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Changes since 0.17.0:
* conf2
* music-control: control any mpris2-compatible music player
* appmenu: externally show a menu of the current focused application
* bluez4: control bluetoothd daemon
* conf_comp: configuration dialogs for composite, like in previous comp
* Added action to reset filemanager
* Added function to hide all active menus
* Added enum for deskflip animation mode
* Added e_win_elm_available()
* Added e_configure_option API
* Added D-Bus notification to systray module
* Added D-Bus menu support
* Added composite into core from previous comp module
* Added option for disabling icons in menus
* Added option for doing desklock, blanking or dimming even when showing fullscreen windows.
* Added option for disabling pointer warping when performing directional focus changes using winlist
* Check changed added to several settings dialogs:
- clientlist,
- startup theme,
- desktop environments,
- language,
- notification.
* Improve UI of desk settings.
* Add icons for gadcon settings.
* Improve strings of pager settings.
* Improve title of fileman settings.
* Mixer settings dialog is now resizable
* Increased maximum menu size, improved menu autoscrolling
* Various #defines in e_int_menus.h are now enums
* No backlight dimming when in presentation mode.
* Backlight fade time only applies to dimming - undimming is fixed 0.5 .
* Added elm win trap callback for base size setting, calling this causes ICCCM hints to be applied
* "System Default" language in wizard now displays which language it is and no longer removes language from list
* Desktop->Shelves menu now shows shelf names
* geometry_auto_move option now also corrects applications which fail in their attempts to center windows
* Force check changed upon confirmation dialog closure for engine settings.
* Clock date formats are now internationalizable.
* Advanced pager settings check changed accounts for flip desktop on mouse wheel.
* File manager settings values are now all read, checked and applied as they should.
* Fixed crash when changing ibar source
* Fixed SIGFPE in tiling module and functionality of toggle_rows_count
* Filemanager now uses global setting option for showing desktop
* Fixed error in Evry when trying to call edje functions on non-edje object
* Fix construction of variant list for setxkbmap
* Fix border(less) style of internal elm tooltip windows
* Fix incorrect config value clamping for window autoraise delay
* Always hide menus on desklock
* e_win now traps elm_win_activate to ensure that internal elm
windows don't fail to raise as expected if user has configured
E to ignore activate hints
* Fix restarting E17 after manually monitoring it.
* Fix build with uClibc.
* Restore default keybindings no longer restores two bindings for ctrl+alt+f
* entry/scrollframe: Fixed issues with submembers.
* Fixed bug where keyboard resizing of windows would not be possible if timeout was set to zero
* Fixed crash when clicking apply in wallpaper settings dialog and no wallpaper is selected
* Fixed bug where disabled slider widgets could be changed with mouse wheel
* Fixed bug where fileman config slider widgets were not properly disabled
* Tasks gadgets now apply the selected style
* fixed bug where window border insets were not applied to initial positioning geometry, causing them to be placed incorrectly
* Fixed bug with desktop config profile where conf module version variable was misnamed