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Comment=Illume-Home profile for<br>embedded systems like<br>phones and web<br>tablets with tiny<br>touchscreen displays.<br>Only use this if<br>you really have<br>such a device.
Comment=Illume-Home profile for embedded systems like phones and web tablets with tiny<br>touchscreen displays.Only use this if you really have such a device.
Comment[fr]=Profil Illume — Home pour les systèmes<br>embarqués comme les téléphones<br>et tablettes internet pourvus<br>d'un petit écran tactile.<br>À n'utiliser que si<br>vous disposez réellement<br>d'un tel matériel.
Comment[it]=Profilo Illume—Home per<br>sistemi embedded come<br>cellulari e webpad<br>con piccoli display<br>touchscreen.<br>Usatelo solo se<br>avete realmente un<br>dispositivo simile.
Comment[zh_CN]=为带有小型触屏的嵌入式系统如手机和上网本设计的 Illume-Home 设置主题。