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2017-01-02MINOR: conf: Move morlenxus@ blog to httpsHEADmasterBertrand Jacquin
2016-09-26Revert "MINOR: config: Remove raster dead blog"Carsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2016-08-28MINOR: config: Remove raster dead blogBertrand Jacquin
2016-08-20planet - adjust my rss urlCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2016-06-23conf: Update stefan blog URLBertrand Jacquin
2016-04-09conf: Update blog URLBertrand Jacquin
2015-06-21conf: Remove @barbieri dead blogBertrand Jacquin
2015-04-26MINOR: Drop no more available kakaroto feedBertrand Jacquin
2015-04-13MEDIUM: Use new favicon.ico from wwwBertrand Jacquin
2014-11-24MEDIUM: conf: Move wordpress to HTTPsBertrand Jacquin
2014-10-30MINOR: Refresh @andreas URLBertrand Jacquin
2014-04-09conf: Remove @lucas dead blogBertrand Jacquin
2014-03-26conf: update @barbieri blog URLBertrand Jacquin
2014-02-15Removing the old dead news linkAndrew Williams
2014-02-02Apologies, how can you typo a copy/paste?Andrew Williams
2014-02-02oops, missed the tilde, sorryAndrew Williams
2014-02-02Add now that E has a categoryAndrew Williams
2013-11-12added princeamd feedThanatermesis
2013-11-12switched author feedThanatermesis
2013-11-10config: filter @ngc891 blog feed to show only Enlightenment relatedJerome Pinot
2013-10-14conf: @lfelipe blog has gone, drop itBertrand Jacquin
2013-10-01config: update @lucas feed URIBertrand Jacquin
2013-09-13conf: Update EliveCD feed URLBertrand Jacquin
2013-08-17config: And remove old output_dir valueBertrand Jacquin
2013-08-17config: Output to public_htmlBertrand Jacquin
2013-08-17Update template according to changesBertrand Jacquin
2013-08-17Update directory structure to split private and public contentBertrand Jacquin
2013-08-13Initial importBertrand Jacquin