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2022-12-17 09:54:32 -08:00
v1.10.0 - 2022-12-17
Kim Woelders (63):
Introduce imlib_load_image_fde()
imlib2_load: Tweak load mode handling
Introduce Imlib2_Loader.h - all that is needed by loaders
image: Change has alpha flag to separate byte
loading: Don't look for cached image when not caching
loading: New loader infrastructure
loading: Introduce __imlib_ImageFileContextPush/Pop()
loading: Centralize mmap handling
Introduce imlib_load_image_mem()
imlib2_load: Add option to use imlib_load_image_mem()
api: Remove cast previously dropped everywhere else
Hide imlib_get/set_color_usage() if no X11
api: Move X11 related functions to separate file
api: Move filter functions to separate file
Enable disabling filter functions
api: Move text functions to separate file
Enable disabling text functions
J2K loader: Drop showing deprecated item in debug message
image: Fix memory leak when cloning images
Unify basic X11 functionality in test programs
Includes tweaks
test: Re-generate test images with recent tool/library versions
image: Hide internal ImlibImageFileInfo struct
image: Don't munmap external memory
Introduce imlib_get_error()
api: error_return adjustments
imlib2_load: Add option to enable image caching
image: Fix potential use of uninitialized time stamps
PNG loader: Correct frame delay in zero denominator case
PNG loader: Cosmetics
PNG loader: Improved handling of animated PNGs
multiframe: Support loop count
PNG loader: Fix animated PNG loading some more
autofoo: Fix trouble with test subdirectory in distributed source
autofoo: Rework git tag/release stuff
test: test_load: Quit when loading primary image fails
SVG loader: Don't reference multiframe stuff
ICO loader: Eliminate ico_load()
imlib2_view: Fix single frame update rendering
test: test_load_2: Check frame 0/1 loading too
PNG loader: Cosmetics
PS loader: Cosmetics
multiframe: Tweaks around frame number handling
multiframe: Centralize handling of frame update offsets
multiframe: Move frame info to allocated record
multiframe: Allocate frame info only when needed
PNG loader: Quit scan when target fdAT is seen
PNG loader: Quit after loading first frame
PNG loader: Simplify update callback handling
imlib2_view: Fix multiframe rendering detail
multiframe: Remove frame offset from updates
imlib2_view: Fix multiframe after update coordinate change
imlib2_view: Deal with all pending X events at once
imlib2_view: Properly handle caching vs progress callbacks
imlib2_view: Don't load bad images twice if first or last in argument list
image: Cosmetics
image: Introduce __imlib_LoadEmbeddedMem()
Add new ani loader
image: Cosmetics (slightly more consisent naming)
ANI loader: Disable progress in embed loader
ANI loader: Multiframe suport
NRK (3):
Introduce imlib_load_image_frame_mem
imlib_load_image_frame_mem(): set nocache
TGA loader: fix indexing in tgaflip
2022-07-03 23:57:23 -07:00
v1.9.1 - 2022-07-06
Kim Woelders (14):
x11_color: Simplify and fix error paths
JPEG loader: Use mmap'ed file access
modules: Eliminate __imlib_TrimLoaderList()
Introduce strsplit()
modules: Cosmetics, mostly
modules: Enable setting multiple loader/filter paths
test: Add test_misc
modules: Fix signdness warning
TIFF loader: Change default save compression type
imlib2_load: Remove unused macro
imlib2_conv: Cosmetic changes
imlib2_conv: Drop obsolete .db stuff, simplify
imlib2_conv: Enable passing attached data to saver
NRK (3):
check for some alloc failures
check for alloc failures some more
modules: check for filepath truncation
2022-04-21 00:25:09 -07:00
v1.9.0 - 2022-04-21
Kim Woelders (53):
Remove some deprecation comments
Move API documentation to header file
WEBP saver: Fix return code on success
api.c: Cosmetics
Refactor some image loading functions
Refactor some image saving functions
Image load: Change error code on zero file size
Tweak __imlib_LoadImageData()
Error code rework: Use errnos/new imlib2 error codes internally
Add imlib_load/save_image_with_errno_return() and imlib_strerror()
Switch to imlib_load/save_image_with_errno_return()
Deprecate imlib_load/save_image_with_error_return()
imlib2_load: Tweak verbose output
Rename files with line etc. drawing functions
Use stdint types instead of DATA32 etc.
