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2020-05-13default-profile: remove recordings in old .rec formatHEADmasterStefan Schmidt
2018-12-05Update genlist_group shotsDaniel Zaoui
2018-12-05Update gengrid shotsDaniel Zaoui
2018-12-05Update gengrid_group shotsDaniel Zaoui
2018-12-04Update toolbar_6 shotsDaniel Zaoui
2018-12-04Update toolbar_4 shotsDaniel Zaoui
2018-12-04Update toolbar_3 shotsDaniel Zaoui
2018-12-04Update toolbar_2 shotsDaniel Zaoui
2018-12-04Update toolbar shotsDaniel Zaoui
2018-12-04Update scroller shotsDaniel Zaoui
2018-12-04Update multibuttonentry shotsDaniel Zaoui
2018-12-04Update list shotsDaniel Zaoui
2018-12-04Update genlist_tree shotsDaniel Zaoui
2018-12-04Update flipselector shotsDaniel Zaoui
2018-12-04Update dayselector shotsDaniel Zaoui
2018-12-04Update color_selector shotsDaniel Zaoui
2018-12-04Sort tests fileDaniel Zaoui
2018-12-04Remove useless commentDaniel Zaoui
2018-12-04Rewrite file_selector_button scenarioDaniel Zaoui
2018-11-01Scroller 2: update shotsDaniel Zaoui
2018-11-01Clean the exu files from duplicated actionsDaniel Zaoui
2018-11-01Photocam: redo scenario and update shotsDaniel Zaoui
2018-11-01Convert all the rec files to exuDaniel Zaoui
2018-11-01Uncomment all the commented testsDaniel Zaoui
2018-08-18Uncomment some tests(genlist_group, list, radio, spinner)JunsuChoi
2017-09-15Clean and stabilize genlist show/bring scenarioDaniel Zaoui
2017-09-15Stabilize and re-enable genlist by adding a delay before a screenshotDaniel Zaoui
2017-09-15Update all the shotsDaniel Zaoui
2017-09-12Update genlist_del and popup scenariosDaniel Zaoui
2017-09-07Add toolbar 6 scenario and shotsDaniel Zaoui
2017-08-23Clean flip 2 recordingDaniel Zaoui
2017-08-23Clean and add delay to photo recordingDaniel Zaoui
2017-08-22Fix entry anchor testDaniel Zaoui
2016-12-11Update screenshots that have been different for a long time.Daniel Zaoui
2016-11-29Update scenario and screenshots for win_statesDaniel Zaoui
2016-11-21Check: re-enable test and update screenshotsDaniel Zaoui
2016-11-20EvasMap3D: re-enable test and update screenshotsDaniel Zaoui
2016-11-09Actionslider: sanitize scenarioDaniel Zaoui
2016-11-09Toolbar: update test 5 scenario and screenshotsDaniel Zaoui
2016-11-06Flip: update scenario and screenshotsDaniel Zaoui
2016-11-06Update screenshots for tests which sizes differDaniel Zaoui
2016-09-22flipselector: update scenario and screenshotsDaniel Zaoui
2016-09-21Update screenshots after freetype updateDaniel Zaoui
2016-06-20default-profile: update screenshots with new elm icon setStefan Schmidt
2016-03-28Fix bad shotsDaniel Zaoui
2016-03-28Update shots according to latest theme changesDaniel Zaoui
2016-03-27Fix clock edit scenarioDaniel Zaoui
2016-03-27Fix clock pause scenarioDaniel Zaoui
2016-03-24Update part of shots that get old and need refreshDaniel Zaoui
2016-03-24Update some scenarios according to last Exactness fixDaniel Zaoui