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# ^- This must be the first line of any Eterm config file!
# Format is: <Eterm-VERSION> where VERSION is replaced by
# the version it was written for,
# minus the "DR-" if any.
# This is a sample Eterm config file. It should be placed in
# ~/.Eterm/themes/@THEME@/MAIN and modified to suit your needs
# As always, the authors guarantee absolutely nothing and take
# no responsibility for anything that might happen to you, your
# computer, your dog, your sex life, or anyone or anything else
# directly or indirectly through the use of, or inability to use,
# this program. Use at your OWN risk.
# A begin to get things started.
begin main
# Define the color properties
begin color
# Foreground, background, cursor, scrollbar, pointer colors
foreground #aaaaaa
background black
cursor #ffff00
cursor_text #880000
scrollbar #3f1c00
unfocusedscrollbar #777777
menu #777777
unfocusedmenu #777777
menu_text black
pointer white
# video attribute can either be "normal" or "reverse"
video normal
# Redefine the 16 basic colors, if you really feel the need
# First word is "color", next is the number (0-15, BD, or UL),
# then the values for red, green, and blue separated by spaces
# Numbers are base 10 unless preceded by "0x" (base 16) or '0'
# (base 8). Alternatively, you can use color names or #xxxxxx
# format.
# The colors below are taken from Rasterman's .Xdefaults file. They are intended to
# display ANSI art properly when combined with a good ANSI-art font (like vga or
# Rasterman's nexus font).
color 0 0 0 0
color 1 0xaa 0 0
color 2 0 0210 0
color 3 0xaa 0x55 0x22
color 4 0 0 0xaa
color 5 0xaa 0 0xaa
color 6 0 0xaa 0xaa
color 7 0xaa 0xaa 0xaa
color 8 0x44 0x44 0x44
color 9 0xff 0x44 0x44
color 10 0x44 0xff 0x44
color 11 0xff 0xff 0x44
color 12 0x44 0x44 0xff
color 13 0xff 0x44 0xff
color 14 0x44 0xff 0xff
color 15 #ffffff
color bd #ffffff
color ul #ffffff
# This ends the color section. Any text after the word "end" is
# assumed to be a comment and ignored.
end color
# The X11 attributes section. Should be fairly self-explanatory,
# but if not, consult the X man page.
begin attributes
# Geometry == widthxheight+x_offset+y_offset, offsets from top left
# if +, bottom right if -
# geometry 132x50+100+100
title "%appname() -- IRC Theme"
name IRC
# iconname Eterm
# Set the fonts. These must be monospace fonts. The values shown are
# the Eterm defaults. The "bold" font is the font used if color BD has
# not been set and Eterm cannot map the foreground color to one of the
# high-intensity colors (8-15).
font 0 shine
font 1 nexus
font 2 fixed
font 3 7x14
font 4 8x13
# font bold 7x14
end attributes
# Define the imageclasses.
begin imageclasses
# You must define this before setting any images that use it. This is the $PATH-style variable
# that determines where Eterm looks for image files.
path "./pix/:~/.Eterm/:~/.Eterm/themes/Eterm/pix:~/.Eterm/pix/:@PKGDATADIR@/pix/"
# If you want a different icon than the standard Eterm one, set this.
# icon Eterm.xpm
# This is the background animator. See the man page for the syntax.
# anim 3 foo1 foo2 foo3
# Here we define an image.
begin image
# The first thing you set when defining an image MUST be the type. No type, no dice. The type
# should be one of the following: background, up_arrow, down_arrow, left_arrow, right_arrow,
# trough, anchor, menu, or submenu
type background
# Next you should set the state. This is either normal, selected, or clicked.
state normal
# Here you set the file. You can also set the geometry string here if you follow the filename with
# an @ sign. That way, you can include the geometries in your pixmaps.list file.
file %random(`cat pixmaps.list`)
