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Michael Jennings a6f80249cf Fri Jun 16 13:29:59 PDT 2000 Michael Jennings <>
Merged in a patch from Ariel Glenn <> to do mirrored
	image tiling in Esetroot.

SVN revision: 2785
2000-06-16 20:13:09 +00:00
Michael Jennings b24a23a052 Mon Jun 12 19:18:56 PDT 2000 Michael Jennings <>
Fixed an old rxvt bug in the handling of "\e[0m".  I *really* wish I
	had time to rewrite that damned thing.  Such a piece of crap.  Thanks
	again to Marius Gedminas <> for pointing it out.

SVN revision: 2780
2000-06-13 02:02:06 +00:00
Michael Jennings 1130cf37f8 Mon Jun 12 13:33:39 PDT 2000 Michael Jennings <>
Fixes from Willem Monsuwe <> to his MMX routines.

SVN revision: 2778
2000-06-12 20:16:43 +00:00
Michael Jennings 63475cb86c Sat Jun 10 11:38:36 PDT 2000 Michael Jennings <>
Some terminfo fixes, also from Marius Gedminas <>.

SVN revision: 2774
2000-06-10 18:21:35 +00:00
Michael Jennings 63a63fbec3 Fri Jun 9 22:33:29 PDT 2000 Michael Jennings <>
Fixed a seg fault when resizing to one row while on the secondary
	screen.  I have no clue how that bug crept in there all of a sudden,
	but thanks to Marius Gedminas <> for pointing it out.

SVN revision: 2772
2000-06-10 05:16:26 +00:00
Michael Jennings 9286591200 Thu Jun 1 20:05:49 PDT 2000 Michael Jennings <>
Dammit!  I did something really stupid.  For anyone who doesn't know
	already, calling X from a signal handler is a NO-NO.  The *really*
	stupid part is that I already KNEW that!  *slaps self*

SVN revision: 2745
2000-06-02 02:48:47 +00:00
Michael Jennings c59b324201 Thu Jun 1 19:31:18 PDT 2000 Michael Jennings <>
Fix a potential DoS pointed out on BUGTRAQ by Kit Knox

SVN revision: 2744
2000-06-02 02:13:46 +00:00
Michael Jennings 47e8788bc8 Wed May 31 22:34:12 PDT 2000 Michael Jennings <>
Okay, first off I need to thank Marius Gedminas <>.
	Not only did he point out several issues, he was even willing to send
	a patch. :-)

	This commit includes Marius' patch which keeps MappingNotify events
	from overriding users' modifier settings.  It also includes a fix to
	a seg fault that he pointed out when menus were loaded without the
	menu imageclass having been defined.

	He also pointed out that --pause tends to sit and spin, taking up 100%
	of the CPU time.  Funny how E-Cpu never seemed to get too bent out of
	shape over it, but he was indeed correct.

	Thus I have fixed it, and while doing so, I have changed the way it
	works.  It no longer waits for a keypress per se.  Actually, it just
	ignores the fact that its child went away and keeps right on taking
	X events.  There are a few exceptions though.  Either ESC or Ctrl-C
	will exit a paused Eterm.  Any other input that doesn't have special
	meaning to Eterm will be ignored.  (Shift-PgUp and Shift-PgDn still
	work however, as do any action bindings you may have.)

SVN revision: 2739
2000-06-01 05:24:47 +00:00
Michael Jennings cf3f7ca572 Tue May 30 08:49:43 PDT 2000 Michael Jennings <>
Fix to multibyte screen rendering from Sung-Hyun Nam

SVN revision: 2730
2000-05-30 15:32:49 +00:00
Michael Jennings 47d87f02b0 Sun May 28 14:45:03 PDT 2000 Michael Jennings <>
My attempt to track down the strange X errors have revealed that a
	pixmap given to me by Imlib2 is getting freed somehow behind my back.
	Probably because this part of Imlib2 hadn't been tested before Eterm
	was converted. =P

	It doesn't seem to happen in XFree86 4.0; I'm wondering if XFree 4 is
	smart enough to detect double-frees of old XID's and just ignore them?
	Well, I'm going to have to add some debugging code to Imlib2 and see
	if I can track down where it's freeing my pixmaps.  But I have some
	errands to run first, so I'm going to commit this for now.  It
	shouldn't actually change any functionality.

