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@ -11,3 +11,4 @@ Stephen "okra" Houston <UnixTitan@gmail.com>
Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri <barbieri@profusion.mobi>
Otávio Pontes <otavio@profusion.mobi>
And others.

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[Complete?]Rotate Images.
[Complete?]Zoom Images.
===Thumb Browser============
Add the ability to see some more info. A bar at the bottom?
===Flow Browser=============
Looks cool for now, but will need some sort of functionality.
===Single/Edit Image Mode===
Rotate Images.
Flip Images.
Zoom Images.
-Possibly Grayscale, Sepia, etc..?
-Possibly HSV, Brightness, Contrast, RGB, etc..?
-Magnifier and color chooser
-Slideshow features.
[Complete?]Include directory in the listing.
[Complete?]Use edje external.
-Transition from one directory to another.
-Maybe implement a wallpaper2 like object in elementary and use it in ephoto.
-Similar to the previous todo item, make the flow view an actual flow view, while keeping the current flow view around as a zoom view.
-Possibly some sort of simple edit view or simple edit options? HSV, Brightness, Contrast, RGB, etc...
===Other Random Features====
-Exporting to flickr, facebook, etc..
-Possibly a tag system?