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2009-01-09Working ultra-rough test. Buttons are screwed up... cant set the font to use ↵HEADmasterTom Haste
a system provided font... For now its just get everything in and functioning. Will make it better looking once the groundwork is done. Formatting provided by Scite. Grrr. SVN revision: 38507
2008-12-19Starting to actually look like something. Will be adding and subtracting ↵Tom Haste
bits as I go along. SVN revision: 38228
2008-12-18Framework for ewl.edc in BnW style. To compile drop it in b_and_w dir and go ↵Tom Haste
nuts. Not very interesting yet. ewl_test looks blank and ewl_config crashes. Good times... Good times. SVN revision: 38208
2008-12-11EWL theme from Black N White. Not a whole lot of anything yet, but its a bit ↵Tom Haste
of structuring. Plan is to make it using nothing but Black and White images and parts so that creating a matching ewl theme will be as simple as dropping in the .edc and compiling. SVN revision: 38096