# The mode line. This defines the startup mode for the image, as well as what modes are allowed.
# Valid modes are "image" (to display the image file), "trans" (to be transparent), or "viewport"
# (for viewport mode). Syntax is "mode <startup_mode> allow <allowed_modes>".
mode image allow trans viewport
# Set the image border. This is a portion of the image which will be kept at its actual size when
# scaling. Use this for beveled images (buttons, etc.).
border 0 0 0 0
# Th-th-th-th-that's all folks.
end image
# The rest of the images.
begin image
type trough
mode image allow trans viewport
state normal
file bar_vertical_3.png
# Here is how you specify the geometry string separately. See the man page for its syntax.
geom :scale
border 3 3 2 2
end image
begin image
type anchor
state normal
file bar_vertical_1.png
geom :scale
border 3 3 2 2
state selected
file bar_vertical_2.png
geom :scale
border 3 3 2 2
end image
begin image
type up_arrow
state normal
file button_arrow_up_1.png
geom :scale
border 2 2 2 2
state selected
file button_arrow_up_2.png
geom :scale
border 2 2 2 2
state clicked
file button_arrow_up_3.png
geom :scale
border 2 2 2 2
end image
begin image
type down_arrow
state normal
file button_arrow_down_1.png
geom :scale
border 2 2 2 2
state selected
file button_arrow_down_2.png
geom :scale
border 2 2 2 2
state clicked
file button_arrow_down_3.png
geom :scale
border 2 2 2 2
end image
begin image
type menu
state normal
file bar_horizontal_1.png
geom 100x100+0+0:scale
border 3 3 2 2
state selected
file bar_horizontal_2.png
geom 100x100+0+0:scale
border 3 3 2 2
end image
begin image
type submenu
state normal
file menu1.png
geom 100x100+0+0:scale
border 3 15 3 3
padding 3 15 3 3
state selected
file menu2.png
geom 100x100+0+0:scale
border 3 15 3 3
padding 3 15 3 3
state clicked
file menu3.png
geom 100x100+0+0:scale
border 3 15 3 3
padding 3 15 3 3
end image
%include "irc-menu.cfg"
# This section *must* come after the menu definitions if you want
# menu actions to work. C'est la vie. :-)
# Syntax: bind [ { <modifiers> | anymod } ] { <key> | <keysym> | <button> } to { string | echo | menu } <parameter>
begin actions
bind ctrl button1 to string "\e]5;\a"
bind ctrl button2 to string "\e[?30t"
bind ctrl button3 to menu Eterm
bind anymod 0xffbe to menu Eterm
end actions
# The Multichar support options. Same goes for these fonts as for the normal
# ones. The "encoding" attribute can be either "eucj" or "sjis" or "euckr"
# or big5 or gb
# begin multichar
# font 0 k14
# font 1 jiskan16
# font 2 jiskan18
# font 3 jiskan24
# font 4 jiskan26
# encoding eucj
# end multichar
# The XIM support options.
# input_method: set the name of your favorate input method program
# preedit_type: OverTheSpot or OffTheSpot or Root
# begin xim
# input_method Ami
# preedit_type OverTheSpot
# end xim
# Boolean variables. The values can be "1", "on", or "true" for TRUE, or "0",
# "off", or "false" for FALSE.
begin toggles
# If true, Eterm will un-iconify itself when it receives a beep (ASCII 0x07)
map_alert on
# If true, Eterm will flash rather than sending a beep.
visual_bell off
# If true, Eterm will prepend '-' to the shell name when calling it.
login_shell true
# If true, Eterm will display the scroll bar
scrollbar on
# If true, Eterm will attempt to make an entry in the utmp file to record the
# login information. Eterm *must* run privileged to do this.
utmp_logging on
# If true, Eterm will handle the Meta (Alt) + keypress to set the 8th bit.
# If false, Eterm will handle the Meta + keypress as an escape prefix. (default)
# meta8 false
# If true, Eterm will start iconified.
iconic false
# If true, Eterm will jump to the bottom of the window when something is echoed
# to the terminal, either by program output or user input.
home_on_echo 0
# If true, Eterm will jump to the bottom of the window when you refresh the
# screen (^L).
home_on_refresh 0
# If true, Eterm will put the scrollbar on the right of the window (default is left).
scrollbar_right true
# If true, the scrollbar will have no trough.
scrollbar_floating false
# If true, Eterm will run with no window borders.
borderless false
end toggles
begin keyboard
# Use the supplied keysym to reduce/enlarge the font
smallfont_key LessThan
bigfont_key GreaterThan
# You can also associate a given keysym (0xff00 - 0xffff) with a string
# keysym 0xffff "\r\n\e\007\t"
# Greek keyboard mode. First the word "greek", then its boolean
# state, then its mode (either "iso" or "ibm").
# greek off iso
end keyboard
begin misc
# The command to which to pipe print requests (printscreen)
# print_pipe "lpr"
# The number of lines in the scrollback buffer. More lines, more memory needed.
save_lines 1024
# The characters to use as word delimiters for double-click selection
cut_chars "\t\\\`\\\"\'&() *,;<=>?@[]{|}"
# Defines the width of the border between the terminal window and the client window.
# (Default is 5).
border_width 5
# Value to use for $TERM
term_name xterm
# Program to exec (intended for use with themes)
exec irc
end misc
end main