass make distcheck - so many things have broken. guys - need to be more careful! 2. asparagus 3. some extra docs/comments for evas
252 various patches from the devel mailing list in - and fixed where needed.
253 font chaining patch
254 round as a #define - and xpm loader has extra rgb.txt sourc
255 different png loading to fix png greyscale loads
256 asparagus!
257 push initial ctxt too
258 asparagus! also pass distcheck and have common autofoo init that is consistent for package, version etc.
259 2 possible security vulns fixed. should probably release new version with these.
261Davide Andreoli (1):
262 Update doxy style
264Falko Schmidt (3):
265 remove duplicate line. clean install files for test package.
266 fix test package and clean up some install files.
267 generalize imlib2 library install files
269Kim Woelders (19):
270 Back out fontset patch.
271 Make code indentable.
272 Add indent profile.
273 Indent C files.
274 Indent, rewrap long comment lines.
275 Mark some (new) functions deprecated as they are likely to be removed (see bug 118). Change some names to match coding style a bit more.
276 Push initial ctxt - continued, wasn't done everywhere.
277 Handle some out-of-memory situations without crashing.
278 Oops - missed one (malloc check).
279 Indent.
280 Remove restriction to 8 bits per sample (suggested by David A. Gatwood, bug 374). Set stopOnError (seems like the proper thing to do?).
281 Fix destination image loading in imlib_image_copy_alpha_to_image() (Victor Paesa - bug 474).
282 Remove incorrect test in __imlib_copy_alpha_data() (Victor Paesa - bug 475).
283 Fix destination image loading in __imlib_BlendImageToImageSkewed() (Victor Paesa - bug 479).
284 Fix destination image loading in __imlib_BlendImageToImage() (Victor Paesa - bug 480).
285 Fix HSV color conversion so it matches the API documentation (Dariusz Knocinski).
286 Map after resize to avoid initial placement silliness.
287 MAINTAINERCLEANFILES: aclocalm4->aclocal.m4
288 Add support for TrueType Collections (suggested by Arne Goetje, bug 487).
290Michael Jennings (2):
291 Mon Mar 10 22:38:16 2008 Michael Jennings (mej)
292 Mon Jun 9 22:46:01 2008 Michael Jennings (mej)
294Mike Frysinger (3):
295 fix running with libtool-2.2+
296 if png is disabled, set png_ok so the summary display is nice
297 add X status to the summary display
299Sebastian Dransfeld (2):
300 Fix signed warning.
301 Use pkg-config to check for png
303Vincent Torri (1):
304 * improve autotools stuff * move libtool versioning from src/bin/ to * formatting
308*** Version 1.4.0 ***
311Carsten Haitzler (6):
312 fix possible overflow in tga loader
313 fix width and height checks in case of buffer overflow.
314 fix clip?
315 line patch for imlib2 from john williams.
316 asparagus - pass distcheck.
317 up to 1.4.0 ...
319Kim Woelders (3):
320 Fix major memory leak in xpm loader.
321 In imlib_render_pixmaps_for_whole_image() and imlib_render_pixmaps_for_whole_image_at_size() don't complain about NULL mask_return. A NULL mask_return is handled appropriately down the line and simply suppresses rendering of a mask.
322 Add option to build with visibility=hidden + associated fixups.
324Michael Jennings (1):
325 Sat Dec 2 22:59:35 2006 Michael Jennings (mej)
327Mike Frysinger (4):
328 need AM_PROG_AS as pointed out by automake-1.10/Marc-Andre Landry
329 use -std=gnu99 in CPPFLAGS if compiler supports it
330 need to call AC_PATH_X to make sure have_x is set early enough and then we need to not clobber it when checking for X11/X.h
331 cleanup and simplify ... this should also fix the preprocessor paste error seen on x86
333Nathan Ingersoll (1):
334 Protect against segfaults if XImage allocation fails. Return usable status to the API caller so it can handle the error condition.
336Sebastian Dransfeld (2):
337 No longer needed.
338 Remove unused files.
340Tilman Kuepper (1):
341 don't _require_ freetype2
345*** Version 1.3.0 ***
348Ben Rockwood (1):
349 Solaris workarounds.
351Carsten Haitzler (9):
352 fix bmp loader advances
353 bmp fixes
354 cvs is back up.. time for some asparagus!
355 if u run out of memory - actually free stuff
356 1. autofoot patches. 2. fix maximize to work again. :)
357 fix blah-config includes
358 remove openembedde pkg info - old and dead
359 fix x detect
360 asparagus - forgot to commit
362David Walter Seikel (1):
363 .cvsignore++
365Falko Schmidt (1):
366 Fix some dependency issues regarding xlibs-dev.
368Horms (3):
369 Save and restore autogenerated changelog when debian/rule's clean target runs. Otherwise the following breaks because make distclean removes autogenerated files, but debian/rules expects the changelog to always be there:
370 Need not depend on libc6-dev | libc-dev as it is in build-essential
371 The section of a library's -dev package is generally libdevel
373Kim Woelders (10):
374 minor number should have been bumped. Bad raster :)
375 Patch from Dmitry Antipov: - Visibility hiding - Move common asm macros to asm.h - Fix some typos.
376 Trivial warning fixes.
377 imlib_copy_drawable_to_image() and imlib_create_image_from_drawable(): - When mask is set to (Pixmap)1 (and the context drawable is a window) the window shape is used for image alpha.
378 Add some options: -id <drawable> to grab other than root window. -w/width set output image width. -h/height set output image height. -noshape do not use window shape. -help show usage. -v show info about the grabbed drawable.
379 Remove effectively unused actual_depth variable.
380 Enable grabbing of ARGB drawables.
381 Fix pixmap and gc caching when rendering to drawables with different depths.
382 Enable setting alpha threshold used when rendering masks (was fixed 128).
383 Set Release like most other places in the e17 tree. Remove XFree86-devel requirement causing trouble when using xorg.
385Sebastian Dransfeld (2):
386 Remove unused variables.
387 EAPI
391*** Version 1.2.2 ***
394Azundris (1):
395 * update specs
397Ben Rockwood (1):
398 ID3 support is reported as MP3 support, which is confusing and perhaps misleading, updated reporting to be more accurate.
400Carsten Haitzler (31):
401 it's been a while, so it was time for some ASPARAGUS on our plates
402 1. id3 album cover loader patches 2. i reduced list note memory usage by 20% - shoudl work better with malloc as ti is now a power of 2 as well 3. optimised evas internals to make use of event freezes to make e17'sw menu popups a LOT snappier 4. fixed using last member of list nodes - bad - shoudl use api as this is private stuff really 5. added config profile stuff to e17 u can literally maintain multiple config profiles and choose which one at any time etc.
403 fix digikam crash
404 dont modify alpha if img has no alpha
405 this SHOULD fix cross-endianness issues (serve and client not same endianess) ...
406 expand tmp image
407 apps/e/enlightenment.spec CVS: apps/entice/ apps/entrance/ CVS: libs/ecore/ libs/edb/ libs/embryo/ CVS: libs/emotion/ libs/epeg/ CVS: libs/epsilon/ libs/esmart/ CVS: libs/etox/ libs/evas/ libs/imlib2_loaders/ CVS: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- ��������� :)
408 2nd asapargus for the weekend :)
409 ramkumar's id3 updates
410 amd64 alignment fix
411 id3 .spec additions
412 include math! and stuff.