test_load: Check deferred loading too
imlib2_load: Show load time per load too
image.c: Correct loader probe loop
image.c: Cosmetics (move function)
GZ loader: Fix uncompressor exit code
GIF loader: Use mmap'ed file access
image.c: Loading tweaks
imlib2_view: Verbose and debug message tweaks
Loaders: Some trivial cosmetics
Loaders: Remove unnecessary calls to __imlib_FreeData()
debug: Enable using hex values in IMLIB2_DEBUG
SVG loader: Requires librsvg-2.46
TIFF loader: Use mmap'ed file access
Add jxl loader
test: Add basic jxl test
test_save: Updates
loaders: Ensure that found loader is ok for load/save
image: Fix undesired change of format
Drop deprecation noise from using the old DATA types
Drop deprecation noise from using imlib_load/save_image_with_error_return()
API doc corrections and tweaks for doxygen
Revert a couple of unintended changes
API doc updates
doc: Drop most old doc stuff
doc: New documentation build setup (doxygen)
doc: Assorted documentation intro updates
loaders: Fix typo, fix order
SVG loader: Faster signature check
build: Tweaks
Add J2K (JPEG 2000) loader using openjpeg2 library
test: Add some of JPEG 2000 tests
Add PS/EPS loader using libspectre
debug: Export __imlib_time_us()
JXL loader: Multiframe support
SVG loader: Avoid some warnings in rsvg.h
SVG loader: Fix size when unit is percent
SVG loader: Fix size when unit is percent some more
2022-03-14 10:45:41 -07:00
v1.8.1 - 2022-03-15
Kim Woelders (32):
PNM, XPM loaders: Fix trouble with non-ascii characters
XPM loader: Reduce signature window size some more
Refactor image flags stuff
Remove some unused image flags and deprecate functions referencing them
JPEG, XBM loaders: Drop pointless clearing of flag
Deal consistently with including Imlib2.h
Merge x11_draw.c/h into x11_pixmap.c/h
x11_rgba.c: Add some missing static qualifiers
x11_color.c: Make most __imlib_AllocColors*() functions static
x11_...: Introduce palette type enum
Loader includes tweaks
Move some loader related function prototypes to loaders.h
common.h: Drop round() macro
debug.c/h: Move __EXPORT__ to .c file
Remove system includes from common.h
Move x_VAL() macros to common.h
Introduce types.h
Remove some unnecessary headers
grad.c: Refactor __imlib_DrawGradient() and __imlib_DrawHsvaGradient()
Only have one CLIP macro
Mostly cosmetic tweaks around clipping checks
test: Command line options tweak
test_grab: Enable testing depths other than 24 and 32
x11_grab.c: Correct 16 and 15 bit depth grabbing
TIFF loader: Remove obsolete comment
ID3 loader: Drop inline and likely stuff
ID3 loader: Disable tags stuff
Introduce __imlib_GetKey()
Merge __imlib_FindBestLoader...() functions
test: Properly include test.h in test SOURCES
test: Exclude from tarball
Matthias Grosser (1):
imlib2: saving progressive JPEG
NRK (1):
XPM Loader: limit signature check to first 4KiB
Tobias Stoeckmann (2):
imlib2: allow compilation without x headers
imlib2_load: fix typo
Youssef Rebahi-Gilbert (1):
fix: possible memleak in rgba save on big endian systems
2022-02-06 02:20:12 -08:00
v1.8.0 - 2022-02-06
Kim Woelders (86):
test: Add context test
Drop context image save/restore around __imlib_Load/SaveImage() calls
Make initial context static
Drop context check/init in API functions
Use __func__ instead of open coded function names
Pass parameters to __imlib_LoadImage() by struct
Trivial cleanups
imlib2_view: Cosmetics (if -> switch)
imlib2_view: Add 'r' command to refresh
imlib2_view: Move window background image init to separate function
imlib2_view: Refactor pixmap rendering
imlib2_view: Remove some pointless function calls
imlib2_view: Tweaks around timeout
debug: Add some image caching debug
imlib2_view: Fix caching option
Add support for multiframe (animated) images
Enable caching for multiframe images
imlib2_load: Add support for multiframe images
imlib2_view: Add support for multiframe images
debug: Add DL macro for additional loader debug
WEBP loader: Multiframe support
ICO loader: Multiframe support
GIF loader: Some refactoring, add debug
GIF loader: Multiframe support
ICO loader: Debug tweaks
debug: Avoid use of uninitialized data
Loader loading: Avoid access to uninitialized load() item
updates: Reduce memory usage
Drop some intermediate type definitions
autofoo/loader cosmetics
configure.ac: Simplify loader setup
Updates for animated image handling
imlib2_view: Fix(?) animated image frame dispose handling
test: Add a couple of ico depth test images
ICO loader: Minor optimization
ICO loader: Mostly cosmetic changes (inline ico_read())
GIF loader: Always set BLEND flag
imlib2_view: Rework display of animated images
Introduce more loader return codes
BZ2, ZLIB loaders: Move duplicated code to separate file
Add lzma loader
imlib2_grab: Print error message if saving fails
imlib2_view: Verbosity twaeks
imlib2_load: Verbosity twaeks
LZMA loader: Fix potential warning
configure.ac: Correct simplification changes
configure.ac: Correct simplification changes some more
XBM loader: Correct load2() result when no header is found
Add svg loader
SVG loader: Avoid problems when loading the module more than once
imlib2_load: Add no-data option
Add dispose-to-previous frame handling
PNG loader: Disable Imlib2-Comment stuff
PNG loader: Rewrite to use callback API
PNG loader: Add multiframe support
test: Check __imlib_FileKey()
Simplify __imlib_FileKey()
Avoid redundant operations when non-existing file has no "key"
Drop change log from before first version tag
test: Move generated image files out of source dir
test: Add makefile to generate test images
PNM loader: Fix P1 when spaces are omitted
PNM loader: Fix "XV thumbnail" (P7 332) loading
test: Add some more PNM type loading tests
image.c: Avoid potential compile error
imlib2_view: Avoid clang error
Drop/adjust a few comments
Move some code as suggested in source
HEIF loader: A couple of cleanups and fixes
loaders.c: Add heif to known loaders
autofoo: Sort loaders
SVG loader: Fix memory leak on error
HEIF loader: Avoid memory leak when module is loaded more than once
Mark obsolete TTF encoding functions as deprecated
test: Add basic heif loader check
Refactoring around font glyph lookup
imlib2.spec.in: Introduce acflags for configuration of rpmbuilds
