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Doug Newgard ccbad52829 Cleanup PKGBUILD
Name shouldn't include 17, that was only because it went into the Arch
repos that way
No need for _pkgver variable
Wayland is now at 1.3 in the repos, so the deps don't need to be
conditional. That was left over from before the release.
Removing libtool files is now the default, don't need it in the options.
Updated pkgver function. As it was, it would only include v_maj, v_min,
v_mic, but didn't take into account the -alpha/-beta/-rc added in the
AC_INIT. Now it does.
If we're building from git instead of snapshot tarballs as was
previously assumed, we need to use instead of just configure
Install text files to /usr/share/doc. This is more correct

Reviewers: cedric, raster

Reviewed By: raster

CC: cedric, raster

Differential Revision:
2013-12-19 14:41:32 +09:00
Cedric BAIL 07347198c6 gitignore: don't track change. 2013-12-12 12:57:00 +09:00
Cedric BAIL 0eb74fe4a1 pkgbuild: follow AUR enlightenment17-git naming. 2013-12-12 12:56:57 +09:00
Mike Blumenkrantz baf968c4f2 gitignore for stupid arch stuff 2013-11-25 16:18:06 -05:00
Doug Newgard d208517a07 Add PKGBUILD
Summary: The other core programs/libs all have a PKGBUILD, so add it here, too.

Reviewers: raster, zmike

CC: cedric

Differential Revision:
2013-11-07 19:59:04 +09:00