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Michael Jennings 2918d31c09 Mon Aug 25 21:08:20 2003 Michael Jennings (mej)
Patch from David Lloyd <>.  Removed the NO_BRIGHTCOLOR
and NO_BOLDOVERSTRIKE defines.  If you want to do NO_BRIGHTCOLOR, set
colors 8-16 the same as 0-7. :P  For bold overstrike, it's now an
option (--overstrike-bold).  There are also options to deactivate the
"bold" and "blink" attributes' setting of high-intensity colors, and
to allow non-default foreground colors to be bolded.

SVN revision: 7377
2003-08-26 01:45:11 +00:00
Michael Jennings df078dd652 Sun Mar 2 23:40:39 2003 Michael Jennings (mej)
Fixed a bug with foreground/background color change pointed out by
Thomas <>.

Also added support for all the other OSC color change sequences (at
least those for the colors that Eterm uses).  The sequences are of
the form "\e];n;color[;color[...]]\a", where n is between 10 and 19.
You can specify up to (20 - n) semicolon-separated colors representing
the following attributes in order:  foreground, background, cursor,
mouse pointer, mouse pointer background (*), Tek foreground (*), Tek
background (*), highlight color (*), bold color, and underline color.
Attributes marked with a (*) are ignored by Eterm and may be left
empty, but their trailing semicolons must be present for xterm

For example, to set a white foreground, black background, yellow text
cursor, green mouse cursor, #ffaa00 for bold, and cyan for underline,
you could use either of the following:

echo -e "\e]10;white;black;yellow;green;;;;;#ffaa00;cyan\007"


echo -e "\e]10;white\007"
echo -e "\e]11;black\007"
echo -e "\e]12;yellow\007"
echo -e "\e]13;green\007"
echo -e "\e]18;#ffaa00\007"
echo -e "\e]19;cyan\007"

Note that the setting of bold and underline colors using 18 and 19 are
Eterm extensions.

SVN revision: 6739
2003-03-03 04:53:35 +00:00
Michael Jennings 8ddcb3f72d Wed Jan 22 15:12:36 2003 Michael Jennings (mej)
Yasufumi Haga <> found another typo in the man
page, this one concerning the non-existent "bold multichar" font.

SVN revision: 6615
2003-01-22 20:13:38 +00:00
Michael Jennings 9f7ddb591f Mon Jan 13 18:17:43 2003 Michael Jennings (mej)
Fixed an error in the "select_line" description in the man page
spotted by Yasufumi Haga <>.

SVN revision: 6581
2003-01-13 23:19:37 +00:00
Michael Jennings 35b9852363 Thu Oct 31 11:52:59 2002 Michael Jennings (mej)
Argh!  Last-minute discoveries....

SVN revision: 6438
2002-10-31 16:53:30 +00:00
Michael Jennings dd577eedcb Wed Oct 30 14:53:30 2002 Michael Jennings (mej)
Make sure the Escreen README goes in the tarball.

SVN revision: 6437
2002-10-30 19:53:51 +00:00
Michael Jennings f4cb6bf6a1 Tue Oct 29 23:41:07 2002 Michael Jennings (mej)
Documentation updates and last-minute cleanups.  Barring something
unexpected and disastrous, this is it for release.  So please make
sure it works and the docs are accurate. :-)

SVN revision: 6436
2002-10-30 04:44:36 +00:00
Michael Jennings a74ae94c5a Sun Oct 13 00:57:37 2002 Michael Jennings (mej)
Moved "Escreen" menu to the new Escreen theme so it's no longer

Added interactive prompting to search() script routine.

Changed dialog() routine to exec_dialog() and added editing of its
command line.

Added msgbox() script routine to display a message and wait for a

Fixed a memory leak in the menu_dialog() function.  Also cleaned up
its event handling.

Added comments to the script routines that were missing them.

Make sure we exit cleanly if our window is destroyed.

Fixed the missing menus in the Escreen theme.  You'll still get an
error message when it loads, but I'm not that worried about it.