413 a bit of asparagus action for shits & giggles
414 asparagus!
415 after some quiet on the western front - asparagus.
416 asparagus. and make distcheck passes again.
417 asparagus - again. lots fo leak fixes and other fixes have been happening, so i think an asparagus is a good idea - sorry package config people. :)
418 imlib2 cross-endianess fix from Geoffrey Giesemann
419 another amd64 name
420 movdqa -> movdqu where appropriate
421 bmp loader in cvs
422 bmp loader in cvs
423 tiff loader fix
424 oops - typo. fix. works now.
425 already in AUTHORS :)
426 tiff patch - simon
427 big fat asparagus!
428 fix tiff off-by-1 pixel
429 asparagus!!!
430 asparagus!!!
431 1.2.2 of imlib2 - for kwo :)
433Horms (1):
434 fix typos
436Kim Woelders (7):
437 Be quiet if the file is rejected because it doesn't have a .mp3 extension.
438 Quiet.
439 Bad fix - Revert.
440 1) Quit silently if file doesn't exist. 2) Don't close if open failed (fixes segv).
441 Avoid useless graphics exposure events from imlib_create_scaled_image_from_drawable().
442 Another attempt to fix rendering of certain(?) fonts.
443 Fix colormap when grabbing 8 bit depth pixmaps.
445Michael Jennings (2):
446 Thu Sep 1 16:53:13 2005 Michael Jennings (mej)
447 Thu Sep 8 17:12:14 2005 Michael Jennings (mej)
449Mike Frysinger (23):
450 add error checking to all autogen scripts
451 fix whitespace
452 fixes from the PaX guys to make sure we dont have executable stacks
453 make sure the masks are in the .data section like they should be
454 merge PIC-happy code by PaX/Kevin Quinn/me
455 ignore amd64 objects
456 fix typo in IMMQ cleanup count as pointed out by Peter Beutner in Gentoo Bug 102519
457 fix for cygwin building (and anyone else who doesnt define RTLD_LOCAL)
458 cleanup x86/amd64 autofoo output
459 allow users to control whether jpeg/png support
460 sneak in a hack to remove CXX/F77 checks to improved configure speed
461 allow user to control tiff/zlib/bzip2/id3 support
462 touchup amd64/x86 asm handling, unify all the autodetection warnings, make gif support configurable, and default to giflib instead of old libungif
463 fix by Tres Melton to address 64bit errors: dont cast pointers as ints, cast them as longs
464 add a new helper macro by Tres Melton: IS_ALIGNED_128
465 asm_loadimmq.S is included by other files, it isnt supposed to be compiled by itself
466 only use GNU stack markings when generating ELF objects
467 as pointed out by Quan, we need asm_loadimmq.S in EXTRA_DIST
468 make sure people know the mmx support is 32bit only so it isnt for amd64
469 touchup help output
470 fix whitespace
471 only declare do_mmx when it is needed
472 move imlib_hash_size up in the code so we dont have to declare a prototype for internal usage
474R.Ramkumar (2):
475 Added documentation for tag id3-link-url Made the section on performance issues a bit clearer
476 Removed some compiler warnings issued by gcc-4.0.1 on issues of signedness in comparison.
478Ryan Little (1):
479 make dist pkgs build again
481Sebastian Dransfeld (13):
482 Add asm_loadimmq.S to dist.
483 sssh
484 Silence
485 Silence.
486 If the version from config has something after x.y.z, drop it.
487 * Add X headers if needed * Formatting
488 Check for .dll extension on cygwin
489 MIN and MAX is defined in common.h
490 Add paranthesis to clean up.
491 Remove unused variables.
492 Remove unused variables. Remove signedness warning. Print pointers with %p
493 Remove excessive strlen usage.
494 Build fix.
498*** Version 1.2.1 (from dawn of time) ***
501Azundris (7):
502 various fu for changed evas-API
503 nominal fix for memory leak in font.c (freetype1 font handling), just so we're in a defined state before switching to freetype2. by azundris and atmos.
504 * assorted fixes for RPM-building
505 * spec-file (for RPM)
506 * add token entry for LBM loader
507 Grrr! : )
508 * wonky versioning.
510Carsten Haitzler (486):
511 adding imlib2 code in.. NOT a lib yet... :) but playable code and loader system
512 fixed minor bug in png loader.... added copying file :)
513 updated loader api to include progress callback stuff.... :)
514 adding the start of an actual aip layer... if you have any comments about this api - speak up now - because once it's final - that's it - thats the final api for imlib - anythig api.c calls etdc. can be changed - unless its the loader/saver api. that can't be changed either once its all final. :)
515 new api bits :)
516 ok - fix that to compile :)
517 added Gary V. Vaughan's patches for libtool loader stuff and now its all automaked... :)
518 add libtool libltdl form Gary...
519 buugger me blummy :)
520 all i have to say is.... OH YEAH! animated alpha blends on my root window... got a 640x480 image blending WIHT its alpha channel on my root window... drawing at... 20 frames per second... now if that dont make me happy.. i dont know what will :)
521 flim! :)
522 add some more stuff :)
523 adding color modifier api backend stuff.... :)
524 remember to not free images made form external data if it wasnt copied.. and free colors from color cubes once the context is invalid.. :)
525 lots more work on mr imlib2 :)
526 and more updates :) wheeeeeeeee
527 more work on imlib2.. :)
528 ooh is imlib2 ever workign fast now baybeee.. blending one image onto another .. with clipping, scaling, anti-aliasing and more.. need to add a bit to the api, and move the stuff nowin api.c off into imlib backend sinc ethat stuff doesnt belong in api.c
529 jpeg loader added that does everything RIGHT - needto mapk the png loader do the same. :)
530 and now the png loader does full progress callbacks and multi-phase loading correctly... WHEEEEEEEEEEe :)
531 ooh now imlib2 has a sexy demo for you people :) mmmmm watch the alpha blending... mmmmmmmmm
532 more playing with imlib2... :)
533 add some more images just to show off :)
534 get rid of printfs i dont need no more :)
535 add operation type to blend ops.. :)
536 oooh more blending and operation code :)
537 better comments to help you build imlib2
538 some mroe echos...
539 added updates work.. well starting on it.. :)
540 more wokr on updates
541 lots of new image manipulation functions and minor fix in loader module code.
542 add some files
543 rewmove files i didnt mean tot add
544 cleaned up code a bit... :) minor speedup for sparse (lost of transparent bits in images) for alpha blending :)
545 get rid of extra space
546 ok- fix depth retireval code :)
547 try make png laoder work on big endian... :)
548 and one mroe fix for big endian boxes for imlib png loader
549 and add soem comments
550 fix 15/16bpp depth problems
551 let autoconf figure out our endianess
552 make install isnot system loader dirs
553 update
554 fix main.c
555 make imlib2 demo event based - test rect combining code in handling exposures and stuff - works it seesm - need to expand api though... expose handlign works fine as does rect mergeing and stuff.. must more efficient updating method now for demo.. template for stuff to be used by apps later :)
556 add some files...