SVN revision: 2722
2000-05-28 21:28:31 +00:00
Michael Jennings e64307644d Fri May 26 20:43:03 PDT 2000 Michael Jennings <>
Okay, there are a few changes here.  First off, I made multi-byte font
	support the default now, as long as you have ISO 10646 fonts.  In
	order to do this, I made the default encoding type "Latin1" so as not
	to interfere with 8-bit ISO 8859-1 characters.  This means that if you
	relied on the default multi-byte encoding method to be SJIS, you'll
	need to update your theme files.

	I also set it up so that Eterm will ignore SIGHUP, at least until I do
	something with it (like reloading the theme or something).

	I fixed the proportional font size algorithm.  If there is more than
	a 3-pixel variance between the minimum and maximum sizes for glyphs in
	a proportional font, Eterm will set the size to 2 standard deviations
	above the average width.  This is so that they won't look so spread
	out and ugly, but it still doesn't look perfect.  Not much I can do on
	that front...terminals must have fixed-width columns.

	And then there's the biggie.  I put in the ability to configure the
	now-infamous font effects.  I left a black drop shadow in as the
	default, but you can now customize it via the --font-fx option or in
	the config file using "font effects <stuff>" in the attributes
	context.  You can even use "fx" instead of "effects" for short.

	So what goes in the <stuff> part?  Well, you have several options.
	To use a single-color outline, say "outline <color>".  Likewise, a
	single-color drop shadow is "shadow [corner] <color>"; "bottom_right"
	is the default corner if you don't specify one.  For a 3-D embossed
	look, "emboss <dark_color> <light_color>".  The opposite, a carved-
	out look, can be had with "carved <dark_color> <light_color>".  (Of
	course, with those last two, the 3-D look will only work if you
	choose the colors wisely.)

	Those are all the shortcuts.  The long way is to specify a series of
	corner/color pairs, like "tl blue" for top-left blue, or
	"bottom_right green".  You can abbreviate using "tl," "tr," "bl," or
	"br," or you can spell out "top_left," "top_right," "bottom_left," or
	"bottom_right."  If you omit a corner name, the first one defaults to
	top-left, the second to top-right, and so on as listed above.

SVN revision: 2714
2000-05-27 03:41:22 +00:00
Michael Jennings dda8ccf31f Thu May 4 00:32:45 PDT 2000 Michael Jennings <>
Added new shade/tint routines, including some done in MMX assembly, by
	Willem Monsuwe <>.  Thanks Willem!  These should prove
	to be faster than the old stuff, probably by quite a bit.

SVN revision: 2595
2000-05-04 07:22:07 +00:00
Michael Jennings e6facd5833 Wed May 3 21:04:37 PDT 2000 Michael Jennings <>
Fixed a bug in the handling of resize events thanks to a tip from
	Teodor Zlatanov <>.  While I was at it, I also fixed a
	couple remaining issues with the popup menu system.  You shouldn't
	get any more cases where items remain selected after you've moved your
	mouse off of the menu, or where a submenu would stay up even though
	another menuitem is selected.

SVN revision: 2594
2000-05-04 03:54:28 +00:00
Michael Jennings 4bb04764b3 Tue May 2 16:56:47 PDT 2000 Michael Jennings <>
After getting sick of hearing people whining about the obscure error
	messages that resulted from trying to build without pixmap support, I
	hacked it until it at least built without it.  I also added warnings
	to so that people would know if that happened.

	It's still not very happy running that way, which is something I need
	to fix.  But hopefully it will stop the whining.

	Yeah, right. =P

SVN revision: 2590
2000-05-02 23:46:08 +00:00
Michael Jennings afda3ff59a Thu Apr 27 19:54:28 PDT 2000 Michael Jennings <>
Made some changes to the build process that should fix things for
	people without shared library dependencies working.

SVN revision: 2570
2000-04-28 02:42:26 +00:00
Michael Jennings 3c8fa7809d Tue Apr 25 11:45:15 PDT 2000 Michael Jennings <>
Updated per changes to Imlib2 API.

