Michael Jennings e700e69dff Mon Sep 20 18:32:01 PDT 1999 Michael Jennings <>
Lots of changes here.  First off, this should fix the background draw
	bug with transparency that several people pointed out.  While I was
	at it, I also cleaned up a lot of other related stuff.  Three-state
	images should be a lot more robust now.

	Then again, some stuff may be broken entirely from this, so let me
	know. :-)

	For one thing, the various image modes should work as expected now.
	You can allow and disallow modes for the various widgets.  The
	fallback mode is "solid" now, rather than "image," so you can cause
	a certain widget to refuse to use an image if you want to.  If you
	specify an image without specifying a "mode" line that allows the
	"image" mode, your image will not appear. <-- READ THIS TWICE!  I
	had to go back and fix all the theme files because of this, so you
	will need to remove your current theme directory and allow Eterm's
	"make install" to put the new ones in place; otherwise, everything
	will go back to being solid colors. =]

	Anytime something changes this drastically, there are bound to be
	problems.  Let me know if you find any of them. :)

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Eterm Background Archive

This is the official (<G>) collection of Eterm background images.  The only
things that make it official are (1) I put it together, and (2) the default
themes that come with Eterm are designed to work with these images.  NONE of
these images are original work by either of the Eterm authors; they have all
been collected from various sites on the web.  As far as I know, they are all
freely available for use.

However, should any person who can provide proof of ownership of any of these
pictures object to their inclusion, they will be IMMEDIATELY withdrawn.  No
copyright infringement is intended.  Inclusion here should be taken as a
compliment. :-)


Now that this is included with the Eterm distribution, these images will be
cataloged and installed as part of the normal Eterm build process.


Adding pictures to the archive is equally simple.  If the picture is intended
to be tiled, copy it into the "tile" directory.  If it is intended to be scaled
(i.e., non-tileable pictures), copy it into the "scale" directory.  Then re-run
"make" and "make install".  That's it!  The images will automatically be
included in Eterm's random rotation.

Removing pictures is done the same way.  Simply remove them from whichever
directory they reside in, then re-run "make" and "make install".  You will need
to manually remove the file from the pixmap directory if you so desire; these
instructions only pertain to changing the standard rotation.