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2019-10-06enhance help description for command with argumentsHEADmasterWonki Kim
Summary: there isn't a description to provide a way to run with command with arguments. this patch modifies description for using sential(--) Reviewers: JackDanielZ Reviewed By: JackDanielZ Differential Revision:
2019-06-24fix a build break caused by renaming a window typeWonki Kim
Summary: the commit(e3fa213d100ddb733d66830bb72525df07813c2b) changes name of window types. the commit breaks this project. this patch fix it. fix a build break by renaming efl_input_xxx apis set of patches on efl rename efl_input_xxx apis. this patch fix a build break caused by them. Reviewers: JackDanielZ Reviewed By: JackDanielZ Differential Revision:
2019-01-28Exactness: Add compress parameter for shot imageJunsuChoi
Summary: The current shot image is very large. The exu file size is 3mb to 10mb We need to use compress if there is no error and loss when image compare. If we use to compress, the exu size is to be 100kb under. Test Plan: making exu using ea_gen tool and run test. Reviewers: JackDanielZ Reviewed By: JackDanielZ Subscribers: YOhoho, bowonryu, akanad, myoungwoon Differential Revision:
2018-12-21Player : Copy source exu's code to destination exujsuya
Summary: exactness_play -s -t 1.exu -o 2.exu The 2.exu has only the screenshot and image. If it contain the binary code information, 2.exu becomes completed exu. Test Plan: exactness_play -s -t 1.exu -o 2.exu and change some font(elementary_config) and test in ea_gen tool Reviewers: JackDanielZ Reviewed By: JackDanielZ Subscribers: myoungwoon, akanad, bowonryu, YOhoho Differential Revision:
2018-12-05Player: add the pause featureDaniel Zaoui
When pressing F2, the scenario will be paused/played. It can help to understand complex scenarios.
2018-12-04Event: modify the way the events are triggered.Daniel Zaoui
Summary: The way it was done until now doesn't involve all the EFL layers, such as Edje. Now, we support the click event that is converted to a series of three actions { move, up, down } appended to the played actions list. Reviewers: jsuya Reviewed By: jsuya Subscribers: bowonryu, akanad, myoungwoon, YOhoho Differential Revision:
2018-12-03Suite: fix scale issuesDaniel Zaoui
Summary: Because the environment variables were set on the player and not on the application, they were not affecting the application, leading to issues when the EFL configuration scaling is different of 1.0. By appending them right before the application name, they are taken in consideration, fixing the issue. Reviewers: jsuya, YOhoho Reviewed By: jsuya Differential Revision:
2018-11-24Inspect: create a full comparison output if exu is required and diffs are ↵Daniel Zaoui
present Summary: No exu is created if no diffs have been found. However, if diffs are present, we append all the comparison images, including those which don't have differences. Differential Revision:
2018-11-18Player: reset evas pointer inside list on deletionDaniel Zaoui
2018-11-11Inspect: support to print the exu diff result to standard outputYeongjong Lee
Summary: This is helpful to get simple result of .exu diff without file access Test Plan: exactness_inspect --compare test.exu --output=out.exu Reviewers: jsuya, JackDanielZ Reviewed By: JackDanielZ Subscribers: myoungwoon, akanad, bowonryu Differential Revision:
2018-11-07Suite: add in live status per testDaniel Zaoui
In this way, a program launching the suite can easily parse the messages and update statuses in a dedicated GUI.
2018-11-04Inspector: implement command line exu comparisonDaniel Zaoui
Only png comparison was supported.
2018-11-04Player: permit speed increasingDaniel Zaoui
2018-11-04Inspector: fix clean modeDaniel Zaoui
Even if duplicate actions are removed, the delay should remain the same between two actions, no matter how many actions have been removed between.
2018-11-04Inspector: display image in real size when selectedDaniel Zaoui
2018-11-04Move scenario cleaning from player to inspectorDaniel Zaoui
2018-11-04Inspect: permit packing given scenario and images into a exu fileDaniel Zaoui
2018-11-04Remove old shots from inside the playerDaniel Zaoui
Now that exu are supported, it is better that the player deals with the destination management, including removing the old shots if the destination is a directory.
2018-11-04Suite: fix scenarios lookup when many paths are givenDaniel Zaoui
2018-11-04Revert "Inspector: add optimize option"Daniel Zaoui
This reverts commit b95961ba0cd325303df8c9f7f97c7dbb44ece8c3. The optimization needs more work.
2018-10-29Inspector: add action removal featureDaniel Zaoui
This feature permits removing actions from exu files
2018-10-29Inspector: add optimize optionDaniel Zaoui
In most scenarios, a lot of time is useless and taken by the human inaction or slowness. This optimizer tries to increase the scenario speed by removing this wasted time. Stabilization is required before shots. Note that animated tests such as label_slide cannot be optimized well. The reason is that a stabilization is done at the beginning of the test, resulting in an endless loop (slide always moving).
2018-10-29Player: use the source scenario for the exu destinationDaniel Zaoui
When changes are made in the source actions list (stabilize-shots...), the modifications will be stored in the exu destination. This is not what we want. This patch fixes it by storing the original source scenario into the destination exu.
2018-10-29Player/stabilize: fix duplicate actionsDaniel Zaoui
If a stabilize action is already present before a shot of an exu, the stabilize-shots option should not append another one.
2018-10-21Player: add an option to wait for the frames to be stable before shotsDaniel Zaoui
It can happen that some tests take more time on weaker machines, leading to wrong screenshots. By using this option, the player will wait before each shot for the application to be stabilized (no mode frames changes) and then take the shot.
