todo - update to current state and add idea notes/thoughts

Carsten Haitzler 4 years ago
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@ -6,7 +6,8 @@ TODO:
* bt device comes or goes (alongside lock device feature)
* wifi appears or disappears
* wifi or wired network connected or disconnected to/from
* pointer: bug: sometiems get sstuck in move/resize modfe if mouse
* perhaps need a more generic "events" bindings and these are events?
* pointer: bug: sometiems gets stuck in move/resize modfe if mouse
over move/resize area when desklock kicks in
* clipboard manager - monitor clipboard changes + history + select from it
* scriptlets: stdin/out module that provides gui services to some
@ -119,8 +120,6 @@ TODO:
* set user password
* user cron front-end config/editor
* allow separate LC_MESSAGES, LC_TIME, LC_NUMERIC, LC_NAME, etc.
* edje needs logic to handle max texture size to fix big img problems
* rpi max texture size is 2048...
* dnd: remove e_dnd and use elm's dnd instead
* new gadgets:
* be able to move, resize etc. without alt move/resize mode like old)
@ -231,8 +230,6 @@ TODO:
* split e up into front vs back-end with back-end doing things like
* monitoring processes/system (see above)
* launching apps (cheaper to fork a small process)
* having a root helper for root-only tasks that stays around if it
is needed as opposed to enlightenment_sys that runs then exits
* synergy-like e <-> e mouse, kbd, cnp, dnd proxy/sharing
* cpufreq - move to config dialog for settings
* set governor for ac vs battery (or powerstate levels)