Add some missing const qualifiers
Fix gcc12 warning in __imlib_ConsumeImage()
Fix gcc12 warning in __imlib_stripwhitespace()
TGA loader: Make function order same as in other loaders
HEIF loader: Header cleanups
Add imlib_version()
test: Merge common stuff
Rishvic Pushpakaran (1):
imlib2: added loader for HEIF files (uses libheif), implemented just `load2` for now
Sören Tempel (1):
ICO loader: Fix compilation on big endian architectures
2021-12-05 22:19:49 -08:00
v1.7.5 - 2021-12-06
2021-12-05 22:19:49 -08:00
Kim Woelders (83):
Build .xz instead of .bz2 release tarball
Drop imlib2-config (use pkg-config)
Test: Add some minimal regression testing
Test: Fix dist
imlib2_load: Add option to use imlib_load_image_immediately()
JPEG loader: Cosmetics
JPEG loader: Parse EXIF data and handle orientation
autofoo: Drop support for libungif
Imlib.h: Add version macros
imlib2_load: Add verbose option
Fix build (Imlib2.h is now built)
test: Add icon-64.pbm
test: Add test_load_2
imlib2_view: If verbose show error message on failure
imlib2_load: Use clock_gettime() when available
debug: Infrastructure
debug: Add some debug related to file access and image loading
Introduce im->fsize
PNG loader: Cosmetics
PNG loader: Use mmap() during signature check
TIFF loader: Use mmap() during signature check
TGA loader: Use im->fsize, cosmetics, debug
WEBP loader: Cosmetics
WEBP loader: Use mmap() for loading
FF loader: Cosmetics
FF loader: Use mmap() for loading
ARGB loader: Cosmetics
ARGB loader: Use mmap() for loading
BMP loader: Cosmetics
BMP loader: Use mmap() for loading
ICO loader: Cosmetics
ICO loader: Use mmap() for loading
LBM loader: Cleanups
LBM loader: Use mmap() for loading
PNM loader: Use mmap() for loading
XBM loader: Fix potential buffer overrun
XBM loader: Cosmetics
XBM loader: Use mmap() for loading
XBM loader: Ignore comments and other stuff in header
XPM loader: Use mmap() for loading
test: test_load improvements
imlib2_view: Add option to cache images
Introduce UPDATE_FLAG()
Introduce ARRAY_SIZE()
Loader cosmetics
Loader loading: Tweaks
Loader loading: Move to __imlib_FindBestLoaderForFormat()
Loader loading: Move __imlib_GetLoaderList()
Loader loading: Minor loader lookup refactoring
Loader loading: Avoid always loading all loaders
Loader loading: Don't bother looking up load() if we have load2()
WEBP loader: Enable loading animated images (first frame by default)
configure.ac: Fixup after recent change
Drop unnecessary free() NULL argument checks
Remove some unneeded headers
Rename X11 related files for clarity
Move ImlibImagePixmap population to __imlib_AddImagePixmapToCache()
test: Add X11 drawable grabbing test
Move pixmap stuff to x11_pixmap.c/h
Trivial changes in __imlib_Grab...() function prototypes
Refactor imlib_create_scaled_image_from_drawable()
Revert "Refactor imlib_create_scaled_image_from_drawable()"
Refactor imlib_create_scaled_image_from_drawable() - take 2
x11_grab.c: Rename source/destination variables for clarity
Fix y-upscaling in imlib_create_scaled_image_from_drawable()
test_grab: Cleanups, cosmetics
test_grab: Add scale-down tests
Only set MAINTAINERCLEANFILES in top-level Makefile.am
imlib2_view: Enable grabbing/viewing drawables
x11_grab.c: Cosmetics
x11_grab.c: Introduce function to get shape mask
Speedup in imlib_create_scaled_image_from_drawable()
Avoid signedness warning
Avoid "exceeds maximum object size" warning
blend.c: Tweaks, cleanups
Simplify build wrt. asm files
test_save: Check images with alpha too
test: Add some scaling/rotation tests
Refactoring around mmx and rotate function calls
Refactoring around mmx and scaling function calls
Refactor condition for using assembly functions
Update doc for imlib_load_image_fd()
NRK (1):
WEBP loader: fix key selecting last frame
v1.7.4 - 2021-09-17
2021-12-05 22:19:49 -08:00
Kim Woelders (15):
2021-09-17 04:11:27 -07:00
imlib2_view: Move property stuff to separate file
imlib2_view: Cleanups
imlib2_view: By default scale large images to fit on screen
imlib2_view: Add some debug
imlib2_view: Fix issue with new default scaling
WEBP loader: Remove forgotten debug printout
WEBP loader: Rename fd variable to be same as everywhere else
LBM loader: Fix potential out-of-bounds memory access
GIF, TIFF, WEBP loaders: Fix loading if filename does not have usual suffix
Revert "GIF, TIFF, WEBP loaders: Fix loading if filename does not have usual suffix"
GIF, TIFF, WEBP loaders: Fix loading if filename does not have usual suffix - take 2
Add script to generate Changelog
Update Changelog to new format
image.c: Use the LOAD_... macros to check loader return values
2021-12-05 22:19:49 -08:00
2021-09-17 04:11:27 -07:00
2021-09-15 22:07:53 -07:00
v1.7.3 - 2021-08-08
2021-08-08 10:27:52 -07:00
Kim Woelders (2):
autofoo: Resurrect non-pkg check for bzip2
2021-09-15 22:07:53 -07:00
v1.7.2 - 2021-07-27
2021-07-27 09:54:47 -07:00
Kim Woelders (31):
Remove some unnecessary X_DISPLAY_MISSING stuff
rend.c: Remove some pointless lines
Add XBM loader
Add imlib2_load and /build to .gitignore
Remove obsolete and unused AC_HEADER_STDC
Restore file:key functionality
ICO loader: Fix (disabled) debug stuff
ICO loader: Enable specifying ico image index by key
Remove unused Context functions
context.c: Fix potential segv
LBM loader: Fix handling of missing RLE data
Fix clang-analyzer warnings - bin (trivial)
Fix clang-analyzer warnings - loaders (trivial)
Fix clang-analyzer warnings - loaders (suppress bogus)
Fix clang-analyzer warnings - lib (mostly trivial)
Fix clang-analyzer warnings - lib (less trivial)
autofoo: Move more to pkg-config
TIFF loader: Drop use of libtiff defined types deprecated in libtiff-4.3.0
TGA loader: Fix loading small images without footer
Spec file: Add git tag to rpm file name (if built from git checkout)
Cleanups: while->for loops (loaders list)
Cleanups: while->for loops (context list)
Cleanups: while->for loops (im->tags list)
Cleanups: while->for loops (images list)
Cleanups: while->for loops (pixmaps list)
Drop unused Imlib_Object_List:last
Add feature to build with ASAN (--enable-gcc-asan)
Correct (disabled) debug printouts
Loaders: Remove unnecessary headers
WEBP saver: Use fopen() etc. like all other savers
2021-09-15 22:07:53 -07:00
v1.7.1 - 2020-12-09
2020-12-07 07:46:15 -08:00
