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2017-04-27update readme and add new script.HEADmasterSanjeev BA
Summary: Signed-off-by: Sanjeev BA <> Test Plan: eflprg script does a good job but after creating it - there is much pain. It creates a folder and clones skeleton into it, find and replaces incorrectly and finally user need to either move the directory or know where to create it before hand. does away with most of it. It replaces cedric string in the same folder. and renames the same folder to the project name. Picks up git user and email from gitconfig and uses it. Also adds user to authors file. Reviewers: cedric, jpeg Differential Revision: Signed-off-by: Cedric BAIL <>
2014-02-14eflprj: enable sed replace case insensitivenessJérémy Zurcher
2014-02-14Fixed typo: Add _H to HAVE_CONFIG.Tom Hacohen
2014-02-07add eflprj, to create new efl projects from this treeJérémy Zurcher
2014-02-07replace data/images with data/desktopJérémy Zurcher
2014-02-07clean up to ease new project creation automationJérémy Zurcher
2014-02-07use autoconf to sync man pageJérémy Zurcher
2014-02-07PKG_CHECK_MODULES EFL instead of SKELETONJérémy Zurcher
2013-12-17autotools: forgotten set of macro.Cedric BAIL
2013-12-16skeleton: initial commit of a skeleton applicationCedric BAIL