alert - move to using full efl stack for it

still have a problem - cant work in wl drm/kms mode because e still
holds the ownership/lock on the console, but using full efl to draw
the alert and even blink it...

this drops xcb requirement too.
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Carsten Haitzler 2019-09-27 07:13:24 +01:00
parent 754e56f68c
commit fed69a7380
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@ -8,9 +8,6 @@ Requirements
* efl
* xcb
* xcb-shape
* xcb-keysyms
* libpam (On Linux)
Highly suggested:

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@ -90,13 +90,8 @@ TODO:
logging like tables, icons, timelines and graphs that can be output
in text emulation and to screen - change eina log to go into here
with eina_log_print_cb_set() )
* crash alert: use full fat efl stack and remove xcb/ecore_drm2 stuff
* supply custom theme to guarantee theme is not an issue
* create text mode fallback with detection for crashes in crash handler
* turtles all the way down - a crash handler for our crash handler
* problem: we have to kill e to get kms control which breaks gdb
* grab data then kill e then display results?
* key combination to kill e and move on?
* crash alert: we have to kill e to get kms control which breaks gdb
* grab data then kill e then display results?
* watchdog: add watchdog handling to e_start to detect a hung e
* also detect if frames stop rendering but loop ok?
* settings: config dialog redo and simplification

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@ -530,21 +530,16 @@ executable('enlightenment_static_grabber',
install : true
deps_e_alert = []
if config_h.has('HAVE_WAYLAND') == true
deps_e_alert += [ dep_ecore_drm2, dep_ecore_input, dep_dl ]
deps_e_alert = [ dep_elementary ]
if config_h.has('HAVE_WAYLAND_ONLY') == false
deps_e_alert += [
[ 'e_alert_main.c' ],
include_directories: include_directories('../..'),
dependencies : [ dep_eina, dep_ecore, dep_evas, dep_ecore_ipc, deps_e_alert ],
dependencies : [ deps_e_alert ],
install_dir : dir_e_utils,
install : true