SVN revision: 6421
2002-10-13 05:03:47 +00:00
Michael Jennings 18ae77d1d5 Mon Oct 7 22:19:58 2002 Michael Jennings (mej)
Patch from Azundris for Escreen.  In her words:

Debian Unstable comes with a version that is newer than 3.09.11 (which
most other distributions seem to have).  On top of that, it comes with
a global setup file in /etc that breaks our very best intentions.
Find enclosed some modifications that will (hopefully) make screen
work on those special Debs in your life as well as on the machines it
used to run on so far.  As a side-effect, the default action is now
-RDD rather than -xRR, but since several people have requested that
anyways, I might be the only one missing the previous default.  Guess
I'll change my actionclasses.cfg and hold my peace forever.  : )

SVN revision: 6417
2002-10-08 02:21:00 +00:00
Michael Jennings db1c2aa582 Thu Sep 5 21:47:57 2002 Michael Jennings (mej)
Updates to the termcap/terminfo stuff to make everything work on *BSD.
Thanks to Thomas Dickey <> and Will Yardley
<> for their assistance with this.

SVN revision: 6391
2002-09-06 01:49:25 +00:00
Michael Jennings ec34068f82 Wed Jun 26 16:58:14 2002 Michael Jennings (mej)
Latest Escreen stuff from Azundris, including work on twin support

SVN revision: 6330
2002-06-26 21:02:12 +00:00
Michael Jennings 92937f46a7 Sat Jun 8 11:41:37 2002 Michael Jennings (mej)
Escreen update with Twin support from Azundris <>.

SVN revision: 6307
2002-06-08 15:44:08 +00:00
Michael Jennings ed14ba8dde Sun Jun 2 20:25:55 2002 Michael Jennings (mej)
Oops, missed these.

SVN revision: 6298
2002-06-03 00:26:15 +00:00
Michael Jennings 981b29c895 Sun Jun 2 20:23:07 2002 Michael Jennings (mej)
Latest Escreen patch along with twin support from Azundris.

SVN revision: 6297
2002-06-03 00:24:22 +00:00
Michael Jennings 9ce5b286eb Wed May 22 11:37:19 2002 Michael Jennings (mej)
Latest Escreen work from Azundris <>.

SVN revision: 6270
2002-05-22 15:38:35 +00:00
Michael Jennings 0bdd7edc63 Mon May 13 18:46:06 2002 Michael Jennings (mej)
Latest Escreen patch from Azundris <>.

SVN revision: 6251
2002-05-13 22:47:08 +00:00
Michael Jennings 92ca20bcba Sat May 4 10:23:38 2002 Michael Jennings (mej)
Ran reformat-code on the tree.

Also merged in Azundris' Escreen patch.  It's disabled by default for
the moment pending further testing, but you can enable it manually by
defining ESCREEN.

SVN revision: 6202
2002-05-04 14:25:30 +00:00
Michael Jennings 36b1140007 Fri Dec 14 15:17:14 2001 Michael Jennings (mej)
termcap fix from Fredrik Svensson <> and another
mod to Paul's patch.

SVN revision: 5769
2001-12-14 20:22:27 +00:00
Michael Jennings 33366620e7 Mon Aug 27 14:48:17 2001 Michael Jennings (mej)
Minor typos in the mutt menus.

SVN revision: 5296
2001-08-27 21:50:15 +00:00
Michael Jennings e65a9e34aa Thu Aug 23 14:00:02 2001 Michael Jennings (mej)
I got tired of having to maintain half a gazillion menus.cfg files
considering that the vast majority of them are identical or have
large identical sections.  Thus, I took the m4-based menus.cfg from
the chooser theme and hacked on it a bunch.  I can now regenerate
the menu files for all Eterm themes from a single source file using
the gen-menus script in doc/.

I also removed the comments from the theme.cfg files of all themes
except "Eterm" itself.

SVN revision: 5263
2001-08-23 21:04:36 +00:00
Michael Jennings 450ad4f34f Fri Aug 10 13:51:34 2001 Michael Jennings (mej)
I noticed this when I tested the smoked glass theme, but I forgot
about it until Martin Tyler <> reminded me.  This should
fix the bogus calls to imlib_image_get_filename() etc. when using
transparency and shading.

SVN revision: 5091
2001-08-10 20:52:51 +00:00
Michael Jennings a87632fb0a Sun Aug 5 10:21:16 2001 Michael Jennings (mej)
FreeBSD fix, take 2.