Daniel Kolesa (1):
Fix big endian build
Kim Woelders (6):
rend.c: Fix __imlib_generic_render() when jump != 0
grab.c: Support 30bpp display in __imlib_GrabXImageToRGBA()
WEBP loader: Add initial signature check
XPM loader: Get transparency right when doing header-only loading
Silence a couple of sign-compare warnings
2021-09-15 22:07:53 -07:00
v1.7.0 - 2020-08-01
2020-07-31 21:43:31 -07:00
Alexander Volkov (3):
GIF loader: Don't close file descriptor twice
Introduce imlib_load_image_from_fd()
Don't rescan loaders
Kim Woelders (49):
XPM loader: Major speedup for cpp > 2
imlib2_load: Properly check non-full loads (load data too)
imlib2_load: Use getopt()
imlib2_load: Add repeated load option
Simplify __imlib_FileExtension()
Refactor many __imlib_File...() functions to use common __imlib_FileStat()
Drop the __imlib_IsRealFile() file check in __imlib_File...() functions
image.c: Add some space for readability
image.c: Remove some unnecessary clearing of calloc'ed structs
image.c: Rework some obscure file name stuff in __imlib_SaveImage()
image.c: Don't strdup() real_name when not necessary in __imlib_LoadImage()
image.c: Use real_file to get file time
image.c: Introduce __imlib_ErrorFromErrno()
image.c: Use loader return value, not im->w to determine load success
Loader cleanups
Saver cleanups
image.c/h: Cleanups
image.c: Move image tag functions to separate file
image.c: Move loader functions to separate file
image.c: Enable non-dirty pixmap cache cleaning
image.c: Minor refactoring of pixmap cache cleaners
image.c: Move data_memory_func assignment to better place
imlib2_view: Various tweaks
Fix loader cleanup breakage (gif)
image.c: Remove redundant pixmap unref
image.c: Add infrastructure to simplify progress handling
Loaders: Simplify/fix progress handling
Savers: Simplify progress handling
Introduce __imlib_LoadEmbedded()
Introduce __imlib_LoaderSetFormats()
Make ImlibLoader struct opaque
autogen.sh: Add -n as alternative to NOCONFIGURE
Fix enum conversion warnings (gcc10)
JPG, PNG loaders: Avoid clobber warnings
Add a couple of consts
TIFF loader: Minor speedup
ID3 loader: Some mostly cosmetic rearrangements
GZ, BZ2 loaders: Accept more file names
__imlib_FileExtension: Use basename if there are no dots
Revert "JPG, PNG loaders: Avoid clobber warnings"
JPG, PNG loaders: Avoid clobber warnings - Take N+1
Add infrastructure for new loader entry - load2()
Move loaders to load2()
Reduce number of stat() calls during load
configure.ac: Drop initial config.cache removal
imlib2_load: Optionally use imlib_load_image_fd()
Fix build without X11
Remove a couple of unused includes
Tobias Stoeckmann (2):
ICO loader: Do not crash on invalid files
ICO loader: Handle malloc failures
2021-09-15 22:07:53 -07:00
v1.6.1 - 2019-12-13
2019-12-12 07:47:01 -08:00
Kim Woelders (11):
gz loader: Use FILE, not fd
gz, bz2 loaders: Fix recent breakage when file name has more than two dots
Quit on 'q' or 'esc' key press in all imlib2_... test utilities
Rename imlib2_test_load to imlib2_load
imlib2_load: Optionally write to stderr instead of stdout
imlib2_view: Add progress debug options
Enable specifying loader/filter paths with environment variables
BMP loader: Remove some bogus conditions
XPM loader: Minor optimization for cpp > 2
LBM loader: Fix header-only loading
Luiz Carlos Ramos (1):
BMP loader: Fix size calculation when saving files
2021-09-15 22:07:53 -07:00
v1.6.0 - 2019-11-24
2019-11-08 21:18:22 -08:00
Alexander Volkov (1):
Allow to use custom memory management functions for loaded images
Kim Woelders (64):
Add __imlib_LoadImageWrapper() handling all load() calls
imlib2_conv: Report error on save failure
Autofoo cosmetics
Trivial cleanups in imlib2_... test programs
Add imlib2_test_load program
Cleanups in load() functions
Centralize handling of im->format
Sort loaders in Makefile.am
Remove obsolete dmalloc stuff
Move SWAP.. macro definitions to common.h
Use common PIXEL_ARGB() macro to compose pixels
Add new ICO loader
Spec file simlifications and cleanups
Fix memory leak in imlib_list_fonts()
XPM loader: Refactor exit cleanup handling
XPM loader: Fix potentially uninitialized pixel data
XPM loader: Fixup after "Refactor exit cleanup handling"
Revert "XPM loader: Fix potentially uninitialized pixel data"
XPM loader: Cosmetics (reduce indent level)
XPM loader: Fix several colormap issues
XPM loader: Simplify pixel value handling
XPM loader: Add missing pixels (malformed xpm)
XPM loader: More simplifications
JPG loader: Refactor
JPG loader: Do proper CMYK conversion
Add new WebP loader
Remove pointless im->data checks in loaders
WepP loader: Fix memory leak in error path
JPG loader: Fix memory leaks in error paths
Fix ABI break
ICO loader: Add binary flag to fopen()
JPG loader: Refactor error handling
Rename/add byte swap macros
BMP loader: Major makeover - numerous bug fixes and feature enhancements
Miscellaneous imlib_test_load tweaks
GZIP loader: Check filename before uncompress
imlib2_test_load: Fixup after recent change
Re-indent everything using indent-2.2.12
TGA loader: Refactor
Eliminate WRITE_RGBA()
Simplify autogen.sh
Simplify pixel color handling in api.c
Use pixel instead of r,b,g,a in __imlib_render_str()
Use macro for pixel color access in savers
Eliminate READ_RGBA()
XPM loader: Accept signature not at the very start of the file
Simplify loader lookup functions
imlib2_view: Enable selecting next/prev using keys too
imlib2_view: Fix event processing bug
imlib2_test_load: Fixup recent breakage for real
imlib2_test_load: Check progress conditionally
imlib2_view: Add verbose option, quit on Escape too
TGA loader - Mostly cosmetic refactoring
TGA loader: More mostly cosmetic changes
TGA loader: Support horiontal flip
TGA loader: Add simple 16 bpp handling
TGA loader: Tweak error handling
ICO loader: Fix non-immediate loading
Remove __imlib_AllocateData() w,h args
imlib2_view: Fix next/prev selection if last/first image is bad
ICO loader: Fix memory leak in error path
XPM loader: Correct signature check (avoid accessing unset data)
gz, bz2 loaders: Simplify, eliminate unnecessary strdups, cosmetics
2019-12-12 07:47:01 -08:00
2019-11-08 21:18:22 -08:00
Olof-Joachim Frahm (欧雅福) (2):
Check filename before opening archive file.
