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Michael Jennings 243e65e5a2 Sun Aug 24 11:07:54 2003 Michael Jennings (mej)
I redid the options variables and constants to try and make things
more standardized, and to make room for future toggles as well.  This
should make David Lloyd a bit happier, 'cause now we can get his patch
in here. :)

Hopefully I didn't break anything....

SVN revision: 7370
2003-08-24 15:09:32 +00:00
Michael Jennings 7408857d22 Tue Apr 22 11:12:26 2003 Michael Jennings (mej)
Fixed a couple minor type issues on 64-bit systems.

Cleaned up all the warnings in libscream.c and Esetroot.c.

Updated the spec file to depend on imlib2 and the JPEG/PNG loaders.
I hate to do that, but it seems necessary.

SVN revision: 6874
2003-04-22 15:14:20 +00:00
Michael Jennings 11df91c713 Thu Jan 2 14:54:45 2003 Michael Jennings (mej)
Spec file update.

SVN revision: 6541
2003-01-02 19:55:05 +00:00
Michael Jennings f4cb6bf6a1 Tue Oct 29 23:41:07 2002 Michael Jennings (mej)
Documentation updates and last-minute cleanups.  Barring something
unexpected and disastrous, this is it for release.  So please make
sure it works and the docs are accurate. :-)

SVN revision: 6436
2002-10-30 04:44:36 +00:00
Michael Jennings 862a62b63c Sun Oct 20 21:07:43 2002 Michael Jennings (mej)
Fixed a double-free in libscream.c.  Also some cleanups to the spec
file, and I fixed some missing return statements in non-void

SVN revision: 6429
2002-10-21 01:08:35 +00:00
Michael Jennings 7a1154f3d3 Tue Jun 18 16:24:03 2002 Michael Jennings (mej)
Fixed the flickering of the buttonbar caused by Escreen updates.

Also fixed the deselecting of the current button on redraw.

SVN revision: 6324
2002-06-18 20:27:41 +00:00
Michael Jennings 1ece1388ff Sun Feb 3 15:51:38 2002 Michael Jennings (mej)
Apparently I forgot to commit these copyright date changes. :(

SVN revision: 5895
2002-02-03 20:53:07 +00:00
Michael Jennings 1e97991b6a Mon Dec 3 20:16:39 2001 Michael Jennings (mej)
Patches from Paul Brannan <>, Klaus Elsbernd
<>, and Derrick Moser
<> which appeared while I was away.
Fixes for mouse wheel reporting and reset handling (Paul), Solaris
portability (Klaus), and XIM (Derrick).

Getting ready to release 0.9.2 soonish.

SVN revision: 5745
2001-12-04 01:22:07 +00:00
Michael Jennings b8e17e5de4 Sun Oct 21 06:15:13 2001 Michael Jennings (mej)
Fixed a couple remaining bugs in 0.9.1, including that really
annoying problem people keeping whining about where Eterm won't build
without Imlib2.  It will now. :P

SVN revision: 5543
2001-10-21 13:21:05 +00:00