2018-10-15Player: fix crash when no action is present in the fileDaniel Zaoui
It can happen if the file doesn't contain any actions or if no shot is present. In this last case, an optimization in the player removes the actions after the last shot, meaning it will remove all the actions if no shot is present. An example is window_states_2 test where the shots cannot be taken by the recorder, as F2 is not caught.
2018-10-03Suite: fix exu files comparisonDaniel Zaoui
To compare two exu files during the test suite, we need to unpack the images in directories and make the comparison from there. The problem is that the "orig" exu file was unpacked in the current directory as well, leading to compare an image with itself. The fix consists in unpacking the right exu file.
2018-08-29Use source codes stored in the unit as applicationDaniel Zaoui
This can be useful if the application is not in an official repository like elementary_test. This feature allows compiling the source code and using it to run the scenario on. The command (e.g gcc...) must be stored in the unit as well. $SRC and $DEST can be used to specify the source and destination files in the command.
2018-08-22Player: send back screenshot data when remotely requestedDaniel Zaoui
When the external injection is used (scenario injected by an external tool via Eina Debug) and a screenshot is required, the data is sent to the injector.
2018-07-11Player: enable shots (silently) even if disabled in the command lineDaniel Zaoui
A bug appears in "box vert" test. If --disable-screenshots is set, and no other optional such as -v, the application will receive only 4 clicked events instead of 8. The bug doesn't appear if -v is set or if the application is shown on the screen. It seems that the buffer engine doesn't want to consume the events because no damage/shot request is "reported". The solution for that bug is to enable the screenshots process, just without saving the outputs. @fix
2018-06-10Remove printfsDaniel Zaoui
2018-06-10Player: try to stabilize screenshottingDaniel Zaoui
Buffer evas cannot be used when the application is shown on the screen. It means the _sync_shot_get function cannot work always. That is a problem when the stabilization feature is used. That's why we need to use snapshot no matter the case. The problem is that snapshot seems to sit on the canvas and therefore doesn't forward the events, such as mouse down... So we need to create a snapshot only when needed. Additionally, stabilization feature needed to be finished. The threshold to guarantee the stabilization was not implemented.
2018-06-10Suite: support player --disable-screenshots optionsDaniel Zaoui
2018-06-07Fix how the jobs are consumedDaniel Zaoui
In init mode, we don't need to compare. So we have to check the mode and then decide if a comparison or the next test execution is needed.
2018-06-07Fix command preparation in simulation modeDaniel Zaoui
The sentinel was forgotten, leading to issues when launching the application
2018-06-05Exactness: add fonts supportDaniel Zaoui
One of the biggest issue in Exactness is related to the system configuration differences. Among them, the fonts can for example impact on the height of the widgets. The solution to not be dependent on the fonts consist in using embedded fonts and to force their usage when playing the applications. The -f option has been added to the player and the recorder so the user can provide the path to a fonts directory. This option must be set in order to force the fonts replacement. Since tests shots can use different fonts, the exu file stores the version of fonts that have been used. This is why it is needed to have in the provided directory different directories, each pointing to a different version of the fonts. For example, some old tests can use fonts of 2017 (e.g directory 20170101) while new tests will use new fonts (20180601). Check the exactness-elm-data repository (fonts branch) for a better understanding. During recording, the -f option will apply the indicated fonts on the launched application and will record the mouse events accordingly. The fonts datestamp is stored in the exu output. During playing, the fonts will be loaded by reading the exu fonts path, and then the application is launched. If no information is provided in the exu but -f is used, the tool will load the most recent fonts (by comparing the datestamp directories).
2018-06-04Fix uninitialized variablesDaniel Zaoui
2018-06-04Replace arrays with alloca to prevent dumb warningsDaniel Zaoui
snprintf now throws warning during compilation on potential buffer overflow when using arrays.
2018-06-04Remove references to POSIXDaniel Zaoui
2018-06-04Fix potention buffer overflowDaniel Zaoui
2018-06-04Fix warningsDaniel Zaoui
n_evas is unsigned so always above or equal 0
2018-06-04Player/injection: don't feed events from an internal sourceDaniel Zaoui
2018-06-04Fix warnings related to string manipulationDaniel Zaoui
2018-06-04Revert "Add exactness-elm-data as submodule"Daniel Zaoui
This reverts commit 3ddd87589d630ece7e9cdf49f2da4a60cce8e4da. This patch should not have been pushed.
2018-06-04Revert "Add check-exactness target with -j support"Daniel Zaoui
This reverts commit f1bfcaeaf037c5f5ad48526a2893a4ca3789c9f4. This patch should not have been pushed.
2018-05-23Inspect: fix extension extraction when different extensions are givenDaniel Zaoui
When a exu and a rec file were given, the ext was remaining exu and a crash was happening.
2018-05-22Add check-exactness target with -j supportDaniel Zaoui
It is still on going. One of the issues is that for some mystic reason, the HAVE_EXACTNESS_DATA seems not checked as the target check-exactness is always present, no matter if the submodule exists.
2018-05-22Add exactness-elm-data as submoduleDaniel Zaoui
2018-05-20Add first support for Windows and fix many other config stuffDaniel Zaoui
Thanks to vtorri for this patch
2018-05-20Compare the shots directly after the test to speed upDaniel Zaoui
The problem that we try to solve is the time taken to compare the shots after all the scenarios have been run. Now, comparing the shots sequentially is done right after the test finished to run. With -j 1, it won't change anything. With more CPUs, it will compare while other tests are running, i.e when the CPU is not too much busy.