SVN revision: 2536
2000-04-25 18:33:08 +00:00
Michael Jennings b3f1428d23 Mon Apr 24 20:43:00 PDT 2000 Michael Jennings <>
Found the Imlib2 bug and fixed it, so revert this hack.

SVN revision: 2534
2000-04-25 03:30:45 +00:00
Michael Jennings cd259557d7 Mon Apr 24 18:46:25 PDT 2000 Michael Jennings <>
Work around that polka-dot-making Imlib2 problem until it can be
	fixed properly.

SVN revision: 2531
2000-04-25 01:38:42 +00:00
Michael Jennings 94b6a6d426 Tue Apr 18 23:55:42 PDT 2000 Michael Jennings <>
Added the pixmap beveling support back in so that the glass theme will
	work again.  Once again, you poor 8 bpp saps are SOL.

	I also added the icon support back in, along with a new built-in icon
	courtesy of Brian McFee <>.

SVN revision: 2501
2000-04-19 06:46:03 +00:00
Michael Jennings 1e9bf450c4 Mon Apr 17 22:25:27 PDT 2000 Michael Jennings <>
I fixed the problem reported by Joakim Bodin <>
	with spawned processes.  Also fixed Esetroot as reported by Wayne
	Johnson <>.

	Support for buttons higher than 5 was also added to the action
	bindings code for those (like me) with IntelliMouse Explorers and
	XFree86 4.0. :-)

SVN revision: 2494
2000-04-18 05:16:00 +00:00
Michael Jennings 84e12faee3 Thu Apr 13 21:15:03 PDT 2000 Michael Jennings <>
Fixed an image loading problem.

SVN revision: 2489
2000-04-14 04:02:42 +00:00
Michael Jennings bf64d68ef5 Wed Apr 12 21:46:41 PDT 2000 Michael Jennings <>
Fixed auto mode problems.  That was a really dumb oversight.

SVN revision: 2479
2000-04-13 04:34:33 +00:00
Michael Jennings dfc718de71 Wed Apr 12 21:18:19 PDT 2000 Michael Jennings <>
This is the initial commit with Imlib2 support.  READ THIS CAREFULLY.
	There is important information in this commit message that will keep
	you from getting screwed.

	First off, support for Imlib 1.x is GONE.  It is no longer supported
	as of now.  If you want to continue using it, do NOT install this
	version.  I tried to support both for awhile, but the code ended up
	being way too ugly and hackish.  Imlib2 is the future.  And trust me,
	when you see what we do with this future, you'll be happy for the

	The good news is that most of the basics work.  Transparency still
	works, and the basic image stuff works.  Most users won't notice any
	major problems, so long as your Imlib2 is 100% up-to-date.

	However, a few things still don't work:

	1.  Auto mode is a bit broken.  You'll get X errors in XFree86 4.0.
	Don't use it if you're running XFree 4.

	2.  Color modifiers for images don't work.  At all.

	3.  Transparency shading/tinting will not work in 8bpp or lower.  Life
	blows sometimes.  Sorry.  Time for a real video card. :-)

	4.  The built-in icon is broken.

	5.  You WILL need to update your theme.cfg files.  The borders on the
	horizontal and vertical bar images were incorrect when combined with
	the new anti-aliased scaling.  The horizontal bars should have a right
	border of 3.  Vertical bars should have a bottom border of 3.  The
	menu images should have both right *and* bottom borders of 3.  You can
	either make those changes by hand, or use the --with-theme-update
	option to  Your call.

	I think that covers everything I've run into.  I will point out that
	I don't really take advantage of a lot of the Imlib2 features just
	yet.  My first priority is to make all the stuff that worked before
	work again (or at least the important stuff).  Then I'll work on
	new features.

	So there it is.  If you're not ready for it, don't use it.  But if you
	are, I hope you like it.

SVN revision: 2478
2000-04-13 04:19:05 +00:00
Michael Jennings ac4f703548 Wed Apr 5 21:48:39 PDT 2000 Michael Jennings <>
There are now two different sets of settings you can save.  You can
	save user settings, which are the things that one would generally
	consider to be user-specific (toggles, text colors, etc.).  You can
	also save theme settings, which saves *everything*, including the
	stuff that user settings don't include (like imageclasses, menus,
	etc.).  Settings are saved to user.cfg and theme.cfg, respectively.

