todo - more power saving todo items

Carsten Haitzler 4 years ago
parent 34a427e2a1
commit 55f870996b
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@ -227,6 +227,11 @@ TODO:
* having a root helper for root-only tasks that stays around if it
is needed as opposed to enlightenment_sys that runs then exits
* synergy-like e <-> e mouse, kbd, cnp, dnd proxy/sharing
* cpufreq - move to config dialog for settings
* set governor for ac vs battery (or powerstate levels)
* set pstate min and max for ac vs battery (or power state levels)
* set backlight and dim timeout per powersave level
* battery - set powersave levels based on ac or battery level
* efl: flat theme redo
* efl/eo: start using efl loop as core loop
* begin to move some login out into efl threads+loops