557 more font stuff
558 more code for font stugff being added.. more to come...
559 why did i have a Makefile in cvs ?
560 add some test truetype fonts - just for testing... and truetype font rendering code... :)
561 bad bad font.......
562 actualyl chekc if the font laod works and remove another bad font
563 get rid of soem useless fonts...
564 get rid of silyl fonts with silyl names... i hate those names... :)
565 this font segfaults freetype.. ooh nice freetype :)
566 nuke some more unusable fonts :)
567 another useless font
568 remove some more useless fonts
569 some fixes to font code... :)
570 fix raster map over-allocation problem for fonts.. :)
571 add prototypes and cleanup unused vars
572 you mightnt guess it - but rotated text all works now.. :)
573 fix ups some toehr stuff...
574 some fixes to get the output nextx and nexty right... :)
575 add some of the font api to the api :)
576 add speculative fotn cache ability - just like we have for images and pixmaps and ximages.
577 add actual api.h calls to the font caching stuff...
578 we have... anti-aliased line drawing code now... :) (and funnily enough - UNLIKE gimp it actually CAN draw a straight line for shit with anti-aliasing)
579 color modifiers in imlib2 now done.. cleaned up soem code...
580 again........ :)
581 work work work...
582 more flim
583 more flim code..... >8)
584 memcpy :)
585 nice FAST gradient drawing code.... :) eat my dast... MUHAHAHAHAHHA! :)
586 pixel query call.... need this one
587 and the flim goes on..........
588 dont chose visuals > 24bit :)
589 LOTS of checkign in the api now to make sure the calling program can't stuff things up too badly...
590 get rid of images i'm nto using...
591 better api.h
592 oooooooooops - thanks hans! :)
593 dont need that fixme..
594 speed testing code back.. just testing...
595 try this..
596 optmiseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. :)
597 eeek math error at 255 (becomes 254) not surprising i didnt notice.. i looked at the results rsather than numerically evaluating...
598 and handle ABGR ordering in 24/32bpp
599 added ability to attach integert vlue and data poitner tags to images by string keys (with destructors optional) - wil be used for saving of images (savers will look for these keys to gleen parameters for saaving)
600 fix some minro roundoff problems as before...
601 udless &'s
602 add TODO...
603 structure for savign all done - now just need to fill in the save() functions in the loaders (yes laoder are also savers - loader and saver are interchangeable).
604 we have a jpeg saver and the saver code works
605 whee more robus tagging...
606 and now it all works...
607 flim
608 and now thats all better.
609 fix that........
610 fix that bitchift..
611 re-structure......
612 restructure the direcotry a bit.......
613 fix the version
614 update README
615 add ignores......
616 more in ignore
617 handle progress callback for saving in png loader..
618 stop testing saving.. it works..
619 no printf
620 starting on pnm loader (ppm, pgm pbm, pam) - will finish later...
621 oops makefile......
622 hmm that didnt compile.. ooh fun :)
623 pnm loader handles binary formats allright... :)
624 binary png loaders speculating on the P8 format... dont like it much... i think ineed a FAST trivial to load ARGB format.
625 pnm loader can save now...
626 argb format loader & saver. my own format just so i can load and save raw ARGB data blindingly fast for imlib2 :)
627 get rid of saver func
628 oops - fix that filled rect drawing code
629 add ignores.......
630 fix a little of the rend code - never testyed that bit... andf the imlib2_view works nicely iwth zooming too :)
631 primitive timeout.. its not even that good.. :)
632 now that works better
633 Makefile NOT Makefil ! :)
634 more correct in base........
635 add soem stuff and new blend.c from ryan :)
636 again..........
637 mising 2 important calls inthe font code... :)
638 ooooooooops :)
639 added AUTHORS file.. fixed copyting....
640 oopsie in blend.c
641 oop s- clipping problme wiht lines.. fixed :)
642 oh oops - image blending whilst scaling want quite right in the api.. :)
643 ok - gradients now dont overflow the precision buffer as badly.. :)
644 oops saver does rescan loader - so unless you laoded an image no laoders will be around... and it wont get rescanned on save.. :)
645 lets break the Imlib2 api and chnage it... now its context based.. :)
646 just up the versions to show i did something... :)
647 spec file too...
648 test program back to normal.. nwo works with api changes...
649 fixe view to compile & work
650 imlib2_view works again...
651 oops :) fixed :)
652 blum
653 more blum - bloody freetype - why does debian have to go move the headre to a different location to where it always was?
654 compile damnit...
655 include config.h
656 fix fix fix fix......................... :)
657 jpeg loader stays quiet - png loader handles grayscale + alpha images correctly
658 fix dat.........
659 create .a's :)
660 fix loaders......
661 for acceleration to work i nee to add a parameter to put_back_data
662 oops typo :)
663 fix missing case in scaling for blending objects...
664 get clipping right...
665 add loader flush call and fix gif loader to be able to load when theres no progress set :)
666 oops - expand indexed images...
667 allow full paths for font names too..
668 search path for font mroe sanely
669 off by one in string alloc! bugger! :)
670 no more dmalloc now :)
671 dont be so anal abotu ewncodings... if no apple or windows encoding is there just use encoding charmap 0 :)
672 i cant beleieve i missed wrappign the pixmap free function....
673 add to header.....
674 add dither mask pixmap rendering contexts...
675 up version... add c++ usability..
676 updates and fixes.. versioning etc...
677 oops - forgort to remove param from imlib_free_color_rangex
678 put that back...
679 2 more checks in save calls for image data...
680 that was silly! fix fix fix - thanks alan :)
681 ooops - fix :)
682 endinaness for masks broken onf sparc.. fix...
683 oops typo
684 get enmdianess roight for sparc (and ppc) for masks...
685 oopsie - problem with non extension format images :)
686 oooops - image and pixmap cache baddies.. :(
687 const char *
688 ooops - big eng9ian bug! :)
689 rotattion code added... :)
690 authors.. BTW - anyone watching commtis list please check AUTHORS... if your'e nto listed plese tell me to add you... I never do well maintaining it.
691 add files...
692 dont add that1
693 flum..........
694 flum
695 better
696 poatch main.c - but rottest doesnt work.. must fix later
697 get context patch from tom......
698 I'm back....... :)
699 fix cmod.......
700 optmize.. fix endianess stuff... :)
701 oops - missed modfifying colros there.. :)
702 rotate speedups - rend bugfix... wheeeeeee
703 fix endianes problems..... works now on sparc solaris nicely.. :)
704 ummmm fix dat.....
705 BGR56r & BGR555 support.......... please test if u have a display like this :)
706 nicer including of config.h
707 oopsa typo
708 damn willem! you love playing with imlib2 don;t you? :-) good show :)
709 speedup scaling down....... but i cant seem to get any speedup for up scaling
710 optimize scalign down routine for RGBA as well as RGB...
711 um ooops - how did that happen?
712 no more of that thanks
713 need new updates call.....
714 updates..... actually clip if only 1!