	Also, Eterm will now detect if it cannot write to the location from
	which it got the theme (i.e., a system-wide directory), and will fall
	back on ~/.Eterm/themes/<theme>.  It WILL create this directory tree
	if it does not already exist.

	Hopefully this will make more people happy. :-)

SVN revision: 2440
2000-04-06 04:52:52 +00:00
Michael Jennings d922e2ce53 Mon Apr 3 16:42:06 PDT 2000 Michael Jennings <>
Added a --buttonbar option to force on/off all your buttonbars.

SVN revision: 2423
2000-04-03 23:43:15 +00:00
Michael Jennings f2badab9b8 Fri Mar 31 15:12:37 PST 2000 Michael Jennings <>
Added the escape sequence for the "no input" option.  "\e]6;27\a".

SVN revision: 2401
2000-03-31 23:13:57 +00:00
Michael Jennings 94f00a7923 Thu Mar 30 20:34:10 PST 2000 Michael Jennings <>
Quick little option -q/--no-input.  It keeps Eterm from accepting
	keyboard input, and keeps the window manager from focusing it.  Useful
	for log tailers and such, maybe.  This feature was requested by
	Peter Ward <>.  I will be adding an escape sequence to
	toggle this.

SVN revision: 2398
2000-03-31 04:38:01 +00:00
Michael Jennings 4835a373b6 Tue Mar 28 18:42:09 PST 2000 Michael Jennings <>
Tint by number or color, and shade by percentage, are now available
	via the "\e]6;2;" escape sequence.  For example, "\e]6;2;shade;10\a"
	will shade the background by 10%.  "\e]6;2;tint;lightblue\a" will give
	the background a light blue tint.  "\e]6;2;shade;sa;30\a" will give a
	30% shade to the scrollbar anchor.

SVN revision: 2370
2000-03-29 02:44:41 +00:00
Michael Jennings 2d1e1a8e07 Tue Mar 28 12:31:06 PST 2000 Michael Jennings <>
You can tint by X color values (like "grey75" or "MidnightBlue" or
	"#8080ff").  Severely twisted. :-)

SVN revision: 2363
2000-03-28 20:32:42 +00:00
Michael Jennings 411c5312c9 Mon Mar 27 19:08:03 PST 2000 Michael Jennings <>
--shade and --tint have returned with the same syntax as before.

SVN revision: 2357
2000-03-28 03:08:46 +00:00
Michael Jennings 46c04cd733 Mon Mar 27 12:48:09 PST 2000 Michael Jennings <>
Some quick fixes from Cale Gibbard <> for the color
	changing stuff.

SVN revision: 2352
2000-03-27 20:49:34 +00:00
Michael Jennings 6d3c3ff6dc Fri Mar 24 18:16:02 PST 2000 Michael Jennings <>
Added a patch from Kimball Thurston <> for XIM.  I
	also added support for two new escape sequences at the request of
	Cale Gibbard <>.  "\e]Pnrrggbb" can now be used
	to modify the color palette at runtime, and "\e]R" will restore the
	defaults.  These are compatible with the Linux console.

SVN revision: 2323
2000-03-25 02:18:14 +00:00
Michael Jennings 22160247e4 Fri Mar 17 18:27:51 PST 2000 Michael Jennings <>
I added accelerated scrollwheel support.  I also added a #define in
	src/feature.h for specifying the number of lines of context to keep
	when paging up or down.

	Also, we're back to the old behavior where home on input won't be
	triggered unless the key pressed has an associated string value.  I
	went back on this because Shift causing a jump to the bottom was
	really annoying when trying to Shift-PgUp or Shift-PgDown.  Sorry,
	Darren, but you lose.

SVN revision: 2270
2000-03-18 04:55:14 +00:00
Michael Jennings 4d1fd23d7e Tue Mar 14 19:11:26 PST 2000 Michael Jennings <>
Some further fixes for inline functions, 2 new winop actions, brand
	new and improved profiling macros, some miscellaneous fixes for SGI
	from Kimball Thurston <>, and more robust checking
	in the pasting code.

