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Release Notes
This document includes a summary of major changes for each revision of Eterm.
Changes in 0.9:
You're kidding, right? There have been so many changes here it's not funny.
If you really want to know what they all are, you can read the ChangeLog. But
I'd settle for this:
- All new theme format.
- 3-state image support.
- Pixmapped scrollbars and popup menus.
- Action bindings.
- IPC interface to Eterm and Enlightenment.
- Auto mode for automatic syncing with Enlightenment themes.
Eterm 0.9 is the beginning of a new development tree. There will be lots and
lots of drastic changes as this thing grows and develops, so if you're afraid of
the occasional bug, stick to 0.8.10 for awhile. A release of the 0.9 tree
signifies a point at which it works for almost everyone and is quite solid and
stable for me. That doesn't necessarily mean that you won't run into the
occasional snag, though, and any fixes made to the 0.9 tree would go into CVS,
not a new release. But I think you'll find the new features are worth it. :-)