715 faster scaling up.......... :)
716 fix dither mask generation.. works again now.. use for icons to dnd
717 dont need that code no more
718 now that was bad! fix update appending :)
719 add asm for blending.... this will break imlib2 right now for all platforms that arent xz86 intel 9unless you rmove the asm form the makefile and blend.c
720 check for i686 artch and only then compile the mmx asm (i586 isnt guaranteed to have mmx - NB libs built for mmx will NOt work on non mmx boxes right now need to do a runtime chekc for that)
721 dont compile mmx data struct in if no mmx asm is used
722 fix spec file - dont buidl demos package
723 optimize mmx blending more.. uswed to do 15 million pixels/sec... now does 25 million per sec.. compared to the C (9million per sec) thats pretty good now
724 include updated comments
725 fix some blending cases
726 fix corner case for clippign where integer math rounds source widht to 0 where it shoudl be 1.
727 blum blum blum
728 full fix of logic in blending rgb->rgb functions in C NB: the mmx asm needs to be chnaged to reflect this
729 changelog..... NOOOOOOOOO cant be! :)
730 oops =- add
731 foudn evil mmx code overwriting memeory! thanks mej. back to the C code for you!
732 no - DONT put dmalloc in!
733 get rid of printf
734 FIX FIX! evil mmx code! missing decls! thanks dragan - mej ::)
735 man.. more mmx asm for scaling.. thanks willem... you love this dont you? :)
736 wow willem.. scalign down mmx code too.. :)
737 unpatch scaling down code - there seems to be a segfault in it somewhere :)
738 rgba code for plain 16bpp using mmx... :) and blend rounding asm error fixed thanks willem :)
739 add the bugger :)
740 mmx scaling back in - but forcibly disabled. new C scalign for scalign down.. works now.. :)
741 disable damnit!
742 scalign code back to old scaling... new scalign code has bugs... even the C code has segv's.. somewhere... :(
743 sorry - needed to unpatch code for old scaling to work.........
744 slight api changes..... problem was we have a useless paramin the pixmap gen calls - it shoudl have used the context... :)
745 ok.. mmx asm for routines again.. and this time... they seem to not segv :)
746 add
747 better asm detection - there's an --enable-mmx now too if you want to force or disable the feature by force... it will try autodetect under linux but only on the build machine...
748 nicer help message
749 better configure check for freetype- hopefulyl people wont keep askign dumb questions anymroe about freetype.h
750 cleaner......
751 beter freetype_h stuff back
752 handle infinite loop for tile if scalign down to 1x1)
753 add -help patch and also fill in some options
754 write text at any angle............... :) patches form willem again :)
755 allow for flipping whilst scaling and rendering... :)
756 aha! trying to free null pointers? NO NO NO - bad boy!
757 asm for colormod ops......... :)
758 build dither table for masks alwasy... even in depths > 16
759 fixzed C code for ALPHA destination.. ok NOW its got it right... havent done asm code though... MAY need to optimize C code math for alpha dest.
760 get rid of unused flsuh func, cleanup rects properly for case of 1 rect
761 the RIGHT math for RGBA->RGBA ops... :) not optmized at all tho :)
762 blend.c - RGBA destination works -and its optimized.. just a lookup..
763 up to 0.0.5
764 spec file up...
765 use willems math... :)
766 gawwwwwwwwwd - oops th = h not th = w; :)
767 add tga loader - thanks dan :)
768 OS2 pacthes make imlib2 build on os/2 apparently :)
769 oops - forgot to commit that :)
770 got rid of X calls in loader - no XParseColor
771 oosp parse better :)
772 add headre checking.....
773 fix tga loader....... :)
774 bowis's filter stuff... :)
775 turn off bump mappign for now..
776 disable others.......
777 loader that loads and saves images from a dbm database.... :)
778 shoudl in theory handle locks better....
779 IT WORKS! :)
780 oooooooh look at that.. it now supports compressed image data in the db
781 fix endianess problem with loader
782 patch to fix loader to handle non line-feed header pnm's :) and ascii too.
783 apparently clone doesnt lone EVERYTHING.. now it clones all of it except attached data tags...
784 fix mem leak in lisitng fonts
785 add 1 more font routine for getting geometry - useful. you'll need to update imlib2 too to get evas to compile & work - it uses this routine
786 fix static gc for multipel servers
787 imlib2-config added
788 get rid of that replacement..
789 try that
790 api call was silly - changed it :)
791 noticed there was a set filter but no get.. addded
792 possible crash fixed
793 foudn bug in mmx asm blending.. 1 line hihg blends get skipped.. fix! :) (ugly fix tho)
794 get rid of comment
795 db loader/saver needs edb now - much better! :)
796 no debugging printf
797 add docs to cvs
798 dont need -ldb anymore
799 wooo! found bug in filename:key splitting.... fix fix fix... :)
800 fix big endian code :)
801 simple commented demo
802 doc looking much better
803 added generic slow-path rendering code
804 and enable the fast path again
805 add willems docs to the docs ........... :)
806 only build loaders if headres/libs are found - chheck for libs and note them minimum requirements are jpeg, png and db loaders.
807 up version number.. tentative for a 1.0 release... revamp rpm packages completely. split loaders into their own packages (more logical units). main imlib2 requires the jpeg, png and db laoders at a minimum
808 fix requires to be more accurate
809 oops - fix that
810 docs get built......... :)
811 add makefile for docs
812 and make them build.......... PROPERLY!
813 we can add them back in... conditions put elzewhere
814 ewwwwwwwwwwwwps! scaling blending buggy! fix fix fix fix :) GOTCHA!
815 dont NEED those dependancies
816 missing some load data checks for some routines... fix fix fix
817 ok- lyly can have his changelog back.. ugly - eats space with nothing useful :) - thats what cvs is for... :)
818 add api call to get text string advances........
819 add docs..... and prefix is /usr for rpms damnit! :)
820 add call to get text inset for string
821 fix visual picker :)
822 666 colorcube rendering works....... :)
823 handle lower depths :)
824 no prointf!
825 unrolled span rendering a little more (switch stamement is now just once per span 0 thats good enough.... :) )
826 fix that! that aint static! (__imlib_dynamic_filters_init that is)
827 fix pixmap caching...... :)
828 free image? dirty the pixmaps that belong to it and set image pointer to null
829 fix masks over network
830 work under bigendian again
831 paparnoid lseeks & fseeks in tiff loader due to bsd bugginess :)
832 add dat
833 oops fix that
834 extar -> extra
835 cflags -> cppflags
836 polygons now........ don't anti-alias anymore.. will be fixed.. BUT
837 clip rect fix
838 no more ellipse segv's :)
839 fix a small segv problem with pollies! :)
840 --without-x patch from steve
841 filter docs :)
842 off by one may have been causing segv's ? :)
843 pnm loader more paranoid about pnm format checks
844 patch for grabbing form ximage's - plug dont segv when u set the format to NULL.
845 more paranoid abotu allocating memory with realloc
846 bigendianess patch from nathan
847 os/2 fixes :)
848 masa's internationalization + x font support for imlib2 :)
849 oops - fix soem ascent & descent problems
850 err commit?
