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2011-02-09detour elm: remove 2 pixelsJonathan Atton
2011-02-09detour elm: add usefull imageJonathan Atton
2011-02-09detour-elm: add entry and improve some widgetsJonathan Atton
2011-01-29detour-elm : improve the buttonJonathan Atton
2011-01-29dehour-elm : improve toolbar and add pagerJonathan Atton
2010-11-19detour-elm: improve the toolbarJonathan Atton
2010-11-17detour-elm : add elm mapJonathan Atton
2010-11-17detour-elm : add genlist treeJonathan Atton
2010-11-16detour-elm : add separator and genlistJonathan Atton
2010-11-15detour-elm : add checkbox and radioJonathan Atton
2010-11-141 year ago I have started a elementary version of the theme Detour. I had for...Jonathan Atton