SVN revision: 5046
2001-08-05 17:24:12 +00:00
Michael Jennings f89dff3d3d Sun Aug 5 01:52:51 2001 Michael Jennings (mej)
Okay, first off, I finally found and fixed a typo with regard to the
utempter support on RedHat-based systems.  I doubt it's ever worked
properly (sigh).  Secondly, I added support for throwing Eterm's
termcap entry into the termcap DB on FreeBSD (and possibly other
*BSD-based) systems thanks to info from Kirby Kuehl
<>.  And finally, added in a patch from Paul
Brannan <> to support some additional escape
sequences for vim.

SVN revision: 5044
2001-08-05 08:57:32 +00:00
Michael Jennings e3f87013da Fri Jul 13 17:07:45 2001 Michael Jennings (mej)
This is mostly cosmetic, but fairly important nonetheless.  Saved
config files should not contain the "main" context.

SVN revision: 4947
2001-07-14 00:08:32 +00:00
Michael Jennings 85fdcf3f30 Tue Jul 3 18:01:24 2001 Michael Jennings (mej)
All the docs and themes should now be up-to-date.  Unless a
showstopping bug turns up in the near future, this is pretty much it
for 0.9.1.  Now we just need some testing to make sure there's
nothing horridly wrong....  So you all can test while we finish up
the web site and the backgrounds. :-)

SVN revision: 4919
2001-07-04 01:02:37 +00:00
Michael Jennings c93158a595 Thu Jun 28 19:01:05 2001 Michael Jennings (mej)
Finished updating the man page for 0.9.1.

SVN revision: 4869
2001-06-29 02:01:05 +00:00
Michael Jennings afc51e774a Mon Jun 25 17:41:55 2001 Michael Jennings (mej)
Several changes here, many of which come from the Debian bug list or
from bug reports on IRC.  First off, I believe I've fixed an install
issue with the bg/ directory.  I also put an alternative acsc line in
the terminfo file to see if it fixes anything on Debian.  (RH works
fine.)  I removed the "main" context from all the theme files...which
is something I should've done ages ago, but I forgot.

I made a couple things options which were not previously configurable.
The proportional font thingie which shrank the character cell width is
now the --proportional option.  The automatic window gravity on resize
is now the --resize-gravity option.  Both are boolean, and both are
documented in the man page.

And finally, I added the kill() function to the script language.  At
this point it can only take signals as numbers, but that's good enough
for now.

SVN revision: 4857
2001-06-26 00:46:33 +00:00
Michael Jennings 0c731576d4 Fri Jun 15 23:41:38 2001 Michael Jennings (mej)
Added a -a/--attribute option for passing config file stuff to the
parser on the command line.  Also got the command line option section
of the man page up to date.  I'll tackle the rest some other time;
it's late. :-)

SVN revision: 4820
2001-06-16 06:46:34 +00:00
Michael Jennings bd1ed42760 This is work in progress, cleaning up the selection stuff. Still more to
do, though.

SVN revision: 4777
2001-05-19 06:56:45 +00:00
Michael Jennings ec90ed19ae Oops.
SVN revision: 4774
2001-05-17 01:56:57 +00:00
Michael Jennings ff68bdd1c9 Wed May 16 18:09:55 PDT 2001 Michael Jennings <>
I made several corrections to the terminfo entry noted by Thomas
	Dickey <>:

	 - Removed cvvis.  It wasn't actually supported and thus conflicted
	   with cnorm.
	 - Removed kf0, which conflicted with kf10.
	 - Added the CPR (u6) capability which I inadvertantly omitted.

	I also removed the extraneous identities, keeping only "Eterm" and

	In a similar vein, I enabled the u8/u9 handshake while keeping the
	ENQ (^E) response disabled.

SVN revision: 4773
2001-05-17 01:50:12 +00:00
Michael Jennings a286152df9 Wed May 9 17:18:11 PDT 2001 Michael Jennings <>
Fixed several bugs in the saving of settings and the support of
	scripts in menus.  Also fixed the definition of term_name in the theme
	files as pointed out by Laurence J. Lane <>.