851 errr - clean clean.. fix color pixle caclfor 8bpp and 8bpp non dithered had a.. er... bug :)
852 attempt to fix xfd font transparency....... ??? :)
853 x fonts blend again now.... and colro correctly too :)
854 * up version to 1.0.1 - will do minor release real soon. * fix build so loaders build if u have no imlib2 installed * fix requires and buildrequires in spec file for freetype & edb to be correct
855 fix minor segv in gradient rendering if your color range has err... no colors
856 patch from matt
857 minor fixup if last char in string has 0 boundingbox width :)
858 use 128x128 dither mask for rgb666 (in 8bpp) rendering
859 how the HELL did that 8 get there and things still compile?
860 possible infinite loop in cache code.. fix.
861 on a stick!
862 errrr?
863 ewwwww - fix infinte loop bug... :)
864 fix blend mode for alpha dest when drawing text
865 oops - hard coded op - fixed that :)
866 and then he found some minor bugs in file examination... and then they were fixed. :)
867 found it!!!! :)
868 adam's patches... :)
869 add adam to AUTHORS
870 sorry - debain dir breaks build. removed form configure and makefile... also up to 1.0.2
871 errr oops - aleak.. fix fix fix :)
872 oops and a leak in the png loader.. and fix a potential leak in the jpeg saver for when things go awry.
873 carsten's context stack patch... with a default context entry too.. :)
874 oops - widht & height 1 grad get div by 0 .. fix fix fix :)
875 oooooooooooooooops fix fix fix bug bug :)
876 up to 1.0.3
877 imconvert.c added to tarball
878 franz's patches to support other color spaces :)
879 add then :)
880 add :)
881 in cvs :) clear function :)
882 add a color clearer too
883 bmtext dithers.... filters work.. :)
884 add mark's patch
885 and add author...
886 beat me silly. i forgot to allocate the memory... :) yay.. fixed :)
887 virtualize real file and key splitting nicely into image data struct. now we escpae literal colons with double colons. it's documented too. (this was easier to do as i also have to do it for ssving files and you cant stat to see if a file exisit fi you havent saved it yet)
888 oops - chekc for keys and real files first
889 alright - comprimise. theres a imlib_context_set_filename_raw_mode() call now - if you want to deal with filenames and not have them interpreted use this and set it to 1.
890 double up modified date checks... incase of colon
891 oops developer debug info wrong.. fix
892 oops.. free pointers that might be null.. checdk for that first!
893 ooooh that would leak if we added the same path all the time... which shoudl be ignored... :)
894 db loader out of imlib2...
895 aha! oops :)
896 hmm - fix segv with x font support
897 hmmm now why did this break? hmmmm.... err.,.. hmmm
898 oooops... fix fix :)
899 working offline... :)
900 blum! :)
901 break out if no footer
902 can handle "comment" tag :)
903 ok ok - pass make disctcheck
904 todo list.. and even how to do it! :)
905 tiff compression patch :)
906 better loader... ignore trailing garbage xv puts on the end of an xpm...
907 vrsion -> 1.1.0
908 make packages
909 update
910 dont need x11 includes
911 -lm
912 build without x.........
913 handle error stuff right
914 tillman's png interlacing support patch! yum!
915 bugsie! fixed!
916 no savies! :) <-tilman
917 tga loader fixed. now it works! :)
918 Michel Briand <> mmap tga loader
919 kwo imlib2 patch
920 actually use cache in 32bpp/24bpp
921 kwo's patch
922 1.1.1
923 just .in now - the whole transition is over.
924 fix distcheck
925 distipoos
926 oops filters wrong spot
927 imlib2_loaders...
928 roatate from buffer patch
929 kim patchies.. and in authors!@ :)
930 patches... :)
931 ltdl be gone fromt he src tree! :)
932 dont return values if void return defined!
933 nuke libltdl subdir
934 pc fix
935 --without-x works again
936 handle files too small to be a valid tga!
937 try using advance metrics
938 jose's AA rendering patches are in! :)
939 mr gonzales's latest "final" code.
940 autofool cleanups... argh! i hate autofools!
941 build things THIS way... :)
942 sorry - mej - you seem to have broken the build on other systems and imlib2-config wasnt being installed - also it was deciding it had to cross-compile and build i686-gnu-linux-imlib2-config etc. files... had to move to this... :(
943 revert... :( breakies
944 more bmp fixes
945 pallet + transp fix
946 up to 1.1.2 - security fixes, some other fixed, ilbm loader
947 fix brian
948 bits per smaple! :)
949 buildie cleanies
950 remooov!
951 and new much cleaner tree.
952 get the file list right.
953 ldflags by bye
954 fix install
955 no asflags recurse
956 oosp accidentally put this in. damn!
957 openembedded build files... this makes life so easy to build efl for embedded... :)
958 cleaner
959 oopsies. fixies
960 bart patch for debian package stuff
961 we dont need no steenking x headers in the loaders
962 no x headers.
963 ditch x headers from those loaders
964 progname... :)
965 no more segv/buffer overflow
966 bmp patch
967 make hsv reversible
969 url...
970 dont double guess unicode.. just let it be raw
971 link modules back to imlib2 in case they are used in a python extension that dlopens
972 change versions. some went DOWN - because they arent releases and i'm trying to remove the _pre ascii from the version. i added a .001 (a release number) so we can automatically or easiyl generate releases... sorry guys. but it's kind of "for the good of the code". :)
973 lround -> round
974 DISPLAY_MISSING define from spanky
975 imlib2 patch
976 1. e17's init icons get put into an e_box for arrangement nad the init splash determines the location...
977 if there is NO x dir.... still link anyway
978 remove files so dirs go away
979 auto-package imlib2...
980 fix more
981 touchies!
982 add data filea and test progs to -devel
983 asparagus time for some of the core efl bits...
984 bz2 loader fix. thanks julia!
985 no dot!
986 bettter detect for mmx (same as evas now)
987 asparagus!
988 amd64 asm patches
989 John Slaten's amd64 mmx patch
990 pass make distcheck
991 make e17 pass make distcheck.... and... ASPARAGUS time... for tarballs
992 asparagus!
993 full asparagus
994 xpm segv fix
995 asparagus... make e17 distcheck.
996 aspara!
998Chris Ross (20):
999 * Changed some of the methods to stop furutre name conflicts * Added Willems patch for bump mapping -very vey cool, check out test/imllib2 * Died due to excess excitement over bump mapping
1000 * Stuff from term, fixes some rpm build issues with imlib_view
1001 One fricken character. Freetype 1.2, not 1.1
1002 * modifed the script engine, instead of three passes i've nobbled it down to one, this means the bump_mapped pr0n will now render a coupla degree's faster (gilbertt this is for you, and those pictures of pabs' mom) * Update Imlib2.h and api.c to reflect changes
1003 Gah, turn off debug mode, and comment out necessary blurb...
1004 Added Willem patch for the bump map filter, now does proper bump mapping from an infinet light source. Needs to be optimsed further - lookup tables or some such..... thats for another day.
1005 * rewrite of the script parser, basically you can now parser a filter as a variable to another filter as willem requested the other day. eg. filter( var=anotherfilter( var=13,var=30 ), var=blum );
1006 * forgot to mention that i've added an option to test/imlib2 -bmp2pt add this too it's command line and it'll bump map to where the cursor is.
