AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2016-04-28Fix ffi invocation when no return value is expectedHEADmasterDaniel Zaoui
2016-04-13Fix memory leaksYakov Goldberg
2016-04-13Refactoring It_DataYakov Goldberg
Save Eid* instead of Gui_Widget*
2016-04-13Adaptation according to changes in ElementaryYakov Goldberg
2016-04-06Add Simple view support to Property ViewYakov Goldberg
Now Property view has two represenation modes: Expert and Simlple. Expert shows all widget properties grouped by class in inheritace sequence. Simple mode shows only pre-definded commonly used properties grouped by categories. Set of properties and its handlers in Simple view can be modified in config file.
2016-04-06Add content support to popupYakov Goldberg
2016-04-04Refactoring hoversel creation functionYakov Goldberg
Now func props_hoversel_enums_add() can receive two lists: enum or default values, but only one will be used.
2016-03-30Fix mem leakYakov Goldberg
2016-03-30Adapt to changed Eo codeYakov Goldberg
2016-03-29Redesing view updateYakov Goldberg
The problem is: when object is re-created, rendering occurs during following iterations. Thus properties values can pe properly fetched after.
2016-03-29Update func name for Elm.ContainerYakov Goldberg
Change 'content' func name, after content_set/get function were changed to properties.
2016-03-27Fix default values fetchingYakov Goldberg
If property has only one parameter it is returned as return value from get function (not as in/out parameter).
2016-03-24Add content support to popupYakov Goldberg
2016-03-23Add support for uint typeYakov Goldberg
2016-03-23Update black listYakov Goldberg
2016-03-23Change Evas.Image to Efl.Canvas.ProxyYakov Goldberg
2016-03-23Adapt to EO4: change eoid to eo_selfYakov Goldberg
2016-03-20Update black listYakov Goldberg
2016-03-14Add toggle handler supportYakov Goldberg
Use toggle in props handlers instead of checks
2016-03-07Adapt logic to Eo4Yakov Goldberg
2016-03-06Adapt C-generator to Eo4Yakov Goldberg
2016-03-02Update testsYakov Goldberg
2016-03-02Fix DnD into objtreeYakov Goldberg
Drop data was not cleared after drop into objtree
2016-03-01Adapt Erigo to new Eo callbacks signaturesYakov Goldberg
2016-03-01Adapt generator to new Eo callbacks signaturesYakov Goldberg
2016-03-01Update class names according to Elementary changes 3Yakov Goldberg
2016-02-14Update class names according to Elementary changes 2Yakov Goldberg
2016-02-11Update testsYakov Goldberg
2016-02-11Update class names according to Elementary changesYakov Goldberg
2016-02-07Use Toolbar horizontal API to set items layoutdevs/yakov/erigo_1_16Yakov Goldberg
2016-01-27Add eo_class_inherits_from(par1, par2) APIYakov Goldberg
returns true if 'par1' class inherits from 'par2' class. Inheritance is checked from the most recent to the latest.
2016-01-25Fix setting empty string in text fieldsYakov Goldberg
When setting empty string in text field NULL will be assigned.
2016-01-20Clean up calls to set selected widgetYakov Goldberg
Widget can be selected by clicking widget itself or an item in objtree. These actions should be implemented in one common call.
2016-01-07Move objtree, propview and factory packing code after project openningYakov Goldberg
Genlist and scroller objects cause multiple smart object recalculations when paking code is called before project openning.
2016-01-07Update context toolbar style and add item iconYakov Goldberg
Lack of icon causes multiple recalculations
2016-01-06Check if 'visible' property exists for windowYakov Goldberg
2016-01-06Add NULL checksYakov Goldberg
2016-01-06Update toolbar's items which should be separatorsYakov Goldberg
Change layout json file and logic code according changes.
2016-01-05Add separators support for toolbarYakov Goldberg
Now separator can be added in Content view. It will be properly simulated and code will be generated.
2016-01-04Fix code generation for window's main menuYakov Goldberg
2016-01-04Fix code generation of separators for menuYakov Goldberg
2016-01-04Fix creation of separators for menu in simulation modeYakov Goldberg
2016-01-04Handle a case when 'basedir' property is not definedYakov Goldberg
If 'basedir' property is not defined, use '.' by default.
2015-12-31Egui: use "basedir" for resource pathsDaniel Hirt
The gui files are intended to be integrated in a project such as automake, cmake, IDEs etc. These projects usually store their resources in a subdirectory which may be one or two (or more) directories up the project's directory. Nevertheless, we would like to store the resources paths as relative paths, so when the project is moved as a whole, these paths can be resolved properly. This is usually a normal setup for a project: my_project ├── images │ └── logo.jpg ├── gui │ └── layout.gui └── src └── main.c Originally, adding "logo.jpg" as an image resource would've set an absolute path e.g. "/home/daniel/workspace/my_project/images/logo.jpg", which would break portability of the "my_project" project. This is solved by setting the base directory (basedir) as "../", so the filename will reference the upper directory "my_project" as the base directory, and the resource paths will be stored as "images/logo.jpg" and its full path will be resolved later. Use "-b basedir" to set the relative basedir path.
2015-12-30Refactoring _ffi_eo_do()Yakov Goldberg
ffi_call() requires array of pointers to values. Optimize to temporary save values in a single array.
2015-12-30Remove possibility to create new dir when creating new projectYakov Goldberg
Fileselector does not allow create new folder when saving file, and attempt to provide this feature caused ambiguous behavior. This is user's responsibility to provide proper path.
2015-12-29Remove redundant castingDaniel Hirt
2015-12-29graph: don't create if no contextDaniel Hirt
2015-12-29Implement full support for _container_update in updaterYakov Goldberg
Implement both - object and item container reloading mechanism in updater. It works for layout and naviframe in different combinations. Need to check: item container inside item container.
2015-12-29Updater: handle update for File prop in LayoutYakov Goldberg
When setting File property for layout, it should be re-created and reconfigured, because dummy objects probably were not created