tga loader: implement handling of palette
Ralph Siemsen (1):
loader_tga: fix regression in RLE raw byte handling
2021-09-15 22:07:53 -07:00
v1.5.1 - 2018-03-17
2018-03-17 06:01:32 -07:00
Kim Woelders (13):
Fix build without HAVE_X11_SHM_FD (T6752)
XPM loader: Fix potential use of uninitialized value (T6746)
BMP loader: Fix infinite loop with invalid bmp images (T6749)
PNM loader: Simplify (fixing ASCII format parsing issues T6751)
BMP loader: Fix warnings found with -O3
Maximum image dimension should be 32767, not 32766
PNG loader: Correct various error handling cases
Add missing const to imlib_apply_filter() script argument
Warning fixes in imlib2_... programs
imlib2_view: Limit window dimensions to 32767
grab.c: Fix gcc8 warning
imlib2_conv.c: Fix gcc8 warning
2021-09-15 22:07:53 -07:00
v1.5.0 - 2018-02-22
2018-02-17 01:12:37 -08:00
Alexander Volkov (3):
put a check for shared memory inside __imlib_ShmGetXImage()
introduce __imlib_ShmDestroyXImage() instead of __imlib_ShmDetach()
Add support for MIT-SHM FD-passing
Kim Woelders (19):
XPM loader: Fix incorrect image invalidation.
Make some more functions static.
Introduce __imlib_LoadImageData()
Remove redundant CAST_IMAGE()
imlib2_grab: Always use imlib_create_scaled_image_from_drawable() to grab image
imlib_create_scaled_image_from_drawable(): speed up 1:1 case
imlib_create_scaled_image_from_drawable(): Drop shape handling if unshaped
Autofoo cosmetics
Strip trailing whitespace, cosmetics
Fix potential OOB memory access if border elements are negative
Fix potential OOB memory access if border sizes exceed image dimensions
Introduce IMLIB2_SHM_OPT to enable overriding/testing SHM modes
Add IMLIB2_XIMAGE_CACHE_COUNT to enable testing the ximage cache
Refactor the XImage cache
Add imlib_get_cache_used()
Expose XImage cache control functions
Drop -Waggregate-return
2021-09-15 22:07:53 -07:00
v1.4.10 - 2017-04-15
2018-02-17 01:12:37 -08:00
Kim Woelders (3):
2017-04-15 06:59:22 -07:00
PNM loader: Fix reading PNM bitmaps.
Fix missing break.
2018-02-17 01:12:37 -08:00
2017-04-15 06:59:22 -07:00
Tobias Stoeckmann (3):
Avoid out of boundary operations while parsing xpm
Properly release resources on error path
Prevent OOB read with large file support on 32 bit
2021-09-15 22:07:53 -07:00
v1.4.9 - 2016-04-29
2016-04-29 08:51:25 -07:00
Alexander Smirnov (1):
Fix cross-endianness for masks (1-bit depth images)
Bernhard Übelacker (1):
gif: fix oob reads w/bad colormaps
Kim Woelders (16):
Fix "assuming signed overflow does not occur" warning.
Fix some "variable set but not used" warnings.
Fix some "variable might be clobbered" warnings.
Fix off-by-one OOB read in __imlib_MergeUpdate().
Revert "gif: fix oob reads w/bad colormaps"
GIF loader: Fix out-of-bound reads from colormap.
GIF loader: Remove check made redundant by previous commit.
GIF loader: Reduce progress checks from per-pixel to per-row.
GIF loader: Indent.
Fix potential divide-by-zero in imlib_image_draw_ellipse().
Make a number of functions static.
Eliminate pImlibExternalFilter type.
Trivial file function cleanups.
Move __imlib_ItemInList() to file.c.
Fix various potential OOM crashes.
Yuriy M. Kaminskiy (3):
Fix integer overflow resulting in insufficient heap allocation
loader_xpm: remove nonsense/impossible/broken condition
Harden API and internals against overly large images
2021-09-15 22:07:53 -07:00
v1.4.8 - 2016-03-12
2016-03-11 23:48:47 -08:00
Chloe Kudryavtsev (1):
add time.h include to common.h for time_t
FRIGN (1):
Add a Farbfeld loader
Kim Woelders (4):
Remove redundant config.h.
Quentin Rameau (2):
Fix bz2 loader filename check
Fix zlib loader filename check
2021-09-15 22:07:53 -07:00
v1.4.7 - 2015-04-04
Fabian Keil (14):
Prevent division-by-zero crashes
imlib_conv: Use proper buffer size to prevent invalid write of size one
loader_gif: Don't read uninitilized memory in case of invalid input
loader_gif(): Abort gif parsing if DGifGetLine() fails
Fix segfault when opening input/queue/id:000007,src:000000,op:flip1,pos:51 with feh
Make IMAGE_DIMENSIONS_OK() more restrictive
load_pnm: Deal with fread() errors consistently
__imlib_LoadImage(): Additionally check loader_ret to detect loader failures
loader_tga: Abort file loading if the file obviously isn't large enough
imlib_save_image(): Check loader return code for errors
loader_tga.c: Properly signal if decoding uncompressed BGRA data failed
loader_tga.c: Properly signal if decoding RLE compressed data failed
imlib_save_image_with_error_return(): Check loader return code to prevent use of unitialized memor
load_gif: Make sure rows isn't used partly unitialized
Heiko Becker (1):
GIF loader: Fix for libgif version 5.1
Kim Woelders (20):
GIF loader: Fix for libgif version 5.
