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Al Poole cb66473320 conf_theme: show appropriate background list.
If a new install show the system wallpapers. If a user supplied
wallpaper show the list of user supplied. If a system, show the
system list of wallpapers. On a fresh install on first use people
realise there are wallpapers!!!
2017-12-15 19:15:27 +00:00
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meson meson: make those scripts executable 2017-11-04 10:40:55 +00:00
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netwm.txt add support for new netwm csd X atoms 2015-01-03 00:42:42 -05:00
x-ui.sh remove e17 preload/precache hacks 2012-10-10 07:39:08 +00:00
xdebug.sh xdebug: add clouseau_start 2016-01-08 19:19:06 +01:00


Please report bugs and send patches to phab.enlightenment.org



  libc libm libX11 libXext
  xcb xcb-shape xcb-keysyms

Heavily suggested:
  evas_generic_loaders (all loaders)

NOTE: Users of DR16 will need to rename the $prefix/bin/enlightenment
file prior to installing this release or it will be overwritten.

	meson . build
	mesonconf --options OR meson configure --options

	sudo ninja -C build install

You will, as usual, need to add the subsequent bin dir to your $PATH etc.


* if you do not want security issues make sure sysactions.conf is in
/etc/enlightenment (not PREFIX/etc/enlightenment) as this is the first place
it looks at. This file is intended to be customized by packagers and
system integrators to match your policies and scripts/tools.