1007 Clean up of code, all macros for filter_param -> real varaible are put in script.h. Changed filters to reflect this change, and actually plan on writing some more macors and filters soon.
1008 Ok, some more clean ups to the filter stuff, should have some new filters to play with soon - want to get the stuff correct before I commit some more stuff. dox is the start of dox2 the document viewer based on imlib2. Designed so that the style of the docs is seperate from the contents. Will evolve rapdily over the next week.
1009 More changes. Still doesn't do anything.
1010 blu7m.
1011 blum. fixed "error" on first install type bug in the dox tree.
1012 blum.
1013 Start of a filter test app, and applied Willem's patch for imlib2. thanks Willem.
1014 New pic. Got bored with the last one =).
1015 Moving over to the new home in the efm module.
1016 Be quiet.
1017 Argh.
1018 You know what I do to fools? I pity them :)
1020Christian Kreibich (11):
1021 Raster,
1022 4:31 am. Oh my.
1023 An XCF loader. Currently it can handle layers, layer offsets, layer opacity, layer masks, and merging layers in the default mode (simply "looking" through all the layers). The other layer modes are missing right now (I hardly ever use anything other than "Normal" anyway, but that's just me of course).
1024 I don't know if the loader has endianness issues (I guess it does), but this should definitely work better.
1025 Ahem. Of course the load fails when you can't open the file :o)
1026 Bye bye XCF loader. Apparently I stepped on some Gimp people's feet with it, because of licensing issues. I guess I'll be talking to Raster next week what we'll do with the loader. Hope this makes us friends with the Gimp developers again.
1027 And another autoconf update ...
1028 Lots of sssshhh here ...
1029 Well then let's delete the full thing?
1030 Same changes for HEAD ...
1031 Okay, don't use AM_PROG_AS but the workaround, to fix automake issues.
1033Christopher Rosendahl (2):
1034 bad bad!
1035 bad bad =)
1037Corey Donohoe (1):
1038 segfault fix from Dave Weston <>
1040Dan Sinclair (1):
1041 - documentation fix: the angle is in radians not degrees
1043Franz Marini (6):
1044 added nick. nothing important. :)
1045 ok, just wrote this little function to do pixel drawing with blending. In fact, I wrote it just for the Bezier drawing function, but I thought it could be useful in other cases too. Have fun, Lightman :)
1046 Alright, changed index.html to document imlib_image_draw_pixel.
1047 Ok, just tried to compile Imlib2 under Roswell (RH 7.2 beta) and I discovered that it installs freetype 2.0.3 , and so freetype.h (for ftype1) is under /usr/include/freetype1/freetype/freetype.h . As to not have plp complaining imlib2 can't find freetype under rh 7.2 , I patched configure to work with roswell. Lightman
1048 Ok, reverting changes for the draw_pixel function. Now Imlib_image_draw_pixel uses Tom's macro (__imlib_draw_set_point and *_clipped) so it's faster and it handles clipping, too. Btw Tom, I choosed not to change the name of the wrap function so that : 1) I don't have to change it in doc/index.html ;) 2) I think it's a little more in line with Imlib_image_draw_line ...
1049 Ok, SirDibos modified the html so as to be more readable, namely, fixed <pre> tags, removed &nbsp; ... just some cleanup ...
1051Horms (4):
1052 rpm -ta now works on a tarball produced by "make distcheck" and friends
1053 Debian packages may now be built from output of make dist and friends
1054 Debian packages may now be built from output of make dist and friends
1055 flum
1057Ibukun Olumuyiwa (2):
1058 Patch for pkg-config support from Tilman Sauerbeck <>.
1059 Warnings suck
1061John Bickers (2):
1062 Fixed start-of-line HAM problem. Added SHAM and CTBL load. Added greyscale load. Added IMLIB2_LBM_NOMASK check to disable masking. Added colour gun scaling, e.g. 4-bit 0x0f scales to 8-bit 0xff, not 0xf0. Changed RLE decompression by scanline instead of by byte. Removed empty save() function altogether as per some other loaders.
1063 Added entries for loader_lbm.c.
1065Kevin Brosius (2):
1066 Minor README update - edb is used by imlib2_loaders.
1067 .spec version update
1069Kim Woelders (3):
1070 Fix grabbing when source x or y is < 0.
1071 Fix imlib_create_scaled_image_from_drawable().
1072 Fix imlib_create_scaled_image_from_drawable for source_y != 0.
1074Laurence J. Lane (15):
1075 more preliminary assimilation
1076 clean target
1077 stuff
1078 removed dh_testversion
1079 stuff
1080 added patch by David N. Welton to cleanup configure handling Thanks, David.
1081 synch with current woody packages
1082 update rules for cvs builds (
1083 minor update
1084 cleanup source names
1085 clean up for build
1086 various stuff
1087 Disable MMX routines. They were already (well, allegedly most of the time) disabled in the official packages for obvious reasons. I'd rather leave them enabled for CVS, but binutils headaches abound.
1088 another missing dependecy imlib2 suggests imlib2-loaders e17 depends on imlib2-loaders
1089 debhelper 3.0 changeover
1091Maher Awamy (1):
1092 Made and link against Imlib2 when building, this makes the perl bindings problem with undefined symbols for __imlib_GetTag disappear since those two loaders call that function to determine some image flags when saving. Kick me in the butt if I am not supposed to do that but KainX said I should. The differance in .so size is minimal, 30 bytes for and 20 bytes for
1094Mandrake (11):
1095 Fri Oct 22 10:53:26 PDT 1999 (Mandrake)
1096 trying to "fix" imlib2's cvs tree
1097 more "hush yo mouf cvs" changes
1098 Sun Oct 31 20:21:13 PST 1999 (Mandrake)
1099 removed a warning
1100 fixing freetype detection stuff, maybe?
1101 hmm
1102 heh. not actually using configure option for mmx disabling correctly
1103 this doesn't work at all. libtool: link: `-L../src' cannot specify a relative directory
1104 Er, this was just blatantly and obviously wrong. fixed.
1105 hush cvs
1107Mark Bainter (1):
1108 Changed --with-freetype to --with-ttf to make it consistant with the other modules.
1110Michael Jennings (67):
1111 *sigh*
1112 Hush.
1113 A GIF loader. There is no save function yet, and you'll need libgif to use it.
1114 Whoops. Forgot to call the progress callback one last time.
1115 Don't ask me how this got out of sync....
1116 *grumble*
1117 Ummm...
1118 Put those back. I hate warnings.
1119 TIFF loader from Eric Dorland <>.
1120 BMP loader from Isaac Richards <>. It currently has issues with progressive loading, so don't use it with feh. :-)
1121 Keep raster happy.
1122 BMP loader fix for progressive loading from Chutt.
1123 Murple.
1124 Added a function to retrieve the image filename, if it has one. It returns a pointer to an internal string, so if you want to alter the filename, you MUST strdup() it.
