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Carsten Haitzler 4 years ago
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@ -198,12 +198,9 @@ TODO:
view to this back-end data log and follows it as it updates.
* can go back in time then to previous logs
* should have the ability to draw nice graphs etc.
* brightness/contrast etc. controls need to work better
look at ddcutil (ddcutil capabilities, ddcutil getvcp/setvcp) to be able to
control screen brightness, rgb gain, display technology type,
display modes, color presets etc. etc.
n.b.: modprobe i2c-dev ...
n.b.: use --edid 00fffff....90b020304... to control specific mon
* ddc: provide ddc controls for all the other properties than backlight
(contrast, sharpness, r, g, b, correction, color temp, osd on/off etc.)
* ddc: provide abstract interface to query rotation of monitors...
* edge bindings - selecting edge dialog needs a redo (no edje for all content)
* e menu - add obj cache for menu and menu item objects to reduce costs
by far the biggest cost in showing/hiding menus is realize/unrealize