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7 daysmono-examples: Adapt to latest syntaxXavi Artigas
Setter and Getters have disappeared. Now everything is accessed through properties like: Text, Disabled, Autohide, Color, Orientation, ContentPadding, Size, ScrollableText, Align, Name. Also the Life and Containers examples had several issues. Text override from custom widgets is still not solved.
2020-02-07mono-examples: Adapt to latest syntax (EventArgs.arg -> Arg)Xavi Artigas
Also workaround some temporary inability to set struct members.
2019-10-03Adapt examples to latest Unified API changesXavi Artigas
Efl.Ui.Text headers have to be manually included for now, since they still depend on Legacy headers. Padding API has lost a parameter.
2019-09-06mono-examples: adapt to latest bindings syntaxXavi Artigas
2019-09-06mono-examples: adapt to latest bindings syntaxXavi Artigas
2019-08-16Fixing compiles errors from examples, c and c#.Bruno da Silva Belo
Summary: Change from efl broke the compilation of examples, updating names to the new changes. Reviewers: lauromoura, felipealmeida Reviewed By: lauromoura Differential Revision:
2019-06-28csharp: Make examples build again.Lauro Moura
Summary: OnInitialize changed signature in D9178 Reviewers: vitor.sousa, segfaultxavi Reviewed By: vitor.sousa Differential Revision:
2019-06-14efl-mono: Add custom widget exampleXavi Artigas
2019-06-14efl-mono: Efl.Ui.Dir -> Efl.Ui.LayoutOrientationXavi Artigas
2019-05-17Use direction instead of table_direction in table examplesXavi Artigas
Efl.Ui.Direction.direction is simpler to understand than Efl.Pack_table.table_direction. Also, the latter might disappear very soon.
2019-05-15mono examples: Update to latest Efl.Ui.Clickable syntaxXavi Artigas
2019-05-07mono-examples: Update to latest Part syntaxXavi Artigas
2019-04-30Fix alignment of some widgetsXavi Artigas
Summary: Commit 78ae9c0ae069ff86e701ff98cf5674cc491ee156 introduced a new API (efl_gfx_hint_fill_set) and changed the default behavior of aligned widgets. The same commit made the necessary changes to all examples in the efl repo, but not in the examples repo. This patch here aligns the widgets again they way they were meant to. We have gone 6 months without anybody noticing that the examples did not render correctly... let's try and add some unit tests later. Test Plan: Try the hello-gui c tutorial. The text should be centered instead of in a corner. Reviewers: YOhoho, bu5hm4n Differential Revision:
2019-04-26mono-examples: Adapt to changes in Efl.PackXavi Artigas
2019-04-23csharp: Update examples after repeated method nameLauro Moura
Summary: In essence, IPack.DoPack became IPack.Pack Depends on D8650 Reviewers: felipealmeida, vitor.sousa, segfaultxavi Reviewed By: segfaultxavi Differential Revision:
2019-04-17mono-example: Remove ugly static_castXavi Artigas
Since D8550 apps do not need to use static_cast nor Concrete classes.
2019-04-04Fix runtime ERR regarding WinTypeXavi Artigas
WinType can only be set during construction, so SetWinType() should never be called. Use the constructor parameter for this.
2019-03-26mono examples: Adapt to Efl.Csharp.ApplicationXavi Artigas
This class simplifies app development, so the examples have to showcase it. Basically: - Your app inherits form it - You do not need to init() or shutdown() - You override the methods you want (like OnInitialize). Fixes T7655 Differential Revision:
2019-03-22csharp: Changes after adding I to interfacesLauro Moura
Summary: Ref T7751 Depends on D8397 in the EFL repo Reviewers: segfaultxavi, vitor.sousa, felipealmeida Reviewed By: segfaultxavi Tags: #efl_language_bindings Maniphest Tasks: T7751 Differential Revision:
2019-03-04Further fixes to adapt to latest API changesXavi Artigas
2019-01-23mono-examples: Adapt to latest syntaxXavi Artigas
Summary: Removed initializer methods as much as possible to prepare for when they are removed from the C# bindings. No functional changes in the examples. Tutorial text needs to be adapted now. Test Plan: All examples work as before (the containers one is currently broken, FML). Reviewers: lauromoura, felipealmeida, vitor.sousa Reviewed By: lauromoura Maniphest Tasks: T7508 Differential Revision:
2018-12-19csharp examples: Adapt to new classes syntaxXavi Artigas
Summary: Mainly use PascalCase Namespaces and Classes and proper event names. Test Plan: Check all examples still build. Reviewers: lauromoura, vitor.sousa, felipealmeida, bu5hm4n Reviewed By: bu5hm4n Differential Revision:
2018-09-19csharp focus: properly enable focus highlightXavi Artigas
Summary: I think this is the intended way to enable the focus highlight on the whole window. The previous approach enabled the highlight but did not move the focus, by the way. Reviewers: vitor.sousa Reviewed By: vitor.sousa Differential Revision:
2018-09-18csharp: revamp focus exampleXavi Artigas
Summary: It was a very poor example, the focus highlight did not show on startup, and the Text widget has a weird management of the focus. Replaced it by some check boxes, and the About button now moves the focus. Reviewers: lauromoura, vitor.sousa, felipealmeida, bu5hm4n Reviewed By: vitor.sousa Differential Revision:
2018-09-18Moved focus example to proper placeXavi Artigas
Summary: It is a guide, not a tutorial. Reviewers: vitor.sousa, lauromoura Reviewed By: vitor.sousa Differential Revision:
2018-09-17csharp: Refactor UI examplesXavi Artigas
Summary: Adapt these two UI examples to the style of the Hello World tutorials, using initialization methods, more comments, and try to avoid creating vars for widgets. Reviewers: vitor.sousa, lauromoura Reviewed By: vitor.sousa Differential Revision:
2018-07-13tutorials: Fix C# UI reference guidesXavi Artigas
Summary: These guides needed to be adapted to the new C# API. Test Plan: Didn't build before, and now it can be built and run. It has some runtime errors on exit. Reviewers: felipealmeida, lauromoura, Hermet Reviewed By: Hermet Tags: #examples Differential Revision:
2018-02-19ui_mono: add ui_content reference example for C#Vitor Sousa
2018-02-09ui_mono: add ui_sizing reference for C#devs/vitorsousa/csharpVitor Sousa