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* illume: work on this again given pinephone + librem5 appeared
* single app at a time with switching mode
* winlist should do the switching with another layout mode...
* shelf can expamnd/slow down to show more (indicator/notification)
* gadget bar too... ? or just gad bar?
* vkbd integrates with proper sizing and layout
* manual show/hide with various controls (actions, swipes, gadget)
* finger friendly desklock
* integrate with vkbd, also allow pin no. or pattern or camera or bt?
* notification in gadget i shelf (pull down)
* scrollable list with / X/swipe dismiss
* handle edge swipes (middle/left/right of edge) with edge bindings
* also swipe along an edge (in each dir)
* add swiping to type in vkbd
* home screen launcher + switcher (single instance mode debugged and on)
* pre-launch window show with icon/splash img/past screenshot show
* replace when app actually starts and shows window
* aggressive sigstop of bg apps unless whitelisted or when desklocked/blanked
* aggressive cpufreq limiting when desklocked/blanked
* ambient light sensor control of backlight
* hide/show mouse pointer base on real mouse device
* vibrator support api in e (efl)
* hide/show vkbd based on real kbd device pluggd/unplugged
* pull in convertible for rotation
* need to handle ofono / incoming call+sms notifications without
dialler always running
* longpress bindings for key/mouse/etc.
* use xinput for edge bindings and other gestures (always listen to ev)
* need apps:
* dialler/phone incoming call handling
* sms app
* camera app (video and still)
* gallery app
* audio recorder + playback
* browser (just use ffox etc.?)
* ofono config
* bt tethering
* usb tehtering
* wifi tethering
* mixer: if pulseaudio is not there - try run it
* action to switch config profiles so it can be bound
* clean up some old actions that are handled better by newer ones