1125 Several miscellaneous bugfixes I did while converting Eterm to use Imlib2.
1126 "Hi. My name is raster, and I smoke crack. I think I'll dereference this pointer I just freed. Sound like a good idea? Yes, I thought so too." :-P
1127 Fixed a possible divide by 0.
1128 Never mind. I fixed the bugger.
1129 Wed Apr 26 19:58:05 PDT 2000 (KainX)
1130 Don't cache partially-loaded images.
1131 Hush up on the warning.
1132 Nuked some autogenerated files and added acconfig.h.
1133 Hush CVS.
1134 It's always a good idea to "make distcheck" before you commit when you add or remove files. :-)
1135 Some silly goose decided that these files should #include Imlib2.h. NONE of them should include Imlib2.h. In fact, nothing in the Imlib2 code should, but if it's absolutely necessary, make sure the local one is found before the system-wide one.
1136 Wed Jul 12 22:20:53 PDT 2000 (KainX)
1137 Miscellaneous fixes I ran across while doing the colormod stuff. One of which fixes a seg fault bug.
1138 Son of a raster! I think I just found the memory leak. I shall now hide in shame. Perhaps giblet should take over Eterm development.
1139 Imlib2 now benefits from the same MMX goop that Eterm has. :)
1140 Fix make distcheck.
1141 So fix it, don't just get rid of it. =P
1142 Fix error building with dmalloc support.
1143 Fri Aug 10 13:33:13 PDT 2001 (KainX)
1144 Mon Oct 8 10:00:19 2001 Michael Jennings (mej)
1145 Spec file fixes here too.
1146 Minor portability nit to appease the Texan.
1147 Oops, forgot to fix
1148 Tue Jan 15 15:22:06 EST 2002 (KainX)
1149 Thu Mar 14 19:18:07 2002 Michael Jennings (mej)
1150 Mon Apr 8 17:47:55 2002 Michael Jennings (mej)
1151 Wed May 29 09:22:42 2002 Michael Jennings (mej)
1152 Wed May 29 11:58:32 2002 Michael Jennings (mej)
1153 Tue Jun 4 23:00:30 2002 Michael Jennings (mej)
1154 Tue Jun 4 23:29:36 2002 Michael Jennings (mej)
1155 Mon Mar 31 15:20:43 EST 2003 (KainX)
1156 Thu Apr 3 14:06:53 EST 2003 (KainX)
1157 Thu Apr 3 20:48:27 EST 2003 (KainX)
1158 Sat Jul 12 21:06:14 EDT 2003 (KainX)
1159 Gah! New files. :P
1160 Ignore imlib2.pc since it's auto-generated.
1161 Sat Jul 12 21:33:20 EDT 2003 (KainX)
1162 Package names can vary. Besides, if one doesn't know what's needed to build it, one shouldn't be building it. :-)
1163 Oops. Forgot to nuke that.
1164 Fri Jul 2 14:41:17 2004 Michael Jennings (mej)
1165 Tue Jul 20 17:23:57 2004 Michael Jennings (mej)
1166 Sun Jul 25 17:45:53 2004 Michael Jennings (mej)
1167 Wed Aug 25 15:53:59 2004 Michael Jennings (mej)
1168 Thu Aug 26 13:25:22 2004 Michael Jennings (mej)
1169 Ditto.
1170 Copyright -> License
1171 Ssssh!
1172 Thu Jan 6 10:27:24 2005 Michael Jennings (mej)
1173 Sun Jan 16 14:27:18 2005 Michael Jennings (mej)
1174 Wed Jan 19 17:10:29 2005 Michael Jennings (mej)
1175 Fri Jan 21 00:57:08 2005 Michael Jennings (mej)
1176 Sun Jan 23 22:30:28 2005 Michael Jennings (mej)
1177 Fri Jan 28 20:26:06 2005 Michael Jennings (mej)
1179Michael Thalmann (1):
1180 corrected order in, updated to automake 1.5
1182Mike Frysinger (3):
1183 allow for setting of env var to prevent running ./configure like the older autogen scripts allowed
1184 remove AC_CANONICAL_TARGET and use $host* variables instead of $target* variables since thats how it works
1185 we want to search for libX11 not libX ( )
1187Nathan Ingersoll (4):
1188 Explicitly link the modules to Imlib2 for portability to other platforms. (OS X in this case)
1189 Got a little over-zealous on the linking of Imlib2, removed the cases that aren't necessary.
1190 Remove the attempt to link freetype1, use the linking information generated by the
1191 glibtoolize
1193Nigel Kostiuck (2):
1194 Added the change for BitBake the Standardized Openembedded Build System
1195 Python is too incompetent to parse hyphens
1197Peter Kjellerstedt (2):
1198 Removed this generated file from CVS (again).
1199 Corrected a typo.
1201Platon Fomichev (4):
1202 OS/2 fixes
1203 OS/2 binary open fix, I think in UNIX we can safely use "O_BINARY" too
1204 General cleanup of EMX things
1205 First preview of gzip & bzip2 loaders
1207Richard Lowe (1):
1208 Please Miss, I need -lm too.
1210Sytse Wielinga (14):
1211 Updated imlib2 debian packaging. It still doesn't configure correctly for me without some changes to and; I'll have a look how to fix this correctly.
1212 - Fixed building with automake 1.6.3, by adding the 'CCASFLAGS' and 'CCAS' substitutions to - Fixed building with autoconf 2.5, by making run aclocal and autoconf also in libltdl. I'm not sure if it is all-right in all cases; please have a look at it. - Added some things to .cvsignore.
1213 1. autoheader and automake should also be run in libltdl 2. forgot autom4te.cache in .cvsignore
1214 Removed libltdl directory from imlib2; it's created by libtoolize.
1215 Readded libltdl/acconfig.h. That should be there.
1216 Raster isn't an 'author(s)'
1217 Big overhaul of a lot of the debian packages
1218 Updated most of the debian packaging. Everything I have missed is out of date, not important or not working.
1219 Fixed a couple of debs in e17/libs, added and updated a couple of .cvsignores.
1220 Updated the imlib2 debian packaging.
1221 Slight update for the debian packaging of imlib2, imlib2_loaders, ecore, edje; more to come later.
1222 Things may change sometimes. Let debian cope with it.
1223 A lot of moving around in imlib2{,loaders} caused lots of unignored files
1224 Made imlib2's tests and demos open the display correctly.
1226Term (10):
1227 First commit. Woohoo!
1228 More typos (but in raster's defense, he's spelling checking every so often. ;)
1229 Cleaned up/partially rewrote README. Basically updated for the 1.0 release.
1230 Bored. Reading. Typo. Commit. Sleep.
1231 Add --with-edb=DIR argument (by request).
1232 Cleanup the spec file a bunch with a patch from Joakim Bodin <>. Changed a few things in to make it happy to build in rpm < 3.0.5, and a few other minor tweaks.
1233 Based on a suggestion from Richard Lowe <>, and partially from a patch from him, updated README to include the dependancies. Also added a few more to (libjpeg, libpng, edb).
1234 Blah. Isn't it great how things like "check the other packages in the spec file" occur to you RIGHT after you do a commit? I love being up late. :)
1235 Added imconvert, which stems from a conversation with raster about importing/exporting binary data (specifically imlib images from edb files, like the ebits files). This allows the user to export and import image data in and out of edb files, as well as arbitrary conversions to and from any format Imlib2 can handle.
