BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
devs/hermet/elixupdatedChunEon Park6 years
devs/jaehyun/base_scalelive_edit: Apply base scale in live edit.Jaehyun Cho5 years
devs/jaehyun/helpreference: Add desc's children keywords.Jaehyun Cho5 years
devs/nikawhite/edjshareFix markup of edjshare base dialog.Mykyta Biliavskyi6 years
enventor-0.6Revert "lib/enventor: Use correct Eolian namespace syntax."ChunEon Park6 years
enventor-0.7++ enventor config versionHermet Park6 years
enventor-0.8bump up versionHermet Park6 years
enventor-0.9temporary change for release v0.9.0Hermet Park6 years
enventor-1.0Revert "wooo.. one more eo change."Hermet Park5 years
masterUpdating french translationmaxerba2 days
v1.0.0commit 235bf45929...Hermet Park5 years
v0.9.0commit 847e84b12d...Hermet Park6 years
v0.8.1commit 9291f9263c...Hermet Park6 years
v0.8.0commit b663d049db...Hermet Park6 years
v0.7.0commit e3b5d85e08...Hermet Park6 years
v0.6.0commit e31b0eeb73...ChunEon Park6 years
v0.5.1commit d1d7ce813c...ChunEon Park7 years
v0.5.0commit acb713f39d...ChunEon Park7 years
v0.4.2commit 8ddcf231d5...ChunEon Park7 years
v0.4.1commit c90daa5423...ChunEon Park7 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2 daysUpdating french translationHEADmastermaxerba
2 daysUpdate pot and it.po filesmaxerba
2 daysFix localization targets currently unable to find libintl as done in the enli...maxerba
2021-11-04Build: add meson build systemVincent Torri
2021-11-04one more missing replacement...Hermet Park
2021-11-04replaced with the compatible focus apis.Hermet Park
2021-11-04NLS: on Windows, we need to include libintl.h so that NLS functions and macro...Vincent Torri
2021-11-04Remove unused __UNUSED__ (!) as EINA_UNUSED is used insteadVincent Torri
2021-10-25build: fix compilation on Windows, and fix EAPI on UNIXVincent Torri
2021-05-22updating french and italian translationsmaxerba