AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2013-08-10m4 is non existant, don't try to open itHEADmasterBertrand Jacquin
2013-08-10edje_smart_thumb: Add missing prototype on setup_scene()Bertrand Jacquin
2013-08-10edje_smart_thumb: Adding missing linking to ecore and ecore_evasBertrand Jacquin
2010-07-08Fixes for Ecore Api changesLucas De Marchi
Patch automatically by Coccinelle to fix the callbacks used by the following functions: * ecore_event_handler_add() * ecore_event_filter_add() * ecore_idler_add() * ecore_idle_enterer_add() * ecore_idle_enterer_before_add() * ecore_idle_exiter_add() * ecore_main_fd_handler_add() * ecore_main_win32_handler_add() * ecore_timer_add() * ecore_timer_loop_add() * ecore_animator_add() * ecore_poller_add() SVN revision: 50107
2008-09-01Moving application to svn in order to allowIan Caldwell
the e community to further as needed. SVN revision: 35786