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~~Title: Developer Guides~~

# Programming Guides #

This section of the Enlightenment Wiki offers reference guides for the most commonly-used features of the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries (EFL) and associated infrastructure. These guides are designed to supplement and support the step-by-step tutorials, which are written as a starting point for beginners who have not previously programmed using EFL.

The documentation in this section is split by language. At present, only C documentation is included; this will be expanded in the future to provide guides for other languages.

## Current Guides ##

The documentation of EFL and its infrastructure is an ongoing effort, taking place alongside the roll-out of a new version of the application programming interface (API). The documentation in this section is verified as applicable to the new API, currently in beta; for guidance on the current API release consult the [Legacy Programming Guide](

## Eina Programming Guide ##

[The Eina Programming Guide]( provides a quick reference and code examples for the ``Eina`` library, which is designed to implement an API for data types in an efficient manner and which comes with tools for common tasks.

## Main Loop Programming Guide ##

[The Main Loop Programming Guide]( provides a reference to the internal EFL Main Loop, in which execution takes place, and the timers, monitors, idlers, and polling capabilities it offers.

## IO Programming Guide ##

[The IO Programming Guide]( details the use of EFL's input-output handling facilities for reading and writing files, Unix file descriptors and networks sockets.

## Events Programming Guide ##

[The Events Programming Guide]( provides a reference for EFL's event-driven nature, detailing methods for handling events.

## User Interface Sizing Programming Guide ##

[The User Interface Sizing Programming Guide]( provides a reference to the controls offered by EFL for controlling the minimum and maximum size of a widget when default values are inappropriate.

## User Interface Focus Programming Guide ##

[The User Interface Focus Programming Guide]( details how to handle focus, the graphical indicator of the widget currently selected, in EFL.

## EFL C Porting Guide ##
[The EFL C Porting Guide]( is designed for developers looking to transition from the current EFL API to the beta release, known as the Unified API. This document is a work in progress.