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# termcap for rxvt (and xterm) -- (modified from the Midnight Commander)
# From: Jakub Jelinek <> 1 Sep 1995
# This is a checked termcap entry for the xterm terminal emulator.
# It is compatible with the enclosed terminfo entry.
# Install this by cutting off the old xterm entry from /etc/termcap
# and replacing that place it with this file.
# Heavily based on xterm from:
# Eric S. Raymond <> 30 Mar 1995
# Note: If you use the line-drawing character set, the disable afterwards
# will leave you in US-ASCII. If you live somewhere that wants a pound sign
# at 2/3, change rmacs to "\E(A". Further note: cuf and cub don't seem
# to be reliable under my xterm, so they're commented out.
xterm|vs100|xterm terminal emulator (X11R6 Window System):\
xterm-color|color-xterm|xterm with color support:\