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From: Matias Grana <>
To: Enlightenment users list <>
Subject: [e-users] bug in e17?
Date: Fri, 4 Nov 2005 16:41:49 -0300
I think I've found a bug, which I can reproduce as follows:
open konqueror (maybe other kde applications work too, i don't know).
open a web page on it.
open the 'print...' dialog
tell it to print it to a file
click on the folder icon, to browse for the file to print it to
select a file and press save
click AGAIN on the folder icon.
The browser opens, but it does as an iconized window.
I just recompiled code from cvs to be sure it wasn't fixed. If I can be
of more help on this, tell me so.
From: Kim Woelders <>
Subject: Re: [E-devel] Re: bugs with iconification/deiconification in e17.