Remove OS/2 support.
Remove empty format.c/h.
Header file cleanups.
GIF loader: Simplify error handling.
GIF loader: Fix segv on images without colormap.
Revert "__imlib_LoadImage(): Additionally check loader_ret to detect loader failures"
Revert "loader_gif(): Abort gif parsing if DGifGetLine() fails"
JPEG loader: Fix load() return code when only reading header.
BMP loader: Simplify pixel fetch.
Autofoo update (AC_PROG_LIBTOOL -> LT_INIT).
Autofoo macro cleanups (ac_->ec_).
Change a number of internal function names.
Don't include Imlib2.h indirectly via image.h.
Remove __hidden.
Enable visibility hiding by default.
Indent the remaining unindented files.
Generate a ChangeLog using git shortlog between existing tags.
2016-03-11 23:48:47 -08:00
Michał Górny (1):
fix -I flags to support building out-of-source
Mike Frysinger (5):
simplify --enable-visibility-hiding handling
imlib2-config: delete old reference to @my_libs@
check return value of fread/write funcs
fix X_DISPLAY_MISSING redefined warnings when X is disabled
do not link with X libs when X is disabled
2021-09-15 22:07:53 -07:00
v1.4.6 - 2013-12-21
Cedric BAIL (2):
autotools: move to AC_CONFIG_HEADERS.
trunk: remove use of AM_PROG_CC_STDC as AC_PROG_CC does it.
Kim Woelders (20):
TGA loader: Fix for corrupt RLE format.
Fix drawing of closed polygons in certain situations (ticket 2309).
Cosmetics for readability.
Minor optimisation (avoid bogus valgrind complaint).
Update configure.ac (mostly suggestions by autoupdate).
Update .gitignore.
Set warning options when using gcc.
Silence compiler warnings (lib).
Silence compiler warnings (loaders).
Silence compiler warnings (filters).
More warning fixes (64 bit).
Don't set -std=gnu99.
Autofoo updates.
Cosmetics (reduce deep indentation level).
Simplify some more and fix certain case of cpp > 2.
Remove ChangeLog and obsolete rule to generate it.
2021-09-15 22:07:53 -07:00
v1.4.5 - 2011-08-15
Carsten Haitzler (1):
no more debian dir in our svn - debian now handles this tehmselves.
Kim Woelders (13):
imlib2_view stuff.
Avoid some duplicated code.
Fix reading tiff images with orientation other than ORIENTATION_TOPLEFT (ticket 563).
Fix imlib_render_image_part_on_drawable_at_size() ...
Fix pnm image loading in certain situations (ticket 721).
Better image cache time stamp test.
Indent (most) .c files.
Fix loading of .pbm's (P4) when width is not a multiple of 8.
PNM loader: Refactor around progress and exits.
Fix program linking (ticket 725).
Avoid referencing /usr/X11R6 when x_dir is not set.
Update ChangeLog.
Lucas De Marchi (7):
Remove unneeded code with notnull.cocci script
Apply memset-calloc.cocci
Convert (hopefully) all comparisons to NULL
Revert and re-apply badnull patch
Fix common misspellings
Fix typos
Mike Frysinger (2):
png loader: use png_jmpbuf() macro rather than hitting jmpbuf directly
png loader: do not hit "interlaced" member of the png ptr struct
2021-09-15 22:07:53 -07:00
v1.4.4 - 2010-05-05
Carsten Haitzler (1):
minor buglet - w * w - duh!
Kim Woelders (6):
No need for libtoolize twice?
Remove unused __imlib_FileField functions.
Add rule to generate ChangeLog.
New ChangeLog.
Update ChangeLog.
2021-09-15 22:07:53 -07:00
v1.4.3 - 2010-03-14
Carsten Haitzler (4):
crash fix.
fix the copying license to
fix bufferoverflow in id3 loader.
handle modified dir date of 0
Christopher Michael (3):
Fix blank line after trailing space warning.
Add m4 macro dir as suggested by autoconf.
Enable silent rules in building imlib2
Daniel Kolesa (11):
Removed debian things like rasterman did in some others from Makefile.am and configure.ac/in(and modifed AUTHORS, autogen.sh and README in E-MODULES-EXTRA) in
Removed debian subfolders - prepared for a new set of debian subdirs.
Added new set of debian subdirs.
prepare debian rules files for new chmod permissions.
Added debian/rules files with a new permissions set(755).
Updated debian stuff everywhere.
forgot to add --prefix=/usr
i found it is useless and cdbs is setting up prefix automatically.
Updated debian stuff(grew Standards-Version, updated python-ecore rules file)
Updated Standards-Version
Fixed debian stuff everywhere.
Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri (1):
there is no m4 dir anymore.
Kim Woelders (29):
Remove obsolete libltdl dir.
No need for empty NEWS.
No need for empty NEWS ... and remove it!.
Remove imlib2-config (use pkgconfig).
Revert imlib2-config removal. There still may be systems without pkgconfig out there.
Remove redundant BUILD_X11 tests, indent.
Don't build static libs for modules.
Refactor shm stuff.
Fix alignment error on amd64 (patch from Erik Boettcher).
Fix big endian bug in bmp loader (jogness, ticket 195).
2017-04-15 06:59:22 -07:00
Fix imlib_font_query_size width calculation when there are undefined codepoints (ticket 230).
Relax 8192 pixel dimension limit (ticket 361).
Relax 8192 pixel dimension limit (ticket 361).
Remove unimplemented imlib_clip_line prototype and documentation (ticket 379).
Fix build for x86 on x86_64.
Correct image dimension check (pixels are four bytes).
Use PNG_CFLAGS when compiling png loader (ticket 449).
Fix compiling .S files when using older automake (ticket 449).
Remove incorrect test for X11/X.h.