SVN revision: 2235
2000-03-15 03:17:45 +00:00
Michael Jennings c9a97e46be Wed Mar 8 19:35:36 PST 2000 Michael Jennings <>
Added a new --pipe-name option to allow Eterm to read from a console
	device/tty/pipe other than /dev/console.  This is useful for folks on
	Debian, where "console" messages actually go to the /dev/xconsole
	named pipe rather than to /dev/tty0.

SVN revision: 2212
2000-03-09 03:38:31 +00:00
Michael Jennings 607268f595 Mon Mar 6 21:11:13 PST 2000 Michael Jennings <>
Added a new option.  -0 (that's a zero) or --itrans will invoke the
	immotile optimization for transparency, so named because it works best
	on windows that don't move around much on the desktop.  It works even
	better for windows that are sticky between desktops.  So if you have
	logging windows (running tail -f and the like) that are shaded/tinted,
	you definitely want to have this.  It will even benefit ordinary Eterm
	windows, provided you don't move them around a lot.  Eterms that do
	not change desktops may be better off with the other way; Eterms that
	are not shaded or tinted at all will not behave any differently.

	Here's the technical explanation for those who are interested.  The
	old (and still the default) behavior is for Eterm to check to see if
	any color modifiers are applied to the image_bg class, and if so, to
	make a copy of the *entire* desktop image which is then shaded/tinted
	appropriately.  It then snapshots a portion of that for the actual
	background.  This way, if the Eterm window is moved, all the shading
	and tinting will have already been done, so all it has to do is grab
	another portion of the desktop and use it.  However, this involves a
	LOT of calculations (one per pixel of the desktop pixmap) on startup
	and at every desktop switch.

	The immotile optimization is intended to reverse that logic by
	optimizing for windows that do not move (hence the term "immotile").
	It takes the snapshot of the desktop pixmap and applies any shading
	or tinting *after* taking the portion it needs.  This requires much
	fewer calculations on startup and when changing desktops, but the
	entire set of calculations must be repeated whenever the window is
	moved.  This is fine for small windows or windows that don't move
	very often, but that's not always the case.  So it is to your
	advantage to pick one or the other depending on how you use each
	particular theme or window.

	Two notes.  One, keep in mind that the -0/--itrans option doesn't
	*activate* transparency; you still need -O/--trans for that.  Two,
	this does not affect Eterms with no color modifiers applied to the
	background.  In that case, Eterm still references the existing
	desktop pixmap to save memory.

SVN revision: 2191
2000-03-07 05:30:33 +00:00
Michael Jennings 32a72bb631 Fri Mar 3 21:05:11 PST 2000 Michael Jennings <>
Tom Gilbert <> spotted a fallback
	issue with colors which I have now fixed.  Tom, your e-mail address is
	too damned long.  Just thought you should know.

SVN revision: 2181
2000-03-04 05:07:14 +00:00
Michael Jennings 2234e70dd9 Fri Mar 3 20:23:37 PST 2000 Michael Jennings <>
I did some optimizations for expose handling and full-screen redraws.
	It will have a greater impact on those who don't use double buffering.

SVN revision: 2180
2000-03-04 04:25:23 +00:00
Michael Jennings 202912084a Thu Mar 2 21:40:09 PST 2000 Michael Jennings <>
This fixes yet another resize-to-crash bug, this time with various
	applications which use the secondary screen (mutt, mc, vim, etc.).
	The fix is deceptively simple and does not convey the fact that it
	took around 3 hours to track this bastard down.  Credit to Marc Merlin
	<> for first pointing this out and for helping me
	track it down.  And credit to Gray Watson for dmalloc, which has saved
	my ass once again.

SVN revision: 2172
2000-03-03 05:43:53 +00:00
Michael Jennings 1ce4f9c088 Thu Mar 2 09:47:30 PST 2000 Michael Jennings <>
Right.  How the hell did I miss that?!  Thanks again Valdis.

SVN revision: 2169
2000-03-02 17:48:30 +00:00
Michael Jennings 8e9f100232 Wed Mar 1 18:37:18 PST 2000 Michael Jennings <>
I'm still not done with the commenting work I've been doing, but I've
	made some fixes, so I figured it was time to commit what I've done so

	I've added support for multi-byte selection/pastes from programs like
	Netscape, thanks in part to a patch from Yasuyuki Furukawa
	<>.  I've also applied a bugfix for pty
	allocation on Irix from David Kaelbling <>, a display
	bugfix pointed out by Valdis Kletnieks <>, and
	a fix for a missing menu in the auto theme discovered by someone on

	I've also added quite a few comments to term.c to help people grok
	the parsing of escape sequences a little better.