SVN revision: 4750
2001-05-10 00:20:15 +00:00
Michael Jennings 3272085924 Tue Jan 2 18:28:57 PST 2001 Michael Jennings <>
Applied a couple patches I'd overlooked in my inbox.  Sebastian
	Dransfeld <> added a config file option to
	duplicate the behavior of the --buttonbar command-line option.  He
	also updated the man page, something I usually put off until just
	before I do a release. :-)

	I also went back and redid the way Eterm does backquote execution to
	avoid a potential race condition.

SVN revision: 4083
2001-01-03 02:34:10 +00:00
Michael Jennings 49b05abd47 Mon Jul 10 20:01:53 PDT 2000 Michael Jennings <>
We no longer care about gravity.  This should help Sawfish users.

SVN revision: 2913
2000-07-11 02:44:28 +00:00
Michael Jennings 63475cb86c Sat Jun 10 11:38:36 PDT 2000 Michael Jennings <>
Some terminfo fixes, also from Marius Gedminas <>.

SVN revision: 2774
2000-06-10 18:21:35 +00:00
Michael Jennings 63a63fbec3 Fri Jun 9 22:33:29 PDT 2000 Michael Jennings <>
Fixed a seg fault when resizing to one row while on the secondary
	screen.  I have no clue how that bug crept in there all of a sudden,
	but thanks to Marius Gedminas <> for pointing it out.

SVN revision: 2772
2000-06-10 05:16:26 +00:00
Michael Jennings 4d1fd23d7e Tue Mar 14 19:11:26 PST 2000 Michael Jennings <>
Some further fixes for inline functions, 2 new winop actions, brand
	new and improved profiling macros, some miscellaneous fixes for SGI
	from Kimball Thurston <>, and more robust checking
	in the pasting code.

SVN revision: 2235
2000-03-15 03:17:45 +00:00
Michael Jennings af082c9a22 Tue Feb 15 19:31:04 PST 2000 Michael Jennings <>
The buttonbar can now be toggled on and off both in the config file
	and via an escape sequence.  The themes in CVS use Ctrl-Shift-Button3.
	You can also specify in the config file whether to dock the buttonbar
	at the top or the bottom of the Eterm window.  You can't move it on
	the fly yet, but that will come.

	I also fixed resizing so that the term window didn't redraw itself
	unnecessarily.  Hopefully I didn't break anything in the process.  :-)

	Plus, I fixed poor handling of X-generated ConfigureNotify events, and
	the terminfo stuff is now done at install time instead of build time.

SVN revision: 2077
2000-02-16 03:37:34 +00:00
Michael Jennings 16580dfd29 Mon Feb 14 16:35:01 PST 2000 Michael Jennings <>
Oops.  Little variable clash there.  Always ended up with
	$ETERM_*_ROOT set to "in".  I finally got around to investigating it.

SVN revision: 2076
2000-02-15 00:36:43 +00:00
Michael Jennings 42fde9c99d Thu Feb 10 15:10:01 PST 2000 Michael Jennings <>
This is the first public availability of the work thus far on Eterm
	0.9.1.  There's quite a bit of new stuff here.

	* Added scrollbar thumb support.

	* Completely redid the terminfo/termcap stuff.  The terminfo file is
	now compiled (by tic) and installed by default (unless you specify
	--without-terminfo).  The config files still say xterm, though,
	because some programs (like SLang and GNU mc) use the silly algorithm
	of "Is $TERM set to xterm?" to detect mouse reporting support in a
	terminal. =P  But if you don't ever use xterm, you can use Eterm's
	termcap and just name it "xterm" instead.  Thanks to Marius Gedminas
	<> for his patch that started this whole revamp.

	* Added the kEsetroot script for KDE users from Dax Games

	* You can now configure the Home and End emulation via --with-home=
	and --with-end= options to configure.  The --with-terminfo option is
	also new, and --enable-xim is now the default.

	* Added a new image state, disabled, for when Eterm loses focus.  This
	is supported by all widgets (well, all those that could possibly be
	on screen when Eterm lost focus), even the background image.  So you
	could actually have all your images darken on focus out and restore
	to normal on focus in.

