tiling - on not fit error use name get util and translated strings

if we use the util func we do get a title... and als use translation
too for this notification. Also increase timeout so people can read it
and notice it.
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Carsten Haitzler 2019-08-10 08:37:18 +01:00
parent 265c306874
commit e11eb90231
1 changed files with 3 additions and 5 deletions

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@ -869,17 +869,15 @@ tiling_e_client_does_not_fit(E_Client *ec)
Eina_Strbuf *buf;
buf = eina_strbuf_new();
if (ec->netwm.name)
eina_strbuf_append_printf(buf, "Window %s cannot be tiled\n", ec->netwm.name);
eina_strbuf_append(buf, "A Window cannot be tiled\n");
eina_strbuf_append_printf(buf, _("Window %s cannot be tiled\n"),
memset(&n, 0, sizeof(n));
n.app_name = _("Tiling");
n.icon.icon = "dialog-error";
n.summary = _("Window cannot be tiled");
n.body = eina_strbuf_string_get(buf);
n.timeout = 2000;
n.timeout = 8000;
e_notification_client_send(&n, NULL, NULL);