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2016-06-10 (Andy Williams)
* Remove elm_code from this codebase now it's within Elementary
2016-05-16 (Andy Williams)
* Make build providers pluggable and auto-detected for project
* Filter file list based on ignored build files
2016-05-15 (Andy Williams)
* Allow user searching of file list using regexp
2016-03-31 (Andy Williams)
* Split elm_code lines apart and insert status messages (inline errors)
2016-02-21 (Andy Williams)
* Fix crash when deleting a selection ending in newline
* Begin the re-add of the undo feature (just keyboard input so far)
2016-02-11 (Andy Williams)
* Add a filename filter to the filepanel
2015-11-19 (Andy Williams)
* Update for the efl 1.16 release
2015-08-27 (Andy Williams)
* Trim trailing whitespace from lines during save
2015-07-17 (Andy Williams)
* Create new files in the selected directory rather than project root
2015-06-07 (Andy Williams)
* Indent newlines to match whitespace in the previous line
2015-05-31 (Andy Williams)
* Add launch configuration so we can run a built binary
2015-05-30 (Andy Williams)
* Added a monospaced font picker to settings
2015-05-26 (Andy Williams)
* Add new icon from raster and update welcome/about image layouts
2015-05-18 (Andy Williams)
* Remember open tabs and windows per project
* Allow hiding of the toolbar
* Added a main menu to move items off toolbar
2015-08-15 (Andy Williams)
* Remember UI settings per-project in <proj>/.edi/
2015-04-20 (Andy Williams)
* Highlight lines containing TODO or FIXME
2015-03-15 (Andy Williams)
* Fix issues with re-opening closed tabs
* Fix crash-on-open for some systems
2015-03-08 (Andy Williams)
* Add a settings screen
2015-02-28 Vincent Torri
* Fix username lookup for Windows
2015-02-21 (Andy Williams)
* Release 0.0.1
2015-02-11 (Andy Williams)
* Make sure clang syntax loading follows auto saves
2015-02-08 (Andy Williams)
* Add an about window to credit our contributors
2015-02-07 wilsonk (Kelly Wilson)
* Remember file types when we open-as in the editor
2014-11-22 (Andy Williams)
* Add a diff rendering component to edi
2014-11-09 (Andy Williams)
* Add build and test functions to toolbar
2014-10-09 (Andy Williams)
* Add clang syntax highlighting
2014-09-28 (Andy Williams)
* Add the ability to create a new project from our welcome screen
2014-07-29 (Andy Williams)
* Add a welcome screen to choose recently opened projects
2014-06-07 (Andy Williams)
* Add line numbers to the text editpr
2014-05-15 (Andy Williams)
* Add basic undo support
2014-04-27 (Andy Williams)
* Add simple build functions
* Create an edi_build binary for command line building
* Added simple search and goto line functions
2014-03-31 (Andy Williams)
* Complete the features of the Basic text editor