SVN revision: 2168
2000-03-02 03:31:41 +00:00
Michael Jennings d2ca8950e1 Fri Feb 18 21:09:29 PST 2000 Michael Jennings <>
Okay, I've added a new option to configure.  --config-buffer-size=NNNN
	will set the theme parser's line buffer size.  What does this mean?
	Well, this determines how big a line being parsed can get at any one
	stage of parsing.  So if you use %dirscan() on a large directory, or
	you use %random() on a large list, or you simply have some very large
	lines in your config file, making this buffer size larger will enable
	them to be handled.  The down side to this is that your Eterms will
	appear to take up more memory.  In reality they don't, since all that
	memory gets freed, but it isn't returned to the OS until Eterm exits,
	and the RSS won't go down unless part or all of Eterm is swapped out
	by the OS.  So you've been warned. :-)

	For those who didn't go digging by themselves, what I added yesterday
	were three new builtin functions:

	%get(variable)         Retrieves the value of a theme variable
	%put(variable value)   Sets the value of a theme variable
	%put(variable)         Removes a theme variable
	%dirscan(directory)    Returns a list of the files in a directory

	Everything here should be fairly self-explanatory.  The variables
	are internal to Eterm.  They will last until Eterm exits, so you
	can refer to them in later theme files, unless of course you call
	%put() with a variable but no value (which removes the variable).
	Also note that %dirscan() returns only the filenames, not the
	full pathnames.  This is for two reasons:  One, you already know the
	path to the file since you specified it.  Two, it enables handling of
	directories with larger numbers of files since the path isn't
	uselessly duplicated for each entry it generates.

	These new functions will be the backbone for a new random background
	system since the *.list files are rather clumsy in a lot of ways.  I
	am not yet sure how it will work exactly, but I know I'll need these
	functions to do it. :-)

SVN revision: 2104
2000-02-19 06:29:37 +00:00
Michael Jennings 5a2899ac7f Thu Feb 17 21:38:23 PST 2000 Michael Jennings <>
Fixed a bug in the menu code reported by Sung-Hyun Nam
	<>.  There's also some new stuff here, but I haven't
	tried testing it at *all*, so I'm not prepared to talk about it.

SVN revision: 2093
2000-02-18 05:39:39 +00:00
Michael Jennings 98797354ac Thu Feb 17 15:13:20 PST 2000 Michael Jennings <>
Fixed a bug with background colors and proportional fonts.  Also added
	an escape sequence, \e]30;<filename>\a, to dump the scrollback buffer
	to a file.  You will not get colors, or bold, or underlining, or any
	other rendering information.  Just the text.  Linebreaks will appear
	as they do on the screen.

SVN revision: 2090
2000-02-17 23:15:19 +00:00
Michael Jennings 738565cd80 Wed Feb 16 14:58:51 PST 2000 Michael Jennings <>
Fix the XIM input positioning to work with the buttonbar.

SVN revision: 2082
2000-02-16 22:59:54 +00:00
Michael Jennings af082c9a22 Tue Feb 15 19:31:04 PST 2000 Michael Jennings <>
The buttonbar can now be toggled on and off both in the config file
	and via an escape sequence.  The themes in CVS use Ctrl-Shift-Button3.
	You can also specify in the config file whether to dock the buttonbar
	at the top or the bottom of the Eterm window.  You can't move it on
	the fly yet, but that will come.

	I also fixed resizing so that the term window didn't redraw itself
	unnecessarily.  Hopefully I didn't break anything in the process.  :-)

	Plus, I fixed poor handling of X-generated ConfigureNotify events, and
	the terminfo stuff is now done at install time instead of build time.

SVN revision: 2077
2000-02-16 03:37:34 +00:00
Michael Jennings 16580dfd29 Mon Feb 14 16:35:01 PST 2000 Michael Jennings <>
Oops.  Little variable clash there.  Always ended up with
	$ETERM_*_ROOT set to "in".  I finally got around to investigating it.