1236 I should've done this a while back. Sorry about the big number of emails coming. ;)
1238Till Adam (3):
1239 small fix for the pnm loader. It didnt display the last two lines of a file. Ive only corrected the 24bit RGB one. Ill do the others if raster doesnt have a more elegant fix for this :).
1240 fix for the other binary versions in the pnm_loader. Could someone please check if the ascii ones work right? I didnt test them. and test the binary formats too while youre at it. Thanks :)
1241 ok, fix for the ascii ppm formats. They seemed to have the same problem. This should be it now, provided the save in ppm format works as expected which it seems to do from geist at least.
1243Tilman Sauerbeck (17):
1244 Fixed CFLAGS in pkg-config file
1245 im->real_file() is set on load, but it will be overwritten when the file is saved. so free the old contents before overwriting it.
1246 Imlib2 loaders don't need to ship with both load() _and_ save() anymore
1247 replaced loader_gzbz2 with loader_zlib and loader_bz2. removed empty save() in some loaders
1248 fixed some warnings
1249 Don't call DirtyPixmapsForImage() twice - it's already called by DirtyImage()
1250 DirtyPixmapsForImage() is only available when we build with X
1251 fixed a bunch of warnings. reverted last commit.
1252 don't attempt to save an image without image data
1253 updated Doxyfiles
1254 always print an error message if an image cannot be opened
1255 another bug in the bz2 loader: we need to duplicate the original filename so we don't access free'd memory
1256 fixed a fd leak and a bad memory access bug
1257 zlib/bz2 loaders, round 2: look for the real loader using a fake filename (original filename with the bz2/gz suffix cut)
1258 fix uncompression in bzip2 loader2
1259 fix uncompression for the zlib loader
1260 handle bzip2 errors
1262Tom Gilbert (85):
1263 Shaddup ;)
1264 shaddup ;)
1265 AARGH. Godamn file decriptor leak which has been driving me CRAZY for a WEEK! Got the BASTARD. DIE!
1266 Removed a crufty bit.
1267 nothing major
1268 Leak plugged. Thanks Eric :)
1269 Okay. The loader list is now trimmed. Where it would previously contain: argb.a bmp.a gif.a jpeg.a png.a pnm.a tiff.a
1270 Bite me =P
1271 Partial loader_tiff rewrite from Eric Dorland. Much nicer :)
1272 Thought you could use a ChangeLog. I filtered it from muy cvs-commits-list mbox, so bin it if you don't like =)
1273 Thu Apr 27 02:59:57 GMT 2000 (gilbertt)
1274 Consolidate one ChangeLog in the root dir.
1275 Thu Apr 27 03:16:59 GMT 2000 (gilbertt)
1276 Thu Apr 27 04:00:28 GMT 2000 (gilbertt)
1277 Thu Apr 27 04:22:06 GMT 2000 (gilbertt)
1278 Thu Apr 27 13:41:11 GMT 2000 (gilbertt)
1279 Thu Apr 27 13:43:49 GMT 2000 (gilbertt)
1280 This is weird. I'm sure I added the prototypes for these context_get_* functions to Imlib2.h before... Yet they aren't there.... Hrm...
1282 Default x,y to 0 and w, h to image dimensions, so if you don't specify, the filter applies to the whole image.
1283 Willem's rotation patch.
1284 fix core on imlib_list_fonts()
1285 Fixed imlib_list_fonts()
1286 Don't show duplicates in imlib_list_fonts().
1287 Okay. imlib_free_image_and_decache() was leaking images. I hope I made the right fix here. Basically, the imlib_free_image_and_decache() call in api.c sets the flag F_INVALID then calls the internal __ImlibFreeImage(), this checks if the flag F_UNCACHEABLE is set, and only frees it if so.
1288 Urm. oops. hehe :)
1289 Added line drawing with clipping.
1290 Added rectangle clipping, in the form:
1291 The line clipping function is quite useful, so I made it public. Sometimes it's handy to work out where your line was/would be drawn.
1292 Scratch that. Start again.
1293 Polygons. Not filled ones yet =P Empty ones are easier ;-)
1294 Added function to calculate bounds of a polygon.
1295 imlib_image_draw_ellipse()
1296 Polygon filling. Right now only works for convex polygons. Works with a clipping rect, but highly suboptimally (I'm not doing proper polygon clipping here yet, just clipping slowly on each point drawn - really nasty).
1297 Better API, simpler polygon struct. imlib_polygon_new() now, no type member. Then _draw_polygon(polygon, unsigned int closed), and _fill_polygon(poly).
1298 imlib_image_fill_ellipse()
1299 killed a rounding error in line clipping
1300 slight speedup
1301 tidy up
1302 Much faster polygon clipping, made span() more sensible.
1303 Much faster clipped ellipse filling.
1304 final fix for _list_fonts()
1305 more docs
1306 update my email addy
1307 Lots of changes. Macro-ised the point_on_segment code.
1308 shuddup
1309 Use spans and the span list clipper to do filled ellipses too. Much better.
1310 more inlining
1311 Commiting what I have so far. More to do tomorrow, but it's 3am.
1312 nm I fixed it anyway
1313 quick warning hunt
1314 not quite there yet
1315 Fix for _polygon_get_bounds.
1316 Better fix.
1317 EEeeeeek. Segv.
1318 SHUT UP!
1319 png loader now pays head to images "quality" tag, just like the jpeg loader. Now, the png lib takes values 1-9 for compression. I decided to standardise loaders on a 1-100 quality value, and do some sums in the loader to convert to 1-9 compression. That was you can set quality and not care what file format is used. Sound reasonable?
1320 jpeg and png should do the right thing with quality _or_ compression now
1321 let's not have a coredumping example app ;-)
1322 dunno why there were two of those
1323 Adam's font fixer-upper patch :)
1324 fix memory leak
1325 warnings suck
1326 This is what I meant.
1327 safer
1328 er no
1329 sorry, debugging stuff
1330 ewps!
1331 that doesn't actually do anything different
1332 another one
1333 Expunged all the raw_file stuff and fixed a warning.
1334 fixed filled ellipses - note, this isn't the cleanest fix in the world.
1335 bad logic there tom
1336 Once more into the breech.
1337 You are required to set `AS' and `ASFLAGS' via `'. The autoconf macro `AM_PROG_AS' will do this for you. Unless they are already set, it simply sets `AS' to the C compiler and `ASFLAGS' to the C compiler flags.
1338 No, I didn't mean to get rid of that bit.
1339 *snicker
1340 Patch from Brian Lindholm <>
1341 foo
1342 Fix broken ordering.
1343 Fix from for segvs when tiling images seamlessly (if they are an odd number of pixels in height).
1344 A bugfix!
1345 Fix bug in ellipse drawing introduced who knows when by who knows who.
1346 memory leak busted - valgrind is great.
1347 ->data was getting leaked, as _tidyup() only free()s data for nodes of type CHAR.
1349Vincent Torri (5):
1350 Doxygen documentation
1351 Doxygen scripts, description of imlib2
1352 Doxygen doc: css and html files
1353 Doxygen doc: images
1354 Configuration summary