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EDI - The Enlightened IDE
This is a project to create a complete IDE using EFL.
Using autotools to install this software is the usual:
# ./
# make
# sudo make install
After that just launch
# edi
and it will prompt for a project (directory) location or you can specify like:
# edi ~/Code/myproject
to open the specified project.

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This project is in heavy development, we are currenty working towards the
"Basic text editing" phase, the following work is still to be done:
* Opening editor in a new window
* info panel with logs and useful output
* Allow an "open as" so we can open text files that have a weird mime type
* Remember last project and allow new project to be loaded (new window or current)
* No screen waste (toolbar, menu, tab are out of the way of the developer)
Bugs to fix:
* Tabs don't stay in sync with content view when re-opening a file
* Icons are missing from toolbar and context menu
* Remember position and size of window and panels
The next phase is "Code aware editor" and it, along with other future phases
are documented online at