Rage video and audio player
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#ifndef _WIN_H__
#define _WIN_H__ 1
typedef struct _Inf Inf;
struct _Inf
Evas_Object *vid, *lay, *event, *event2, *glayer, *vidthumb, *artimg;
Eina_List *file_list, *file_cur;
Ecore_Job *next_job;
Ecore_Timer *show_timeout;
Ecore_Timer *mouse_idle_timeout;
Ecore_Animator *drag_anim;
double last_action;
double jump;
double start_pos;
double drag_time, drag_start;
int zoom_mode;
int drag_dist, drag_momentum;
Eina_Bool sized : 1;
Eina_Bool last_action_rwind : 1;
Eina_Bool playing : 1;
Eina_Bool was_playing : 1;
Eina_Bool dragging : 1;
// ui high level controls
void win_do_play(Evas_Object *win);
void win_do_pause(Evas_Object *win);
void win_do_play_pause(Evas_Object *win);
void win_do_prev(Evas_Object *win);
void win_do_next(Evas_Object *win);
// lower level controls
void win_video_restart(Evas_Object *win);
void win_video_next(Evas_Object *win);
void win_video_prev(Evas_Object *win);
void win_video_first(Evas_Object *win);
void win_video_last(Evas_Object *win);
Eina_Bool win_video_have_next(Evas_Object *win);
Eina_Bool win_video_have_prev(Evas_Object *win);
Evas_Object *win_add(void);
void win_title_update(Evas_Object *win);
void win_show(Evas_Object *win, int w, int h);
void win_art(Evas_Object *win, const char *path);
void win_aspect_adjust(Evas_Object *win);
void win_frame_decode(Evas_Object *win);