e: improved wizard usability by updating wizard button text.

by having a disabled button "next" doesn't tell much to the user except
a feeling of "the button not works", instead of that, when disabled the
text should be changed to something like "please wait"

Patch by Thanatermesis <thanatermesis.ecvs@gmail.com>.

SVN revision: 79662
This commit is contained in:
Cedric BAIL 2012-11-26 01:54:28 +00:00
parent f119b1969b
commit c22d0793a5
1 changed files with 10 additions and 2 deletions

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@ -232,8 +232,16 @@ _e_wizard_next_eval(void)
if (!next_ok) ok = 0;
if (next_prev != ok)
if (ok) edje_object_signal_emit(o_bg, "e,state,next,enable", "e");
else edje_object_signal_emit(o_bg, "e,state,next,disable", "e");
if (ok)
edje_object_part_text_set(o_bg, "e.text.label", _("Next"));
edje_object_signal_emit(o_bg, "e,state,next,enable", "e");
edje_object_part_text_set(o_bg, "e.text.label", _("Please Wait..."));
edje_object_signal_emit(o_bg, "e,state,next,disable", "e");
next_prev = ok;