SVN revision: 2076
2000-02-15 00:36:43 +00:00
Michael Jennings 42fde9c99d Thu Feb 10 15:10:01 PST 2000 Michael Jennings <>
This is the first public availability of the work thus far on Eterm
	0.9.1.  There's quite a bit of new stuff here.

	* Added scrollbar thumb support.

	* Completely redid the terminfo/termcap stuff.  The terminfo file is
	now compiled (by tic) and installed by default (unless you specify
	--without-terminfo).  The config files still say xterm, though,
	because some programs (like SLang and GNU mc) use the silly algorithm
	of "Is $TERM set to xterm?" to detect mouse reporting support in a
	terminal. =P  But if you don't ever use xterm, you can use Eterm's
	termcap and just name it "xterm" instead.  Thanks to Marius Gedminas
	<> for his patch that started this whole revamp.

	* Added the kEsetroot script for KDE users from Dax Games

	* You can now configure the Home and End emulation via --with-home=
	and --with-end= options to configure.  The --with-terminfo option is
	also new, and --enable-xim is now the default.

	* Added a new image state, disabled, for when Eterm loses focus.  This
	is supported by all widgets (well, all those that could possibly be
	on screen when Eterm lost focus), even the background image.  So you
	could actually have all your images darken on focus out and restore
	to normal on focus in.

	* Widget colors formerly dealt with as colors (menu text color,
	scrollbar color, etc.) are now handled by the imageclasses.  Each
	image state can have a foreground and background color defined.  The
	current exception is the background image; I hope to add that later.
	The foreground is the text color and the background is the object
	color (for solid color mode).  So menu text color is set by the menu
	imageclass.  And again, for unfocused colors, use the disabled state
	of the imageclass.

	* Proportionally-spaced fonts are now handled much better.  They are
	still forced into evenly-spaced columns (it's a terminal for crying
	out loud!) but at least you don't end up with Eterm's wider than your
	screen. :-)

	* Home on refresh is gone, as is home on echo.  It's now much simpler.
	There are two options:  home on output, and home on input, the former
	being a combination of echo and refresh.  Also, keypresses that don't
	necessarily have corresonding output can trigger a home on input,
	like Ctrl-End or whatever...ones that don't have special meaning.
	Credit to Darren Stuart Embry <> for pointing out
	this issue and the one with "m-" in font names.

	* I finally got around to re-merging the new parser stuff from my
	work on the Not Game.  Closed up some old potential behavior quirks
	with theme parsing.

	* Added a new escape sequence to fork-and-exec a program.  Also added
	a scrollback search capability to highlight all occurances of a string
	in your scrollback buffer.  Use the new "Etsearch" utility to access
	it.  "Etsearch string" to search for a string, then "Etsearch" by
	itself to reset the highlighting.

	* And of course, the biggie.  Eterm now supports a completely-
	customizeable buttonbar.  Not a menubar, a buttonbar.  It can have an
	arbitrary number of buttons, and each button can perform an action,
	just like a menuitem.  So a button could bring up a menu (like a
	menubar) or launch a program (like a launchbar) or perform an
	operation (like a toolbar).  Each button can have an icon, text, or
	both.  And you can have buttons left- or right-justified in the
	buttonbar.  You will eventually be able to have an arbitrary number
	of buttonbars, but I'm still working on that.

	As with any change this big, things could very easily be broken.  So
	beware. :-)  I have tested this myself, and everything seems to work,
	but I can't test every possibility.  Let me know if you find anything
	that's broken, and enjoy!

SVN revision: 2048
2000-02-11 00:25:07 +00:00
Michael Jennings ee7c001c4a Fri Jan 21 18:40:13 PST 2000 Michael Jennings <>
Apparently someone was confused by the out-of-date README file, so I
	updated it.

SVN revision: 1959
2000-01-22 02:40:49 +00:00
Michael Jennings 8cb728ab7f Fri Jan 21 12:52:26 PST 2000 Michael Jennings <>
Fixed an off-by-one error in the scrollbar click-handling pointed out
	by Malcolm Tredinnick <>.

SVN revision: 1958
2000-01-21 20:53:49 +00:00