Fix for libpng-1.4 (png_check_sig->png_sig_cmp).
Add .gitignore.
Fix excessive checking for shm extension in __imlib_GrabDrawableToRGBA().
Only check XShmAttach once in __imlib_ShmGetXImage().
Avoid cast.
Oops - forgot extern.
No need to touch README.
Remove ancient ChangeLog.
Remove .cvsignores.
Michael Jennings (1):
Fix build.
Mike Frysinger (1):
imlib2: bumpmap: link against -lm since we use sin()/cos() functions
Vincent Torri (1):
aclocal flag could be needed. I prefer being polite and saying nothing about libtool...
2021-09-15 22:07:53 -07:00
v1.4.2 - 2008-10-22
Carsten Haitzler (1):
ok. i think most binary files are now fixed.
Kim Woelders (12):
Various loader fixes (Marcus Meissner, bug 494).
Oops - correction.
2017-04-15 06:59:22 -07:00
Loader fixes based on patch from Hans de Goede/Fedora. Fix off by one error in check (tga loader).
Introduce imlib_context_disconnect_display().
Return value is not a pointer.
pnm loader fix (Marcus Meissner, ticket 25).
xpm loader fix (Marcus Meissner, ticket 28).
Fix incorrect event loop causing 100% load until an X event is received.
Lets make it at least 1.4.2 next time.
Fix loading of jpeg files with 4 color components (kntriant, ticket 84).
Michael Jennings (1):
Tue Oct 21 21:28:27 2008 Michael Jennings (mej)
Mike Frysinger (1):
fix from Hans de Goede to look for /usr/share/X11/rgb.txt as most modern systems are using now
Peter Wehrfritz (1):
configure.in -> configure.ac
2021-09-15 22:07:53 -07:00
v1.4.1 - 2008-06-10
Carsten Haitzler (12):
fontset patch from winfred
patches for imlib2 and e.
2017-04-15 06:59:22 -07:00
1. fix a lot of things so they pass make distcheck - so many things have broken. guys - need to be more careful! 2. asparagus 3. some extra docs/comments for evas
various patches from the devel mailing list in - and fixed where needed.
font chaining patch
round as a #define - and xpm loader has extra rgb.txt sourc
different png loading to fix png greyscale loads
push initial ctxt too
2017-04-15 06:59:22 -07:00
asparagus! also pass distcheck and have common autofoo init that is consistent for package, version etc.
2 possible security vulns fixed. should probably release new version with these.
Davide Andreoli (1):
Update doxy style
Falko Schmidt (3):
2017-04-15 06:59:22 -07:00
remove duplicate line. clean install files for test package.
fix test package and clean up some install files.
generalize imlib2 library install files
Kim Woelders (19):
Back out fontset patch.
Make code indentable.
Add indent profile.
Indent C files.
Indent, rewrap long comment lines.
2017-04-15 06:59:22 -07:00
Mark some (new) functions deprecated as they are likely to be removed (see bug 118). Change some names to match coding style a bit more.
Push initial ctxt - continued, wasn't done everywhere.
Handle some out-of-memory situations without crashing.
Oops - missed one (malloc check).
2017-04-15 06:59:22 -07:00
Remove restriction to 8 bits per sample (suggested by David A. Gatwood, bug 374). Set stopOnError (seems like the proper thing to do?).
Fix destination image loading in imlib_image_copy_alpha_to_image() (Victor Paesa - bug 474).
Remove incorrect test in __imlib_copy_alpha_data() (Victor Paesa - bug 475).
Fix destination image loading in __imlib_BlendImageToImageSkewed() (Victor Paesa - bug 479).
Fix destination image loading in __imlib_BlendImageToImage() (Victor Paesa - bug 480).
Fix HSV color conversion so it matches the API documentation (Dariusz Knocinski).
Map after resize to avoid initial placement silliness.
MAINTAINERCLEANFILES: aclocalm4->aclocal.m4
Add support for TrueType Collections (suggested by Arne Goetje, bug 487).
Michael Jennings (2):
Mon Mar 10 22:38:16 2008 Michael Jennings (mej)
Mon Jun 9 22:46:01 2008 Michael Jennings (mej)
Mike Frysinger (3):
fix running with libtool-2.2+
if png is disabled, set png_ok so the summary display is nice
add X status to the summary display
Sebastian Dransfeld (2):
Fix signed warning.
Use pkg-config to check for png
Vincent Torri (1):
2017-04-15 06:59:22 -07:00
* improve autotools stuff * move libtool versioning from src/bin/Makefile.am to configure.in * formatting
2021-09-15 22:07:53 -07:00
v1.4.0 - 2007-05-06
Carsten Haitzler (6):
fix possible overflow in tga loader
fix width and height checks in case of buffer overflow.
fix clip?
line patch for imlib2 from john williams.
asparagus - pass distcheck.
up to 1.4.0 ...
Kim Woelders (3):
Fix major memory leak in xpm loader.
2017-04-15 06:59:22 -07:00
In imlib_render_pixmaps_for_whole_image() and imlib_render_pixmaps_for_whole_image_at_size() don't complain about NULL mask_return. A NULL mask_return is handled appropriately down the line and simply suppresses rendering of a mask.
Add option to build with visibility=hidden + associated fixups.
Michael Jennings (1):
Sat Dec 2 22:59:35 2006 Michael Jennings (mej)
Mike Frysinger (4):
need AM_PROG_AS as pointed out by automake-1.10/Marc-Andre Landry
use -std=gnu99 in CPPFLAGS if compiler supports it
need to call AC_PATH_X to make sure have_x is set early enough and then we need to not clobber it when checking for X11/X.h
cleanup and simplify ... this should also fix the preprocessor paste error seen on x86
Nathan Ingersoll (1):
2017-04-15 06:59:22 -07:00
Protect against segfaults if XImage allocation fails. Return usable status to the API caller so it can handle the error condition.
Sebastian Dransfeld (2):
No longer needed.
Remove unused files.
