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Edi 0.1
* Integrated elm_code editor
- faster code highlighting
- highlighting of error lines
- line width indicator in the editor
- configurable tab stop width
Bug fixes
* T2057 Line numbers are not fully visible in new windows
* Add a settings screen to control various display features
* Support turning autosave on and off
Bug fixes
* Fix issues with re-opening closed tabs
* Fix crash-on-open for some systems
* Fix username lookup for Windows
* Editing and saving text files
* Tabbed browsing of open files
* Opening editor in a new window
* Displaying directory for the project (directory)
* link files out to external viewers / editors
* No screen waste (toolbar, menu, tab are out of the way of the developer)
* info panel with logs and useful output
* Create new file
* Simple build functions
* Search & replace in file
* Line numbers & go to line
* Creation of new projects from name input and skeleton project files
* Syntax highlighting
* Diff rendering