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Carsten Haitzler f6e6870bd0 ltdl be gone fromt he src tree! :)
SVN revision: 9954
2004-04-28 04:24:04 +00:00
Michael Jennings 103226eb98 Thu Apr 3 14:06:53 EST 2003

Rearranged include directory order to make sure
local headers are found before system ones.

SVN revision: 6821
2003-04-03 19:08:17 +00:00
Sytse Wielinga ae8a68d38c Readded libltdl/acconfig.h. That should be there.
SVN revision: 6415
2002-10-06 18:43:22 +00:00
Sytse Wielinga 4a326a6d0d Removed libltdl directory from imlib2; it's created by libtoolize.
SVN revision: 6414
2002-10-06 18:32:06 +00:00
Sytse Wielinga 6e9aea25d7 - Fixed building with automake 1.6.3, by adding the 'CCASFLAGS' and 'CCAS'
substitutions to
 - Fixed building with autoconf 2.5, by making run aclocal and
   autoconf also in libltdl. I'm not sure if it is all-right in all cases;
   please have a look at it.
 - Added some things to .cvsignore.

Question: shouldn't be removed from libltdl and imlib2_loaders? If
it's needed, it will be autogenerated anyway. To my opinion evas1 should also
be removed from SPLIT, as it isn't used anymore there, comments?

SVN revision: 6412
2002-10-06 18:09:43 +00:00
Tom Gilbert ce84557641 Willem's rotation patch.
SVN revision: 2889
2000-06-25 18:13:36 +00:00
Chris Ross 1cf642a3f2 blum. fixed "error" on first install type bug in the dox tree.
SVN revision: 2726
2000-05-29 15:41:00 +00:00
Michael Jennings 81a8709050 It's always a good idea to "make distcheck" before you commit when you add
or remove files. :-)

I fixed that.  I also fixed a bug in filter_test that would have been
revealed by the proper warnings flags.  So whoever wrote that wins the
raster boobie prize for allowing a non-void function to return without a

I also made the spec file auto-generated.

SVN revision: 2719
2000-05-28 16:57:22 +00:00
Chris Ross c200ced976 * modifed the script engine, instead of three passes i've nobbled it down to
one, this means the bump_mapped pr0n will now render a coupla degree's faster
 (gilbertt this is for you, and those pictures of pabs' mom)
* Update Imlib2.h and api.c to reflect changes

ps. on the road to the next gen script interpreter

SVN revision: 2677
2000-05-21 00:04:39 +00:00
Michael Jennings e5f09a8b21 Hush CVS.
SVN revision: 2557
2000-04-27 03:37:05 +00:00
Michael Jennings a1dd08515d Nuked some autogenerated files and added acconfig.h.
SVN revision: 2556
2000-04-27 03:35:29 +00:00
Michael Jennings d869bc8e5b Hush up on the warning.
SVN revision: 2555
2000-04-27 03:30:10 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler eb2cbfaef0 nicer help message
SVN revision: 2547
2000-04-27 02:34:14 +00:00
Tom Gilbert eff825c0ee Thu Apr 27 02:59:57 GMT 2000

Changed all the loaders to use ImlibProgressFunction instead of defining it
themselves. This is so I can change them all at once tomorrow.

SVN revision: 2542
2000-04-27 01:48:17 +00:00
Mandrake 7c3d60e75b hmm
SVN revision: 2537
2000-04-26 00:29:33 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 939419bbf4 slight api changes..... problem was we have a useless paramin the pixmap gen
calls - it shoudl have used the context... :)

SVN revision: 2535
2000-04-25 18:17:37 +00:00
Michael Jennings ffe5df89f3 "Hi. My name is raster, and I smoke crack. I think I'll dereference this
pointer I just freed.  Sound like a good idea?  Yes, I thought so too."

SVN revision: 2488
2000-04-14 03:11:19 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 300307782a full fix of logic in blending rgb->rgb functions in C NB: the mmx asm needs to
be chnaged to reflect this

SVN revision: 2480
2000-04-13 16:31:51 +00:00
Michael Jennings 1759a0c9e4 Several miscellaneous bugfixes I did while converting Eterm to use Imlib2.
SVN revision: 2469
2000-04-12 23:40:10 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler a78ec3ab90 um ooops - how did that happen?
SVN revision: 2371
2000-03-29 02:57:28 +00:00
Mandrake 202c34558d Sun Oct 31 20:21:13 PST 1999

libltdl (large chunks of it) is automatically generated by
no need for those files to be in CVS.

SVN revision: 1084
1999-10-31 19:45:22 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 892ba46e66 speed testing code back.. just testing...
SVN revision: 1049
1999-10-30 11:22:48 +00:00
Mandrake 9b7d23763b trying to "fix" imlib2's cvs tree
SVN revision: 1025
1999-10-28 13:09:03 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler bd2e3aecaf work work work...
SVN revision: 966
1999-10-25 16:36:24 +00:00
Mandrake 0b21238956 Fri Oct 22 10:53:26 PDT 1999

removed almost all the warnings.
except for:
main.c:287: warning: implicit declaration of function `__imlib_draw_line'
which I believe is because it's not using the appropriate API call yet.

SVN revision: 945
1999-10-22 11:19:11 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 910a509458 color modifiers in imlib2 now done.. cleaned up soem code...
SVN revision: 936
1999-10-21 17:07:21 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler e902c92e81 cleaned up code a bit... :) minor speedup for sparse (lost of transparent
bits in images) for alpha blending :)

SVN revision: 324
1999-09-19 06:28:54 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler dc7edbee66 add operation type to blend ops.. :)
SVN revision: 267
1999-09-14 04:21:29 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler c3b68c5550 ooh now imlib2 has a sexy demo for you people :) mmmmm watch the alpha
blending... mmmmmmmmm

SVN revision: 249
1999-09-13 01:56:57 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler bc0b2d2f28 more work on imlib2.. :)
SVN revision: 215
1999-09-09 02:39:19 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 8898389aba flim! :)
SVN revision: 74
1999-08-23 16:55:16 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 3830085ee1 add libtool libltdl form Gary...
SVN revision: 34
1999-08-05 21:54:23 +00:00