Tilman Kuepper (1):
don't _require_ freetype2
2021-09-15 22:07:53 -07:00
v1.3.0 - 2006-09-30
Ben Rockwood (1):
Solaris workarounds.
Carsten Haitzler (9):
fix bmp loader advances
bmp fixes
cvs is back up.. time for some asparagus!
if u run out of memory - actually free stuff
2017-04-15 06:59:22 -07:00
1. autofoot patches. 2. fix maximize to work again. :)
fix blah-config includes
remove openembedde pkg info - old and dead
fix x detect
asparagus - forgot to commit
David Walter Seikel (1):
Falko Schmidt (1):
Fix some dependency issues regarding xlibs-dev.
Horms (3):
2017-04-15 06:59:22 -07:00
Save and restore autogenerated changelog when debian/rule's clean target runs. Otherwise the following breaks because make distclean removes autogenerated files, but debian/rules expects the changelog to always be there:
Need not depend on libc6-dev | libc-dev as it is in build-essential
The section of a library's -dev package is generally libdevel
Kim Woelders (10):
libImlib2.so minor number should have been bumped. Bad raster :)
2017-04-15 06:59:22 -07:00
Patch from Dmitry Antipov: - Visibility hiding - Move common asm macros to asm.h - Fix some typos.
Trivial warning fixes.
2017-04-15 06:59:22 -07:00
imlib_copy_drawable_to_image() and imlib_create_image_from_drawable(): - When mask is set to (Pixmap)1 (and the context drawable is a window) the window shape is used for image alpha.
Add some options: -id <drawable> to grab other than root window. -w/width set output image width. -h/height set output image height. -noshape do not use window shape. -help show usage. -v show info about the grabbed drawable.
Remove effectively unused actual_depth variable.
Enable grabbing of ARGB drawables.
Fix pixmap and gc caching when rendering to drawables with different depths.
Enable setting alpha threshold used when rendering masks (was fixed 128).
2017-04-15 06:59:22 -07:00
Set Release like most other places in the e17 tree. Remove XFree86-devel requirement causing trouble when using xorg.
Sebastian Dransfeld (2):
Remove unused variables.
2021-09-15 22:07:53 -07:00
v1.2.2 - 2006-03-18
Azundris (1):
* update specs
Ben Rockwood (1):
ID3 support is reported as MP3 support, which is confusing and perhaps misleading, updated reporting to be more accurate.
Carsten Haitzler (31):
it's been a while, so it was time for some ASPARAGUS on our plates
2017-04-15 06:59:22 -07:00
1. id3 album cover loader patches 2. i reduced list note memory usage by 20% - shoudl work better with malloc as ti is now a power of 2 as well 3. optimised evas internals to make use of event freezes to make e17'sw menu popups a LOT snappier 4. fixed using last member of list nodes - bad - shoudl use api as this is private stuff really 5. added config profile stuff to e17 u can literally maintain multiple config profiles and choose which one at any time etc.
fix digikam crash
dont modify alpha if img has no alpha
2017-04-15 06:59:22 -07:00
this SHOULD fix cross-endianness issues (serve and client not same endianess) ...
expand tmp image
2017-04-15 06:59:22 -07:00
apps/e/enlightenment.spec CVS: apps/entice/configure.in apps/entrance/configure.in CVS: libs/ecore/configure.in libs/edb/configure.in libs/embryo/configure.in CVS: libs/emotion/configure.in libs/epeg/configure.in CVS: libs/epsilon/configure.in libs/esmart/configure.in CVS: libs/etox/configure.in libs/evas/configure.in libs/imlib2_loaders/configure.in CVS: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- <20><><EFBFBD><EFBFBD><EFBFBD><EFBFBD><EFBFBD><EFBFBD><EFBFBD> :)
2nd asapargus for the weekend :)
ramkumar's id3 updates
amd64 alignment fix
id3 .spec additions
include math! and stuff.
a bit of asparagus action for shits & giggles
after some quiet on the western front - asparagus.
asparagus. and make distcheck passes again.
2017-04-15 06:59:22 -07:00
asparagus - again. lots fo leak fixes and other fixes have been happening, so i think an asparagus is a good idea - sorry package config people. :)
imlib2 cross-endianess fix from Geoffrey Giesemann
another amd64 name
movdqa -> movdqu where appropriate
bmp loader in cvs
bmp loader in cvs
tiff loader fix
oops - typo. fix. works now.
already in AUTHORS :)
tiff patch - simon
big fat asparagus!
fix tiff off-by-1 pixel
1.2.2 of imlib2 - for kwo :)
Horms (1):
fix typos
Kim Woelders (7):
Be quiet if the file is rejected because it doesn't have a .mp3 extension.
Bad fix - Revert.
2017-04-15 06:59:22 -07:00
1) Quit silently if file doesn't exist. 2) Don't close if open failed (fixes segv).
Avoid useless graphics exposure events from imlib_create_scaled_image_from_drawable().
Another attempt to fix rendering of certain(?) fonts.
Fix colormap when grabbing 8 bit depth pixmaps.
Michael Jennings (2):
Thu Sep 1 16:53:13 2005 Michael Jennings (mej)
Thu Sep 8 17:12:14 2005 Michael Jennings (mej)
Mike Frysinger (23):
add error checking to all autogen scripts
fix whitespace
fixes from the PaX guys to make sure we dont have executable stacks
make sure the masks are in the .data section like they should be
merge PIC-happy code by PaX/Kevin Quinn/me
ignore amd64 objects
fix typo in IMMQ cleanup count as pointed out by Peter Beutner in Gentoo Bug 102519
fix for cygwin building (and anyone else who doesnt define RTLD_LOCAL)
cleanup x86/amd64 autofoo output
allow users to control whether jpeg/png support
sneak in a hack to remove CXX/F77 checks to improved configure speed
allow user to control tiff/zlib/bzip2/id3 support
touchup amd64/x86 asm handling, unify all the autodetection warnings, make gif support configurable, and default to giflib instead of old libungif
fix by Tres Melton to address 64bit errors: dont cast pointers as ints, cast them as longs