	* Widget colors formerly dealt with as colors (menu text color,
	scrollbar color, etc.) are now handled by the imageclasses.  Each
	image state can have a foreground and background color defined.  The
	current exception is the background image; I hope to add that later.
	The foreground is the text color and the background is the object
	color (for solid color mode).  So menu text color is set by the menu
	imageclass.  And again, for unfocused colors, use the disabled state
	of the imageclass.

	* Proportionally-spaced fonts are now handled much better.  They are
	still forced into evenly-spaced columns (it's a terminal for crying
	out loud!) but at least you don't end up with Eterm's wider than your
	screen. :-)

	* Home on refresh is gone, as is home on echo.  It's now much simpler.
	There are two options:  home on output, and home on input, the former
	being a combination of echo and refresh.  Also, keypresses that don't
	necessarily have corresonding output can trigger a home on input,
	like Ctrl-End or whatever...ones that don't have special meaning.
	Credit to Darren Stuart Embry <> for pointing out
	this issue and the one with "m-" in font names.

	* I finally got around to re-merging the new parser stuff from my
	work on the Not Game.  Closed up some old potential behavior quirks
	with theme parsing.

	* Added a new escape sequence to fork-and-exec a program.  Also added
	a scrollback search capability to highlight all occurances of a string
	in your scrollback buffer.  Use the new "Etsearch" utility to access
	it.  "Etsearch string" to search for a string, then "Etsearch" by
	itself to reset the highlighting.

	* And of course, the biggie.  Eterm now supports a completely-
	customizeable buttonbar.  Not a menubar, a buttonbar.  It can have an
	arbitrary number of buttons, and each button can perform an action,
	just like a menuitem.  So a button could bring up a menu (like a
	menubar) or launch a program (like a launchbar) or perform an
	operation (like a toolbar).  Each button can have an icon, text, or
	both.  And you can have buttons left- or right-justified in the
	buttonbar.  You will eventually be able to have an arbitrary number
	of buttonbars, but I'm still working on that.

	As with any change this big, things could very easily be broken.  So
	beware. :-)  I have tested this myself, and everything seems to work,
	but I can't test every possibility.  Let me know if you find anything
	that's broken, and enjoy!

SVN revision: 2048
2000-02-11 00:25:07 +00:00
Michael Jennings 4b9a04b001 Wed Dec 8 19:05:06 PST 1999 Michael Jennings <>
Updated the man page once again.

SVN revision: 1559
1999-12-08 21:57:44 +00:00
Michael Jennings b6305595a7 Typo fix.
SVN revision: 1317
1999-11-16 00:55:07 +00:00
Michael Jennings 7d029aa486 This should bring all the docs up-to-date (finally!). Now back to fixing

SVN revision: 1291
1999-11-13 01:50:14 +00:00
Michael Jennings e6e0a230e6 Fri Nov 12 17:55:05 PST 1999 Michael Jennings <>
This should bring the technical reference up-to-date.  Eterm IPC is
	now documented for the first time.

SVN revision: 1290
1999-11-13 01:29:53 +00:00
Michael Jennings 7035351b3f Feh.
SVN revision: 1260
1999-11-12 02:15:42 +00:00
Michael Jennings 9cc86a983b Thu Nov 11 18:25:07 PST 1999 Michael Jennings <>
The man page should now be up-to-date for Eterm 0.9.  Please check it
	to make sure. :-)  I also fixed a few minor nits here.

SVN revision: 1259
1999-11-12 02:12:20 +00:00
Michael Jennings b1cc810fab Fri Sep 3 17:05:02 PDT 1999 Michael Jennings <>
Eterm passes "make distcheck" now.  Hurray.

SVN revision: 174
1999-09-03 23:41:25 +00:00
Michael Jennings 661b1b9448 Tue Aug 17 18:06:01 PDT 1999 Michael Jennings <>
Now that we have a fixed CVS server....  This includes the old 0.8.10
	code, but it's now 0.9.  It also includes a timer subsystem.

SVN revision: 52
1999-08-18 01:12:47 +00:00
Michael Jennings 22b2a193d3 Initial import of Eterm 0.8.9 sources
SVN revision: 38
1999-08-17 23:01:18 +00:00