AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2009-11-21EWeather : some fixsJonathan Atton
2009-11-21Eweather : speedupJonathan Atton
2009-11-21EWeather : add google weatherJonathan Atton
2009-11-21Eweather : almost finish. Add the configuration window in the module, improve...Jonathan Atton
2009-11-09Weather: Fix events next/previous. I do not like the animation :/Jonathan Atton
2009-11-09Weather: add the mode exposeJonathan Atton
2009-11-09weather: revert the latest commits from devilhorns, everything was broken :)Jonathan Atton
2009-11-08Apparently, the library needs a theme... *shrug*Christopher Michael
2009-11-08Fix the eweather pkgconfig file.Christopher Michael
2009-11-08Fix autofoo. Apparently E_LIBS is still needed for building the library.Christopher Michael
2009-11-08Don't need gettext in library.Christopher Michael
2009-11-08Weather.edc is used in module, not library.Christopher Michael
2009-11-08More autofoo fixes for module removal.Christopher Michael
2009-11-08Remove the data directory. This is now in the module.Christopher Michael
2009-11-08Update autofoo to reflect removal of module.Christopher Michael
2009-11-08Remove the module files from the library.Christopher Michael
2009-11-08Add some config properties.Christopher Michael
2009-11-08Add missing m4 macro so that the module compiles.Christopher Michael
2009-11-08Weather : lot of changes, now the packages contains : an e-module and a libra...Jonathan Atton
2009-11-08Fix some formatting.Christopher Michael
2009-11-05Weather: finalise the main animation. You can test in edje_editor with the si...Jonathan Atton
2009-11-04Weather: add animation up/down. See edje_editorJonathan Atton
2009-11-04Use sizeof(buff) rather than PATH_MAX directly. Safer this way and noChristopher Michael
2009-11-04Weather : Firs part for the theme. This is static (no animation and no events...Jonathan Atton
2009-11-04Weather : fix compilation and add the module iconJonathan Atton
2009-11-04Add config file version support.Christopher Michael
2009-11-04Check for dlopen lib. We may need it for loading the plugins.Christopher Michael
2009-11-04Move actual module files to module subdir. This is the actual module itself.Christopher Michael
2009-11-04Basic structure for new weather/forecasts module.Christopher Michael